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  1. With a name like A. Fiddler, sex crimes, jail and THE Register was his destiny. https://thelincolnite.co.uk/2022/04/fiddler-admits-child-sex-offences-in-court/
  2. I know folk who will have electric prices increasing by this much (or more) every month. Sit down. Clown.
  3. It would stop me seeing the pish you post though
  4. I thought I had you on ignore you old duffer.
  5. Average use. Some will use a lot less, some a lot more. Can't find the bit where I mentioned people giving readings over 1000 units higher.
  6. It was taken very seriously when I worked in the industry. Both from a safety and revenue protection angle. It's one of the reasons they've switched to smart meters. Energy abstraction wasn't uncommon in domestic dwellings in years gone by, but they'd lose a lot of money if any commercial customers were doing it. A smart meter will flag it instantly now. I don't know if it's still the case, but a smart meter could cut off supply remotely if it was obvious someone was at the fiddle so to speak.
  7. Sorry Rishi. A months worth of electric at the 'cheap' rate could amount to a saving of £100 or more for some. Not really sure they'd have any moral high ground to take with this. I'm talking about a couple of hundred units, which will not 'stand out' like anything. I also have henley blocks which I could use to just by-pass the meter safely, but that WOULD be fraud/theft.
  8. May of been mentioned on here before, but for anyone who doesn't have a smart meter and provides a monthly reading.......if you go a few hundred units high on the March reading, you'll pay pre-April prices for another month.
  9. Porteous is an animal. One of his 'tackles' will end a career. Good chance it will be his own.
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