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  1. The fact that our experienced players are signing for other Lowland League teams is a bit concerning, but reflects their actual level I guess. That's why we finished bottom. Todd is slow an prone to the odd error but is pretty decent otherwise. Just wanted to say I was one of Bobby Barr's biggest critics,thought he was just there to pick up a wage under Bollan, but once Ross was manager he put in a decent shift most games, and was the only one in the second play off game who looked like he might change the game.


  2. If players leave for teams in a higher division then fair enough. But losing the like of Morrison,  who has a Cowdenbeath connection, for a team in the same division does worry you a bit.

  3. Sorry to see Liam go, but it's hardly a surprise. The manager just didn't fancy him as a player in spite of his goalscoring record. I really hope Maurice isn't one of those managers who, the more fans clamour for a player to play, the less likely he is to play him.

  4. The damage was done last week but I was really disappointed we didn't give it more of a go ,getting forward in numbers and taking a chance at the back. The front two were left to get on with it and try to create something from long hopeful punts  up the park. When Ross first came in we were trying to build from the back and play possession football, but for some reason he abandoned this and went all Bollanesque, and had exactly the same problem Bollan had, a midfield that couldn't win a second ball to save its life. Another pish ref yesterday as well.

  5. Similar to our last day defeat at Alloa. Wrong team selection(player of the year not considered worth a place Robbie Buchanan why?) No discernible tactics, poor refereeing decisions lack of fight from some players. Better effort in the second half with ten men, but Harvey should have been subbed after his first  yellow. Bonnyrigg are not all that great but don't look like the kind of team that will blow a three goal lead.

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