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  1. 2 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Theres a reason Lincoln Hearts has run away from the main court case thread and is now slinking about individual club threads to talk about it.

    I'm sure you'll be able to figure out why.

    Also, Aberdeen are selling season tickets and are "confident" they can get 7500 fans in for the opening game. That's on their official Twitter. Based on that there seems to be every chance your League One games might start with a full crowd.

    WTF you on about Billy?

  2. 3 hours ago, Ad Lib said:


    They want all disputes involving the affairs of Scottish football to be the subject of arbitration rather than the courts. It’s cheaper and reduces risks and uncertainties in their business activities. It leaves football people in control of the process so they can govern flexibly as they see fit.

    Quite important when your business model depends on sponsorship and media contracts that assume your competitions will be run in a certain way.

    The bright lights of London and the office photocopier have taken their toll on you.

  3. 5 hours ago, Bishop Briggs said:

    Having a legal background does not mean that your opinion is therefore right. There can be a conflict between a company's articles of association, company law and regulatory best practice.

    This case will scrutinise the SPFL and SFA's governance, rules and regulations. They are not fit for purpose and the "jobs for the boys" culture  in football  is unacceptable. Sadly,  it will very difficult to change it as there are too many vested interests and personal agendas.

    Just look at FIFA and it's regional confederations. Models of regulatory best practice and financial probity? 


  4. 7 minutes ago, NJ2 said:

    Yeah, I don’t think it’d be the disaster some make out and there is definitely pro’s (youngsters all playing together against more experienced players, coming through together) but I don’t know if it’s ‘the answer’ either. Side note, if we had a player registered for the 21’s would they still be able to play in the first team as well? Not sure how that works in countries with set up currently.

    Seen it in the Spanish leagues and if for instance you were a Real Madrid first team player, you wouldn't be able to play for the B team and vice-versa. Sure they faced each other in the latter stages of the Copa Del Rey not that long ago.

  5. 4 minutes ago, NJ2 said:

    I think the colt teams foray in to the cup dispels the attendance argument. Can’t really argue the competitive side either way, would boys be arsed about playing Celtic 21’s on a Wednesday night in an ordinary league game? I wouldn’t think any more so than they would anyone else in the league

    Fair shout. Think there are pros and cons tbh.

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