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  1. Thanks for that mate. Would the 19 be in one location or in the company? 4 branches, probably employ 50 between them.
  2. Apologies if this has been covered on here or another thread, but I'd just like to ask a furlough question. Company I work for would qualify for the scheme, can remain partially open, (no retail counter now) but business is going to fall to the point where they'd be making a massive loss on a weekly basis. Our normal staffing level of about ten, could easily be cut to 3 or 4. They will not cease trading or go bust, so why are they not offering to furlough employees? Can they legally make redundancies?
  3. The support I get from my neighbours is outstanding. I literally only just put my bin out. 👏
  4. Surprised none of the red-tops have picked up on it so far.
  5. c***s selling a tub of baby milk for up to £40 need strung up, but ebay seem to allow it.
  6. ebay. They seem to be turning a blind eye to blatant profiteering and price gouging.
  7. I just hope we all have clubs to support when this is done. Its going to cut a lot deeper as time goes on.
  8. 🤣 Sorry buddy, I genuinely just thought you were a nonce. Didn't realise you had mental health issues. My bad.

  9. Lawwell balked at paying the living wage, so it wouldn't surprise me if the greedy b*****d does likewise.
  10. I'm not a massive fan of Budge, but I can see her reasoning on this one. Fact of the matter is that other 'big' clubs will have to act in the coming days.
  11. As a Cowdenbeath fan, you'd think that you would be far more worried about the prospect of your own club going to the wall.
  12. We should be taking legal action against Budge. It's criminal that she has overseen this shitshow while she has lined her own and her families pockets.
  13. You shouldn't be allowed to label anyone as a fanny after that post.
  14. That is a much better shout than it's going to be given credit for. Talk of cancelling domestic cup competitions is mental. If a league season was knocked on the head (20/21 for example) to give the 19/20 leagues/cups time to reach their conclusion with fans in attendance, then an empty league year could work. To give the 'missing' league season a chance to bring in fans and revenue, then something like the old Anglo-Scottish Cup could be resurrected.
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