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  1. Thanks. I only emailed mine to the club today but understand others had already made complaints prior to leaving the ground.
  2. Mother of god...... Being the "crying mum who was offended" let me clear something up. I certainly wasn't crying, it would take a lot more than a couple of men calling me names to do that, I've been called far worse. Secondly, I'm born, bred and continue to live in North Lanarkshire so believe me, my kids have heard far more colourful language from me when they don't do what they're told, so sitting listening to it in a stand is nothing. However, what I do object to is my ten year old daughter hysterical crying cause a handful of kid-on hard men (wee boys) are full of the bevy wanting a square go with men old enough to be their granda (sorry, no offence) and grown men around them laughing at said clowns, because they make out like they're coming towards her. It's that type of behaviour that's not needed. i swear at football matches as much as the next fan (much to many people's offence) but threatening behaviour, particularly around kids isn't needed. Fans who think it's culture need to think on cause u won't get anyone through your door with that rep
  3. Well I'm marrying him in September and he's never done anything like that to me! Or any ex's for that matter, careful what u say or believe what rags say! BBC goal scorer stats David Cox 6th place with 7 goals and 9 assists Bikey 18th place with 6 goals bikeys a decent player but enough with the personal shite
  4. Just the same as my post was my opinion. And like you said you weren't trying to sound like a twat, but you did a bit, so let's just agree to disagree. Yip I totally take onboard that I can be defensive of David and yip again I can take your point that maybe what's happened to him at the club should be left within our own four walls. What I would say though was if it was your family member who was lucky enough to play for the team he loved and what happened to David (and I'll only speak about David) happened to your family member, would you have the same patience to keep quiet? Whether it be with David or anyone else at all, my own view is treat folk with respect and honesty, don't blow wind up folks arses. That's the only point I've tried to make on here. I'll again bow out lol good night and good luck! ♦ï¸
  5. Again, that was my sense of humour. Looks like that's hard to come by! I was being sarcastic lol. Without going back and reading every post I've put on here I don't think I've ever actively discussed contracts but u can let me know if that's not the case. As I said I did mention something the other day about what MAY have happened but was nothing other than my opinion, not an informed one
  6. As I've said time and time again, i, as well as Davids family have supported airdrie and I feel, whether people agree or not, that I have as much right to an opinion than other fans do. I paid my own and our kids way the same as everyone else and Davids family will continue to buy season tickets after he has left. I have never spoke about Davids contract and my statement the other day was my own opinion and not one that I know of from "inside information". I'd disagree and say I defo don't "give it laldy" and maybe some just don't get my sense of humour cause I 100% don't take anything serious on this. If I did I could blow more than half of theories put on this on a daily basis clear out of the water. I've followed and supported football long before meeting David and will continue to have a view of any team he plays with as well as my own team. You'll not be the first to think a woman shouldn't have an opinion.....
  7. It amuses me sometimes TBM, David gets fed up listening to me and I need some entertainment 😂😂😂
  8. That's nice. Hope you feel better getting that off your chest
  9. Him and many others who were thought to be "good enough". but you'd know that since your trolling pages. U think he's shite, others don't, now away back to your own thread
  10. He'd need to forgive the Albion fans before he'd consider, even if there was an interest. Fans telling him to hang himself properly in relation to his mental health issues after speaking out was poor taste to say the least.
  11. No worries! If the wages are good...lol few other airdrie players might be interested too! 😉
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