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  1. Not noted for his finesse. I like that. Tough as old boots though. He and swinglehurst were as hard a pair of centre backs as you could come up against
  2. The pies a t Montrose are inedible. Stick to the lentil soup there. Best pies in div 2 imo are Albion Rovers and Edinburgh City. I love the Skirlie pies at Brechin but admittedly they are an acquired taste.
  3. Bad news. Chris Hamilton has gone on loan to Stirling Albion I hear.
  4. Partick away. If spectators were allowed in it wouldn't have been too bad a draw. And a day oot in Glesca.
  5. Every Cowden fan who has posted has agreed that Queens were the better side and deserved their win . I think it would be. fair to say queens players were a bit more streetwise in getting decisions from the ref. His yellow cards seemed pretty random. Barr and your number four were booked for what deserved at worst a finger wagging.
  6. Game has been well summed up by others. Thought the ground staff should get a mention for getting the pitch in such decent condition given the terrible weather. Didn't think the referee was up to much. That's five bookings Barr has had and three of them have been for next to nothing. Queens will win the league with something to spare. The only danger would be complacency but their attitude was spot on yesterday. As for us we have to find goals from someplace if we want to climb the table. I haven't given up on Russell just yet, he has a poachers instinct but has he the legs? Good to see Morrison on the bench he could yet be a key player for us.
  7. I fear the game must be in doubt. Heavy snowfall a last night and now lashing with rain
  8. Another player crocked, and out for a while by the look of things A decent young player too, hope he makes a full recovery. It's just one disaster after another at the moment. And Queens Park next week. Big Dave McGurn must be wondering what he's walked into
  9. Todd's injury didn't look good. Decent effort by the players considering our injury situation and the wayrovers have been banging in the goals. Russell had what might best be expressed as a quiet game but I imagine it may take him a little while to get up to speed Thought young Glass had a good game
  10. A bit deflating to drop two points so late in the game due to a goalkeeping blunder but given our injury list I think we are performing pretty well. The left back looks a good bit of business and Cavanaugh looks decent for a young kid. Terrible conditions. I think we will be up there again. Well done to all for the free live stream which was of decent quality as were the commentator.
  11. Still wish we had 're-signed the poor man's Akinfenwa
  12. O brien's red a big blow. Second yellow was ridiculous
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