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  1. Remember that Peterhead game. Never been so cold in my life.Sieves was a hero then, and I was really pleased when he re signed for us but after a few games it was obvious his fitness had gone. But we've had plenty worse centre backs than him.
  2. Was a funny moment from Dubrowski.Sprinting half the length of the pitch( where was the limp?) and giving it large to the away fans. Then he looked over his shoulder and saw two Queens players with steam coming out their ears heading towards him. He tried to beat a hasty retreat to the dressing room while at the same time milking the applause from the home fans. Don't really know whether he made it unscathed or not.
  3. Forgot to add Allan out for a couple of weeks- knee injury.
  4. Despite his howler of a cross field pass, thought Queens Park no 5( jamieson ?) looked a really good player in the making. Trialist keeper did well too. A close game, and a really gutsy win for us.Hamilton did well in midfield and everybody put in a shift.Cox's reputation goes before him and there's no doubt the Queens players targeted him but we can't go on like this. To get booked, and then get sent off before play has even restarted is ridiculous Dubrowski's antics at the end were a bit out but the ensuing mayhem was mental. All good fun though
  5. Considering our league position, that's a bit pessimistic Drifter.
  6. Nice friendly bunch of people who run Annan, the fans are pretty likable too, their team less so. First half was scrappy, but we were comfortably the better team, created four decent chances and missed them all. As soon as we went behind at the start of the second half I knew what was coming. Football Jim but not as we know it. Timewasting taken to the nth degree, players screaming when tackled, lying in a crumpled heap for no apparent reason, the ball kicked away at every opportunity. It worked so I don't imagine they'll be stopping anytime soon but it won't win them many friends. Referee was hopelessly lenient, and I can't fathom why Buchanan was playing on the left and Taylor on the right instead of the r other way round, but what do I know.
  7. Highlight of the day was the spectator heading the ball back into play then performing a spectacular forward roll over the barrier
  8. With the carrot of an eminently winnable tie in the next round, that was a desperately poor performance.It looked like Barr was pushed a bit forward to beef up the midfield, and he won plenty of the ball without really doing much with it. First half was scrappy, and Broxburn got a break with the penalty. Second half we upped our effort and had most of the play but never looked like scoring, a couple of goalmouth scrimmages the best we could muster. With far less of the ball Broxburn looked far more dangerous and were well worth the win. Thought when Kevin saved the second penalty the tide might turn but we just didn't have it in us The form of quite a few players, Cox Miller Buchanan Thomas Renton has dipped. Hopefully we will play our way out of it.
  9. Broxburn are a decent team with some good players, I especially liked the number five and the wide left front man. They were well up for it too, a lot more than we seemed to be. After our great run I suppose the team can be excused a poor performance. We badly lack a ball winner in midfield. Our build up was far too laboured , and we squandered some good positions up front. Barr and Todd were solid as usual and a great finish from Cox but apart from that not much to enthuse about Our habit of getting in front and then sitting back finally came unstuck. But hey ho we are still unbeaten and still in the cup. Quite looking forward to next week actually.
  10. For what it's worth, I would say you are as good as any side we have played, apart from Cove.Liked your number eight especially, and the team spirit is good you will be fine.
  11. Funny how people see the same things differently.I thought our midfield never really got going on Saturday, and Miller's distribution was terrible. Sitting on a one nil lead and time wasting with half an hour to go looked a very risky strategy, but our back three were terrific, as they have been all season. The one time iRovers got through our keeper pulled off a great save.Like others I was surprised that we didn't use any substitutes, but five wins in a row, happy days
  12. Meant to say keeper did really well for his first game, though kicking is not his strong point
  13. Amazing. When we were bottom of the league we couldn't get a break for love or money. Now that we are winning the ball seems to land kindly for us. The penalty looked soft, but after we went n front we were the better team. Ref was poor. Queens Park have some decent players but lack a cutting edge. Would have had Allen on from the start, the big pitch suits his game, but not going to criticise a manager who has won four in a row. Pity Cove are in the division, but we might surprise them yet.
  14. Hard to get an exciting atmosphere with the store treat going on around about you, but credit to Stenny a crowd of 600 and half of them must have been kids. The snack bar must have made a fortune. A comprehensive win for us. We got a few breaks at the right time, but really should have had more than three. Gibson will help steady the ship for Stenny but at 35 he will need others to do his running for him
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