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  1. Bollan certainly doesn't smile much that's for sure. At this level with tight budgets you can't afford to make too many recruitment mistakes and the manager has had a lot more hits than misses Clarke and Cavanaugh both looked good signings but one picked up a long term injury and the other allowed to go back to Ireland when it looked like we might not be playing. The loan signings haven't worked out so well this season. Ollie Hamilton w as just a waste of a loan. Everyone can pick faults, reluctance to change when things are not going well . Etc. He made a great signing in Jordan Allen then didn't play him and so on I agree with Henry Hill, hard to judge on this season. Personally I would stick with him for another season at least.
  2. You do realize that the Skirlie pies and the best lentil soup in div 2 are at stake here.
  3. I feel for your new manager getting landed with this in his first week.
  4. Get the cigars oot. We made it. A season of struggle. Given our punishing schedule it's surprising that Jamie Pyper has made just one appearance and that as a substitute. Presumably the manager can shuffle things around the last couple of games as he considers our options for next season.
  5. Yikes!!!Stirling were impressive but had plenty of help from us. Our normally rock solid centre backs found Ryan's pace and movement and Mackin's er non pace and non movement difficult to handle. I can't for the life of me see why Buchanan is in the team every week. Oh, and the ref was honking as well
  6. Different attitude different result. Was critical of the attitude the last two games so credit where it's due. Well done to all. Really pleased to see Miller have a much better game.
  7. You are right to say Cowdenbeath should be well up for this game but in our last two games we were anything but.
  8. We were terrible on Saturday and with another more winnable( on paper at least)game on Thursday I wouldn't be surprised if the manager fielded a weakened side tonight and basically conceded the points in the hope of getting a reaction from the players.
  9. It was perfectly reasonable of the manager to start with the same eleven that played quite well in the second half against Edinburgh, but I knew we were going to lose after about five minutes. Listless laboured no spark at all. This is largely the same squad that had us in fourth place before lockdown. Think sailor Cowden has hit the nail on the head. The same level of effort and intensity just isn't there. With Brechin and Rovers to play twice each we need to get our act together.
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