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  1. Even if they were up to the mark......could we sign them???
  2. A plague at night on top of Covid? That's not very nice. Well smugly not upset
  3. She won't come out and say it, but just be hoping for a plague to ignight in a big city in England
  4. I take it the. Tournament supposed to be at broadwood this weekend won't go ahead now
  5. Not on twitter is there another way of showing highlights
  6. Will there be a January window this season?? If not better make sure we got a. Good excess of staff now
  7. To many players have taken us As an NHS substitute time to stop now
  8. shamejust be a few names out there, who would've expected. That Northampton midfielder a few seasons back.,. Forget his name but not he was good for a while,,I expect more prospects like that not wanted at plenty more places....or not needed to be politically correct
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