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  1. You must be a young dude, us auld geezers get the concession!!!!
  2. Best of luck tonight, hope you get a decent crowd, weather permitting, always been an advocate of friday night football whenever possible, watch a match, meet your pals, have a few beers all for under a tenner-brilliant
  3. What player was injured and the extent of the injury, whoever it is, as a football fan I wish him a healthy recovery
  4. Moondancer

    ADL 2015/16

    Stargazer do think your team will stay up or will be in ADL next season
  5. I think its got to be a senior stadium to give it a sense of occasion, I know the attendances have dropped recently and this may be playing in front of a fair amount of empty seats. As the final is televised, senior grounds have the capability to put out a professional coverage of the final instead of erecting scaffolding at two or three locations inside some of the junior grounds that may be considered suitable to stage the final. May I also point out that the logistics of running the final for a junior club would be very time consuming and costly, catering, security etc, etc. I also remember when the semi finals were played in senior grounds adding to the build up for the final. Also the majority of the players would welcome the chance of playing at a senior stadium as they've probaly played at all the top junior grounds that would be capable of holding the final
  6. Hope Greenock take into consideration where opposition is coming from, make sense to play Ayrshire teams in Largs, Kilbirnie, Beith for example if pitches available or forfeit home advantage? and go halfway with the rest of the fixtures or forfeit home advantage as well, but how would that sit with with the rest of the teams in the league?
  7. As a matter of interest, teams who are playing in a Greenock home fixture, if they are incurring extra expense to get to whatever/wherever the alternative venue is what is the protocol there, does the visiting club have to incur more expense due to the fact that Greenock can no longer provide there registered ground due to their mis management of their finances
  8. What happened to Ardrossan, after their good away win on Saturday I was expexting a closer match
  9. Congratulations to all at Bellsdale.One of the best run clubs around, a role model for others John Boal will be the first to admit that its not a one man show up there as he is surrounded by a hard working group of men and women. My thoughts go out to George Anderson who passed away not so long ago a Beith man for years a great servant to the clubI am sure he'll be watching from above cheering the team on. Good luck in the final and have a great day
  10. Anybody brave/daft enough to forecast final league positions
  11. Good appointment, lots of experience with top clubs, winning mentality and will demand nothing less than 100% committment. Will not suffer slackers, time wasters or egotists Would imagine there will be some ruffled feathers in winton dressing room. Time away from juniors will have given him time to take in a few matches and will probably have a list of one or two that he will need for the future. Make no mistake there are several good players at Rovers and I am sure they are up for the battle so good luck and lets get started Who is joining him on coaching staff, slot for Derek Cook if he comes back to the area?
  12. It has came to my attention that one of Junior footballs most "weel kent" faces has celebrated his 80th birthday last week. Sam is one of the legendary figures in the history of winton rovers, his dedication to the club and community is astounding and will not be surpassed. He received recognition from the SJFA last year for his lengthy contribution to junior football in general and winton rovers in particular I am sure the rest of the Junior family will join with me wishing Sam all the very best and be assured that the repect and esteem that he is held in is very genuine.
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