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  1. ....and we'll still pish ourselves laughing about 2012 and 2014.
  2. You're the one quoting embarrassment from the last decade. 2012 and 2014 ring any bells? Thankfully it's Steve Clarke who will decide if a fit Souttar is good enough.
  3. Cool story Bro. Thank f**k Porto pulled us out the shite.
  4. Would have still liked Harry Stone to be involved last season. Would have been the perfect time to establish him as the replacement for Gordon.
  5. Don't think he's ever been quite right/100% since his return from a massive injury lay-off. If it IS behind him, I'd expect him to start more games than he doesn't this season.
  6. Forster was a good fit for Celtic imho. Cracking keeper.
  7. Barring injury, he'd have clocked up plenty caps. Souttar>Porteous by a distance.
  8. Would fail the medical due to a flaky scalp. I'll get me coat.
  9. I have reached the conclusion that Celtic really ARE shit, or Robbie Neilson could win Olympic Gold for trolling the fucking life out of Hearts fans. Either way, I’d like to say GIFRUY.
  10. Wish they would cut back to the studio when an athlete starts crying. Poor lassie was in bits, but the BBC vulture wouldn’t do the sensible thing.
  11. Don't buy an Insignia. The amount of people I get looking for a clutch and flywheel for them on cars which aren't high mileage is scary.
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