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  1. I've enjoyed watching Maflin, but his face was like 'wtf do I have to do' when Higgins was clearing up in that 16th frame.
  2. I find him unwatchable.
  3. Outstanding from Higgins there. As good a 147 as you'll see. Looked like end of break on 56.
  4. .....and people think there will be fans allowed into stadiums anytime soon? Mental.
  5. I reckon most of our fans are happy to pay the ST money to the club, knowing that we are going to see a limited (if any) number of games in return.
  6. Kurt Maflin has got some cue power and isn't scared to pot his way out of trouble. Higgins will have his work cut out in the second round against the winner of this.
  7. The planned attendance of a limited number of spectators at Lords and the Snooker in Sheffield has been knocked on the head due to the R rate going over 1.0 again. We have seriously grim times ahead for sport.
  8. I’d take that with a pinch of salt mate. Some of the infighting on their forum is no more than a couple of Hibbys playing a blinder (especially the boy jimmy cant) I still think the boycott chat is irrelevant. Fans will not be in attendance in any significant number in any stadia, especially with what Boris has announced at dinner time.
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