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  1. Christ on a bike. Fair play to MVG for not killing him.
  2. What's the brief with MVG and Klaasen? What caused the history/hate between them?
  3. Thought I was watching One Man & His Dog with that c**t whistling continually. Hope he gets a punch in the throat, whoever he is.
  4. More chance of people saying 'St Mirren and St Johnstone are shittier than Hearts'
  5. The Heads Gone thread will be a 'must read' next weekend.
  6. The Brexit Party are 3/1 to win a seat. Thank You.
  7. Can Milky Gem not do his review? Regards Gem x
  8. The fucking nick of the Celtic fans on that twitter link 😂
  9. As a Hibby, you probably have to take precautions for everything. HTH.
  10. You're 10 goals worse off than us in 12th. Does the winter air make you go all mental/inbred up there?
  11. This Stendel boy wants to get himself to f**k. Obviously not keen on the job, (or any up here) so why are we (allegedly) pursuing him? Would not be upset if McCann was appointed. Decent footballing philosophy and would have slightly less shite players to work with than he did at Dens Park. Is anyone ITK regarding who has applied/been interviewed?. Jambos Cockback is a total heads-gone, so I'm fucked if I'm reading anything on there.
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