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  1. you could have said joint 5th or 1 point away from play off spot
  2. some teams have struggled mean really struggled when they left their ground, so on to firhell wi ya
  3. is norway injured again or just homesick
  4. this is how to beat BARRY IF YOU CAN https://www.clydefc.co.uk/media/video/
  5. lost count of the teams barry set up in his style....very hard to please.....Howie is a good player...but Grant was waa waa
  6. it does my head in that under restrictions last season there was a cup final an old firm game plus 2 Rangers celebrations and now with no restictions i canna visit away grounds c,mon
  7. i take it the game will be streamed canny be arsed wi all this ticket crap
  8. how good to see wee barry and boab leave broadwood wi hee haw
  9. What were your thoughts on Ray Grant, we all I loved the guy
  10. Apparently Wilson wants more game time so he is looking for another club So room for vajs if he is content with the bench.
  11. Pleased at that signing, but looks like we have given up on Otoo returning.
  12. Only thing I care about, can he play football???
  13. Was that the left back who left us a number of years ago
  14. Doubt Alloa will finish below many teams with £500K in their back pocket Where did no account team like alloa get money
  15. East fife, Dumbarton, Peter reid. Possibly Montrose, alloa,
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