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  1. The damage was done last week but I was really disappointed we didn't give it more of a go ,getting forward in numbers and taking a chance at the back. The front two were left to get on with it and try to create something from long hopeful punts up the park. When Ross first came in we were trying to build from the back and play possession football, but for some reason he abandoned this and went all Bollanesque, and had exactly the same problem Bollan had, a midfield that couldn't win a second ball to save its life. Another pish ref yesterday as well.
  2. The standard of refereeing in Scotland is truly shocking.
  3. Our luck was bound to run out eventually. If we can turn this round it will be a miracle.
  4. Your highlights package was excellent, really first class, though I watched it from behind the couch.
  5. Who knows? I have not been all that impressed with either side when they played against us but both have displayed a remarkable ability to dig out results while playing poorly. Exactly the opposite to ourselves sadly.
  6. Buttocks??? A Freudian slip if ever there was one.
  7. Don't think it will be the same ref buttocks be wrong.
  8. Swann should have been subbed after the first yellow. Not being wise after the event, said it at the time, you could see it coming.It just wasn't worth the risk.
  9. Think I'll go on the pars thread to cheer myself up.
  10. Similar to our last day defeat at Alloa. Wrong team selection(player of the year not considered worth a place Robbie Buchanan why?) No discernible tactics, poor refereeing decisions lack of fight from some players. Better effort in the second half with ten men, but Harvey should have been subbed after his first yellow. Bonnyrigg are not all that great but don't look like the kind of team that will blow a three goal lead.
  11. If that's what happens when I don't go to games, I think I'll give the playoffs a miss.
  12. Thought the referee was really good yesterday. Sadly he was the only one. Second half we tried to be more positive and it opened the game up a bit. I was hoping our new signing from Cruden Bay would get a run, he looked good when he played against Stenhousemuir, but it seems like he will be out for four weeks
  13. I don't know why we persist with this game management shut up shop crap for the last 15 minutes of every game where we're ahead because we're no good at it. Why not stick to the method that got us in the lead in the first place. Instead of counter attacking the ball is simply booted any old place meaning we are under constant pressure. No wonder we lose late goals. Mullen and Swann on the bench and Robbie Buchanan at left back. What's that about.
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