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  1. Said it before and will say it again. Celtic are a vile institution from top to bottom. Utterly fucking shameless.
  2. Ethiopian Coffee are currently 3rd in their league.
  3. I think I might struggle to watch this tonight, such is my hatred for that p***k Price. If he doesn't let him get into his head, Anderson will win. Would be the sweetest Karma ever for the 2018 GSOD debacle.
  4. Beating the Mhanks with 0 shots on target made me think of this.
  5. They should have this Illuminated on the outside of the Ally-Pally.
  6. Can't see Anderson winning it, so hopefully the winner will come from the Chizzy v MVG game. Anyone but Price though. Would love to see that c**t on the end of a good kicking.
  7. tbf Mardle is an utter tit.
  8. f**k Lennon and Rennes, you need to tell us the heroin addict story 😂
  9. Genuinely saddened to hear this news. When you look at what he achieved with Dundee United both domestically and in Europe, it highlights how special he was. Giving Barcelona a nonchalant slap home AND away was a highlight, as was annoying the OF for many years. The Roma 2nd leg semi-final was a travesty. I honestly think his side could have turned Liverpool over in the final. As many have said....'We'll never see the likes again.' RIP Jim.
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