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  1. At last we look like a team. Carlos looked way off it on Wednesday but was miles better today. All our experienced players played well and that seemed to lift the. younger lads , who get more confident as the game progressed. Shire were pretty poor but I think they will stay up . Nice strip though.
  2. Don't know about that. They had two or three I wouldn't mind having in our team. They had a clear plan and played to it. We just look so disjointed. Little individual flurries here and there but we just don't look like a team with a strategy.
  3. For the record Davidson was fine, if he plays like that every game he will be a big asset. Lost two shockingly bad goals but played a lot better second half. People at Tranent very welcoming and even had a wee chat with Rie. Just knew Craig Barr was going to score.
  4. Anyone know if we can pay at the gate on Saturday. Also does Tranent have seating?
  5. I believe that to be considered a supporter you have to follow your team through thick and thin, so I will do so, but I have to say I'm sick of watching this shit Boness have a good keeper, and the number eight Jones looks decent, otherwise they are a very ordinary side, which is all they had to be to beat us. Several well respected football people said Maurice was a top coach and Cowden were really lucky to have him, but there's precious little evidence of it on the field. I've hardly missed a game and I have no idea what our structure is and our tactics are other than boot the ball as hard as you can when it comes anywhere near you.
  6. Good result though the game itself wasn't all that great. You couldn't fault the post match entertainment though.
  7. I think maybe Ross was given a bit more money lately and signed some players with a bit of experience in Love, Slaven and Ruddy. Maybe that will bear fruit soon. But it's hard for the team to gell when he never fields the same eleven twice. Don't know why we are persisting with hopeful punts forward which are bread and butter defending for these lower league defenders. What they don't like are players running at them with the ball at their feet. But we don't seem to have anyone willing to try it unless of course they are being told not to.
  8. Beaten 2-0 and our keeper was brilliant!New loan signing looks a bomb scare. I thought full back was the only position that we didn't really need another player but what do I know. Is Ross just complicating things too much for the players, or are they just pish?
  9. Dalbeattie are absolutely garbage, and we can't beat them.Trying to play long balls over the top against a t e am playing with a back six on a lively pitch was futile. Passes either overhit or forwards caught offside time after time. Started second half with much more urgency and quickly equalised, but then it all petered out into a miserable shitfest.
  10. I have seen enough of the m8 and m9 to last me for a while. Tonight was as discouraging as Saturday was encouraging. Played 5-4-1 and Killie looked like scoring every time they came forward. Second goal was laughable. Sinclair is a real find but he's going to get sickened if he has to t do that every week.
  11. Good effort by the team against some talented youngsters. Playing against a strong wind in the second half. Failed to close players down on the edge of the box twice and paid for it both times. Sinclair, Robinson and Newman all played well but no failures really.Only problem really is we are slow to get up and support the front players. Would still like to see Sinclair and Chris together up front.
  12. Penalty was a bit of a mystery though otherwise I thought the ref was really good. I felt we invited them on to us a bit too much and the players had to dig deep the last twenty minutes. The addition of a bit of experience is making a difference.
  13. Best I would say, keeper from Partick, Thomson at right back, Newman at left back, Robinson at centre back Struthers in midfield Sinclair and Akhamenzie up front.
  14. Gala are a thoroughly unpleasant bunch who played the naive referee like an old fiddle. Playing our best players would help. Playing players in their best position would help instead of constantly shuffling them round.
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