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  1. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Sheerin may not b e as fit as we would wish but I don't think that he is any less fit than when he was scoring all those goals. Swann does have defensive frailties but Malcolm isn't even left footed.
  2. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Presumably Bollan wanted to give new keeper some game time.He can't have been dropped surely. Keeper did fine, Deas a standout,Henvey good, should have been on much sooner Everyone else so so.
  3. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Jordan Allen reminds me a little bit of Greg Stewart
  4. Elgin v Cowden

    The only downside to a great team performance was the three ridiculously soft bookings picked up. With a fusspot like Ross in charge the players should have known better than give him any excuse to flourish his cards.
  5. Stirling Albion v Cowdenbeath

    Every week I think the officials can't be as bad as the ones we had last week and every week I'm wrong.
  6. Cowdenbeath Vs Clyde

    Don't know what Deas has to do to get Motm award
  7. Albion v Cowden

    Best pie I have tasted this season. That was the highlight of the day sadly. Crazy penalty to give away.Good surging run by Miller to earn ours. Wish he would do that more often. Renton must have won about thirty balls in the air and I don't think one was picked up by a colleague The first time I noticed Buchanan was playing was when he was sent off.Hopefully Cox is ok for next week
  8. Cowden v QP

    Finally the team many of us had been hoping for, and probably our best performance of the season. Swann had a good first half(at least I thought so) but didn't appear for the second. Hope he is not in the manager's bad books for something. Buchanan had his best game all season, Skelly a cool finish for the second. Deas as usual near faultless. Another player added some strength in depth to the squad.Just hope that the manager sticks as near as possible to this line-up and we may yet take a hand in the play-off race.
  9. Cowden v QP

    The players didn't seem to be sure what the tactics were and our midfield was a mess,but as against Annan McGurn Deas and Marsh were immense . Swann who had played pretty well dropped and Skelly who made a big impact coming on from the bench dropped from the bench! All a bit hard to fathom, but I suppose as long as we are winning.
  10. Annan v Cowden

    I have been agitating for Talbot and Fraser to play.They both play and hey presto we win. In fact Talbot looked a bit shaky to start with but came good when the pressure was on near the end. Fraser hardly had a kick of the ball and cut a very frustrated figure when subbed. I don't blame him at all as he hardly got a pass from a team mate all game. Players with time and space (Miller and Malcolm especially )were simply booting the ball upfield without even looking. That has to be addressed. Fortunately our keeper and defence were in top form. Skelly played like a man determined to take his chance and had a great effort as well as the decisive goal It gives us another option. Cox was, well Cox. Suspensions will be kicking in soon , so we're going to need our full squad.
  11. Annan Athletic FC 2018/19 Season

    Thought Christopher Johnston was the best player on the park on Saturday and Lewis Strapp impressed also. Are they your players or on loan?
  12. Cowdenbeath v Elgin City

    Anyway, to get back to the game, hoofball not pretty to watch but it was a legitimate tactic when Elgin were going three at the back against our three up front. As someone has already observed, our problem was playing Sheerin(no pace ) wide right and Renton ( no pace ) wide left when one of them should have been playing through the middle. Seems obvious really.
  13. Cowdenbeath v Elgin City

    Well Muzza so much for your team selection. Agree that Talbot and Fraser should play, today's system looked like it would not work and it didn't. A hard fought game and tough to lose with the last kick. Elgin number 5 did his teammate a big favour getting him off the pitch, and then came back on to shake hands. Well done to him. Anyone know why we always kick towards the high street end first half? ,it's happened in every single game and may explain our second half fade outs.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I feel a bit guilty about slagging off Buchanan after the Elgin game as it seems he may have been carrying an injury. Nevertheless our midfield last week with Swann on the left and Scott on the right, looked much more competitive and effective against Clyde.. It will be interesting to see if the manager goes with the same midfield tomorrow.