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  1. Hi guys this is singer, songwriter, model and actor Justin Bieber I have took sometime away from music to get into contact with a Clyde supporter Jamie Porritt, i posted before but no one replied.. thank you for your time
  2. Thought Higgins was very poor yesterday and Gormley played his worst game in a Clyde strip but wouldn't say it was a bad performance we didn't deserve to lose a draw would have been a fair result, Clyde were the better team for me
  3. Proud of you, I'll go for 2-0 Livi
  4. Think we can all agree that Berwick Rangers are the biggest club in the league, big English team that can attract players the likes of Ian Black, last season with Glasgow Rangers and 3 seasons ago Scottish Cup winner with Hearts.
  5. Livi away in the League Cup as well. Kill me now
  6. Yes a very interesting thread indeed. ps Clyde are biggest team in the league NOT closely followed by QP
  7. StanJames Clyde to win league 7/2 that is the best you can get according to my odds checker app
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