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  1. Hi there, just thought I'd cheer myself up by visiting a thread where the fans are even more pissed off than our own.
  2. Lost 2-0 and our keeper was man of the match. Not unreasonable of the manager to start with the same team that played well at Edinburgh, but we were never at it. Did nobody tell the players this was an important game? Second to every ball, players hiding, really really poor. Better effort in the second half but why wait till the game is lost? If Thomson is out for Stenny for a while that's a big blow for them ,but as long as we're playing like that they won't have to worry about finishing bottom. The manager's new signings Cammy Gill ,Craig Thompson ,Liam Buchanan all look decent but something clearly isn't right. Our midfield is powder puff, easily brushed aside. That's the issue the manager hasn't addressed.
  3. Having seen every team this season now, I don't think either team will finish bottom but there they are, and we know from experience that the longer they stay there the harder it is to get out of it.
  4. lDuring Lockdown, I was so desperate to read anything football related I resorted to looking back at posts from a few years back. They make pretty cringeworthy reading. After a game against Arbroath I opined that Henderson was never a left back(and for good measure that Fraser Mullen was never a right back).He gifted a goal with a suicide pass across his own penalty area and got roasted by Bobby Linn . He's come a long way since then. He will always be fondly remembered at Central Park for sticking away a vital penalty in the shootout. How we finished bottom with that squad is mind boggling.
  5. There's rarely any trouble at lower league games and a bit of banter is all part of the fun. But if you're going to insist on away supporters going to a designated area surely it should be for away supporters only. Great to see young kids supporting their local team, but I suspect they are put where they are because the rest of the home support are fed up listening to them.
  6. The manager has to carry the can for this one. Put an extra man in midfield then punt high balls to a lone five feet nine striker. None of our midfield seemed to know where they were supposed to be playing., Switch back to a 4_4_2 and therafter we had most of the game, but by then we were 2-0 down. First , keeper came for a ball he was never going to get and second came down our left while Thomson was down injured. Towards the end we were leaving gaps while pushing forward and Stirling punished us. Don't think Stirling are all that good but they have pace up front and a no nonsense back four.
  7. Your loan players should be the icing on the cake. Guys signed by clubs at a higher level who are not quite ready for their first team, but need experience and toughening up. Coulson and Mahady have both looked decent in spells, and would certainly provide more energy in the later stages of games
  8. Nelly is talking a lot of sense, just wish subs might be used sooner. As to Rovers winning goal, Hutton couldn't match the run because he is dead slow and was knackered by that time. Why was he the man at the back?
  9. Don't know why we signed these young guys from the Rovers if we are not going to give them a game. In each of the last three games the opposition have used four substitutes to keep the tempo up while we have visibly tired. Who was the new guy on the bench?He didn't get any game time either.
  10. Don't know why we don't try Thomson as a sitting midfielder,he's playing out of position at left back anyway. He reads the game well and can certainly tackle. Whether his passing is up to it I don't know, but I am tired of watching opposition players stroll through our midfield as though it didn't exist.
  11. Sods law that about the highlights. You wouldn't see that pain in the posterior Tony Wallace running the show in the second half either
  12. Coulson got a start on Saturday and in all honesty didn't play very well, though he wasn't the only one. He has looked decent in his other appearances as has Mahady, always trying to be positive, a bit raw though.
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