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  1. Should be 9 points from 3 yards games and sitting pretty before the panic sets in
  2. He created and scored that beautiful goal v Montrose with speed and poise
  3. Off topic a bit but heard today Jonathan page scored a great goal for ek vv queens park ib a friendly
  4. Whoever can partner wee olly the best between Cunningham, Allen or an other
  5. Kind of like arguing "Player X doesn't score goals, so why play him against a team who we'll get plenty of chances against". He wears number 10, he scores now ad then....... Naw it won't catch on Saw him in the stand
  6. Maybe just have to hope 2 front players can hit it off like Ian harty and big smith did several years ago.
  7. At least there will be more struggling teams in the bottom half of the table if all things are believed
  8. What happened to the signings we were supposed to make at the weekend.
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