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  1. I think we should take the good old fashion approach and put the Dundee fans behind the south stand.
  2. Against Dundee in the top flight, talk dirty to me.
  3. Shout out to the fat *** who got onto the pitch at the end and ran up to section C3 as if he was going to batter the entire Livi crowd, only to freeze when he got close and just stand there as hundreds of Livi fans shouted "you fat b*****d" at him. The steward just walked up behind him and huckled him out the ground, only then did he suddenly turn into the hard man again as if the stewards were holding him back.
  4. Yeah same with me. Selfishly happy as i wouldn't have made it and it would have been the only game this season I wouldn't make so glad I can go now.
  5. Just a wee warning to whoevers editing the programme. Don't tell the truth about Rangers their fans will cry and get you sacked.
  6. Delicious to see Elixir turn from "we're here to take over" before the match to a tear stained mess after.
  7. The Gorgie Juggernaut vs The Amber Machine. Can't wait for this one will be interesting to see how Hearts can possibly stop our Hard Brexit top 6 football.
  8. I don't think a draw helps the diddy alliance. We need to maximise the points available by taking turns at beating each other. I think since we are new to the league it's only fair Accies let us win the first one [emoji12]
  9. Why it's Livingston you're playing. Not some absolute diddy outfit like Hearts.
  10. Dundee still haven't won and Livingston are in the top six. Ouch.
  11. That was excellent today, we looked far more comfortable and it was good to see big Al in the team and grabbing a goal as a big get it up ye Kenny. Shaun Byrne is an absolute class act another brilliant performance today. Good to see Brexit football back as opposed to that 4-4-1-Kenny pish. Danny Mullen though he had a fucking awful game got absolutely nothing right and the miss hit shot summed him up. Also scoring seconds after the 'North Bank' told us they forgot we were there
  12. Watched us play Celtic colts a couple of years back and can comfortably say they're the worst side I've ever seen us play so I'm surprised that our u20s not only competed well against Forfar but were the better team in both games. The red card made it easier for us when Fanny Dylan Easton punched Reece Rintoul in the back of the leg, pretty sure Rintoul tripped himself before fouling Easton as well what a fud, tripping over the gate made it even funnier. Pignatello and Matthew "I had a trial for Man Utd" Knox were getting far too much space down the right side. Knox proceeded to waste every chance he had by cutting in and hitting his shots right down the keepers throat every time. Even his free kicks were getting hit when he should have crossed them. John Baird though[emoji23] given dogs abuse in the lead up to his penalty then the fucker missed. Clearly wound up to f**k though, when Adam Watson missed his penalty Baird cupped his ears at the Livi fans [emoji23]. Deserved win, roll on Sligo will probably go over.
  13. Get Motherwell above them as well and I'd be happy for the season to end there.
  14. Pleasing to see us really compete in an even match after we looked well out of our depth at times last week. No real bite from either team and a draw was probably about right. Shaun Byrne looked a class act as per, the less said about Cadden's performance the better.
  15. Don't expect us to get anything from this at all and I don't think I'd be too disheartened by that. Kilmarnock are a good side and as long as we compete then I'll be relatively happy but would like to think we could at least get a point in games like these. Brown and Saunders must drop out for me, time to get Lithgow in the back 3 again. Miller and Miller up front with Hamilton coming on again.
  16. That was a disappointment. Job done but there was no cutting edge other than Kaja who was excellent and really did excite. Glad these League Cup group stages are over now, after that I'm definitely ready for the real season to start. Roll on Celtic.
  17. Well we tried our best to keep it to a draw but apparently someone had to win the penalty shootout despite MacKinnon's best attempt to keep it at a draw for as long as possible. The Hamilton Tannoy guy sounded fed up with his "2 minutes.....added time" to then follow up at full time with a hilarious "it's no finished by the way" made me laugh.
  18. Cracking kit. Think the home one would have looked better with black shorts. Don't know if that's just me though.
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