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  1. I wonder if the 4 'losing' federations will be able to sue FIFA to recover the costs of their doomed to failure bids for 2022? Although it would have been fairly shite for a good chunk of the worldwide tv audience, I feel sorry for Australia in particular. Reckon they would have put on a decent tournament.
  2. This. England (or even a UK & Ireland job) would be able to host it no problem. f**k Qatar, they 'won' the right to host the tournament through bribery and corruption, so tough tits if they lose it for the same reason.
  3. Beckie the stand-out, but the lassie Schmidt could have played in wellies. Don't think she has misplaced a pass all game.
  4. Deserved her goal after seeing her header saved.
  5. Even better when shown on the slow-motion replays.
  6. Canadian number 16 looks like a player. Pace to burn and very good technically.
  7. She must be a shout for the golden boot. Fantastic player, always looks sharp.
  8. Decent game. Be surprised if it stays 11 v 11 though. Fussy ref and plenty needle.
  9. You're You are and You're are the same. You're is the contraction of You are. dictionary.com However, in formal writing it is more appropriate to use "You are" as opposed to "You're". HTH
  10. You'd have thought Celtic might have learnt a bit when losing out on McGinn. Clearly not, their greed and self-entitlement is something else. I do hope that 'A Celtic spokesman said: “This is an internal matter. We are satisfied that the club has acted magnificently'. is adopted by the club and added to the end of every denial statement they make from now on though.
  11. Would definitely agree with that. Had an issue receiving Setanta Sports with the picture continually dropping out, so they sent an engineer to fix it. His solution? He gave the dish a whack with a broom. Arse.
  12. Can't believe I was thinking to myself, 'why isn't he allowed in?'
  13. They will still get a bonzer car Insurance deal.
  14. The Aussie girls look a lot fitter. Wouldn't surprise me if they score a couple more.
  15. Two big fizzicul laddies protecting our 3ft goalie at a corner kick.
  16. My version is far more interesting with her being a full-time mummy turned lesbo Not a wid though
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