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  1. Cracking kit. Think the home one would have looked better with black shorts. Don't know if that's just me though.
  2. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Airdrie also have no fans. Hamilton vs Livingston there will be seen as a big crowd in Airdrie
  3. My Team: Falkirk I'm absolutely shocked to hear you think this.
  4. That would be a cruel way to leave if he done that so I'd probably say that means he's signed on for us.
  5. This is just brilliant. Livingston really have broken Falkirk on and off the park.
  6. I don't really get why Falkirk fans are annoyed. Other than the top clubs in world football every club at some point has to give their best player to a bigger club.
  7. I don't know what I'm more happy about, the signing or the fact we have broken the Falkirk fans, the comments on their Facebook post are unreal [emoji23][emoji7]
  8. Forum rules don't apply to us we do what we fucking want. [emoji41]
  9. Don't have to say much everyone else has pretty much covered it. Hoppy's ripping the arse out of this and I still have the feeling he'll leave meaning all he's done has delayed time for us to get players in/replace players that will leave. Think most are just fed up now.
  10. Got this bad feeling Hopkin's gone and with that so will most of the players. Surely if Hopkin was going to stay he would have done by now.
  11. 18/19 kits thread

    In fairness we managed to survive 2 more administrations than Rangers.
  12. 18/19 kits thread

    Pride in Premiership football, something Falkirk can only dream of.
  13. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Airdrie also thought they'd pump us in League 1. Five games that season and a league cup game the following season and they still haven't managed to lay a scratch on the Amber Machine. Awkward.
  14. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Good to see us in the same group as our brothers Hamilton. Hope there's no segregation and we can cheer both teams. Hoping for a draw in that one. Also good to see Airdrie again, mental to think on the 2nd January Airdrie had the chance to beat Albion Rovers and close the gap to 4 points on us in League 1 and now we are two divisions apart with largely the same team. Hope we'll get Annan or Berwick away not sure how it works.
  15. Whatever happens I just hope he makes up his mind soon so this St Mirren fan can f**k off