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  1. Todd's injury didn't look good. Decent effort by the players considering our injury situation and the wayrovers have been banging in the goals. Russell had what might best be expressed as a quiet game but I imagine it may take him a little while to get up to speed Thought young Glass had a good game
  2. A bit deflating to drop two points so late in the game due to a goalkeeping blunder but given our injury list I think we are performing pretty well. The left back looks a good bit of business and Cavanaugh looks decent for a young kid. Terrible conditions. I think we will be up there again. Well done to all for the free live stream which was of decent quality as were the commentator.
  3. Still wish we had 're-signed the poor man's Akinfenwa
  4. O brien's red a big blow. Second yellow was ridiculous
  5. Still a bit green, but pacy, works his socks off, can look after himself, has a good shot on him, and a decent finisher.
  6. Do you think there's any chance Jordyn Sheerin will be 're-signed?
  7. That's a blow. We never really played to his strengths Hard to fathom why he wasn't first choice more often. With the right service he will do well at Forfar
  8. It's murder. Just about keeping sane by watching old highlights on YouTube. McGurn's performance in the 1-1 draw away to Edinburgh City( in 2016 I think) gets better every time I see it.
  9. Thanks for that. If everyone just votes for their own players it's pointless.
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