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  1. I couldn't believe it when I put sportscene on last night and saw Collum was the ref. Starting to think that because no fans are in the stadiums, the refs are not as pro-Celtic (or....shit, ma windaes will get put in) as they normally are. Struggling to think of a league game where the mhanks have had two spot-kicks awarded against them.
  2. An absolute ramjet. Thank f**k we don't play them again until January.
  3. No conspiracy theories here. Our national game is and was a cesspit of corruption and dishonesty long before this pandemic. Anyone who can't see this is an absolute fucking simpleton.
  4. Stop chatting shit m9. If you think Lawwell doesn’t have any influence on the running of our game, then you’ve either been asleep since March or you’re a bigger fud then I’ve had down for. ’Hertz’................ffs.
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