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  1. You lying Bassa. You said you had me on ignore.
  2. Sorry. I'm on auto pilot. apologies.
  3. Thanks for the introduction DeeTillEhDeh. ffs the Gaelic is getting harder on here. what does deetillehdeh translate as?
  4. I will have go and get some more beer to take you on. Pea brain.
  5. Aye right. Well done son, now f**k off.
  6. Scared are you? Or as Yoda would say scared you are.
  7. How much would that cost to set up?
  8. That Sir is I believe a head shot!
  9. The square sausage jibe is manoeuvre coined by the SNP party chiefs ' to lend overwhelming support'. And 'slave driver' comes from a denunciation on the ITV show Britain's Most Unbearable Bosses about Derek Carstairs, a true Scottish boss if ever there was one.
  10. If you look at my initial post it does not even mention the Royal Family. Only then the stupid idiot Big Diddy jumped out without a parachute. You are correct the film means nothing. Tell that to Big Diddy. I was quoting the xenophobic poet wee shug the mug MacDiarmid.
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