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  1. I wasn't and now you're making me feel guilty.
  2. A grim war of attrition, a game totally spoiled by the howling gale. Would have taken a draw at half-time as we failed to capitalize on the favourable wind, but Annan did little better. In fact both teams created more against the wind. A draw was fair enough. I can understand the manager's reluctance to change a winning team, but he probably missed a trick, as we didn't play so well today, and one or two looked a bit leggy. Hopefully Hamilton will be back on Tuesday he is too good to leave out, and we have a decent bench now so changes will not weaken us. I really like Morrison , and I take it he is injured as he wasn't on the bench. Oh, forgot to say ref was decent for a change.
  3. Team selection interesting tomorrow. Same eleven have played twice in a week and Hamilton available again.
  4. A decent game in difficult conditions. Playing on the break is all very well, but I agree that we sit too deep and hand the initiative to the opposition, relying on our centre backs to repel all boarders, which to their credit they almost did. Renton had a good game I thought, but our midfield is too easily brushed aside defensively though ok going forward Allan is talented and should be starting, he and Renton can play together ok. Morrison will toughen up our midfield. What about Connelly is he still on loan?
  5. Re Brechin's great escape in div 1. It was largely due to signing Lewis Spence on loan from the pars, he was a stand out. They escaped while we went down. I was later staggered to find we were offered Spence but Nish turned it down saying we had plenty of midfielders we certainly did, unfortunately they were all crap
  6. Bollan has taken us from rock bottom to third. Crazy to suggest he should go. Some of his decisions seem a bit puzzling at times, but you could say that about any manager.
  7. Hopefully we can appeal the red card, as we can ill afford to lose Hamilton. Morrison's injury is a worry too as he was comfortably our best player. Our centre backs are normally rock solid, but I think the slippery surface made them a bit uncertain, and the pace and craft of Bikey and Duffy worried them all game. Last week Allen got the ball into feet and he scored one, made one, and led the Stenny defence a merry dance. This week he hardly got a pass the whole game. Miller and Buchanan were at their infuriating worst, hardly winning a tackle or completing a pass. Don't know whyMiller was preferred to Cox, maybe the latter was carrying a knock. Had a bad feeling about this game beforehand, I just felt we were due a poor performance, and it was certainly that. Stirling took their chances and were well worth the win. Referee was stinking as per usual.
  8. You are not down yet. You've got the manager you've got, and you've got the team you've got. Best thing to do is get right behind them. We scraped through one play off on penalties, and in the other we looked gone for all money at half-time in the second leg but somehow turned it round. It can be done.
  9. Yes please. By the way, who gave the Stenny young ultras a drum and a loudspeaker?
  10. I must have been watching a different game from everyone else. Conditions were terrible, and under the circumstances I thought it was a pretty decent game. The new signings have beefed Stenny up a bit and fourth is still a possibility, so as point for us is not a disaster.We really needed Mullen's penalty to go in.I didn't think a one goal lead would be enough against that wind and so it proved.It has to be said that without Miller we played a lot more decent football. Morrison was really good and Allan demonstrated what he can do if he gets the ball into feet. As for Cox, his work rate is terrific and he is a very physical player. What gets me is that after getting a yellow he doesn't hold back but becomes even more aggressive. if he had been red carded we wouldn't have had much grounds for complaint
  11. Decent first half faded a bit second. He wasn't the only one.
  12. Glad about Cox. Don't suppose it made any difference to the result but we'll never know.
  13. That's some pedigree for a Cowden keeper, Athletico Madrid, Celtic, Leeds and er Hamilton
  14. Agree with Ivo and Aberdeen Cowden Couldn't believe Hamilton didn't start. Second penalty was a joke. Cox worked his socks off as usual and Thomas looked decent when he came on. Cove deserved it over the piece, our keeper did well once we were down to ten. Hope Cox gets cleared or he could be looking at a long suspension Officiating terrible
  15. Looking at our depleted team before kick off on Saturday, I was really worried, but we played some really good stuff and deserved our win. Connor Smith had his best game for us and there were no failures. All the same, Nade's sending off was a big break for us even though we were 2-0 up. I wasn't looking forward to the ball being fired into our box all the second half with the Gale force wind behind it. A crucial win though, and it gives us a bit of breathing space. A shame about Smith , but if we could hold on to Hamilton that would be a big help. I wonder if Connelly will be recalled from his loan, and the manager might be able to pull another rabbit out of the hat.
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