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  1. Eurovision

    Will look smart in their Celtic taps on the way.
  2. Eurovision

    I was at £91 at one point.
  3. Eurovision

    That was funny/brutal.....really expected a photo finish with the build up, but all that was missing was the sound when people used to f**k the 101 challenge on Bullseye
  4. Eurovision

    Fantastic entertainment. Really thought the North Macedonia lass was in with a shout. ew on Russia @ 50/1 ensures a profit
  5. Eurovision

    91.50 f**k off Sweden
  6. Eurovision

    cash out at 71.58
  7. Eurovision

    fucking hell I had a quid on her at 500/1
  8. Eurovision

    Anyone been to Israel btw? Looks nice.
  9. Eurovision

    No wonder it was a closed rehearsal, she'd have been banned.
  10. Eurovision

    Fucking hell, she wouldn't win it with that effort.
  11. Eurovision

    Hoped she'd sing True Jew.
  12. Eurovision

    f**k it....quid ew on them @300/1
  13. Eurovision

    just backed Russia ew @ 50/1 Netherlands priced @1/2
  14. Eurovision

    Would need a big old banana to sort that out.