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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    Well done, keep the part time flag flying. I guess I won't be tasting those steak and black pudding pies any time soon.
  2. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I think Mullen will be suspended for the next two games after picking up that daft booking on Saturday, so we will have to change a winning team. Another chapter added to the Jordan Sheerin legend.
  3. Fife Cup

    Neither team at full strength but a really entertaining game. Most of the young kids did well , Sheerin and Allan combined well and created plenty chances. Great finish by Court for second goal Missed the penalty incident, what was penalty for?
  4. Cowden v QP

    First priority for next season should be getting Mcgurn to sign on again. Our big problem is in midfield,Miller Malcolm and Buchanan did not want the ball and if they did get it they couldn't get rid of it quick enough. Presumably given a well deserved rocket at half time they put in a lot more effort second half which was fairly even.After our four one win at Elgin we had a sniff of fourth place but it's been all downhill since then
  5. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I remember Scott having an absolutely stand out performance in a pre season trial match when Fox was manager but we never signed him then. I expected more from him when he did sign for us. Not a complete failure, but he never hit it off the way I hoped he would.
  6. 9th versus 7th

    Renton got injured in warm up so our front two were Cox and Allan, both about 5'9"Berwick had two 6 foot plus centre backs. Guess what our tactics were? Yup.
  7. Cowdenbeath v The Binos

    A shame Sheerin fluffed his lines when he came on,but we do look more like scoring when he is on the park.Referee was terrible, I have never seen him have a decent game.Stirling took their chances and defended well but we were devoid of ideas as to how to break them down, just a really poor lacklustre performance.
  8. Cowdenbeath v The Binos

    If you lose you can always go to the shows afterwards.
  9. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    I was green with envy looking at the multitude of advertising hoardings at Balmoor stadium. Nipped in to the club to use the loo before heading home and was even greener looking at the notices for upcoming fund raising events, including one featuring our very own Donald Findlay Q C. It looks like a very slick operation. A club with that kind of. financial backing really shouldn't be. In division two. .
  10. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Peterhead were too good for us. Defence battled away well under constant pressure.Impressed with Bollan tonight. Must mention the ref whom I thought was really Good.
  11. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Any man who is willing to have a square go with Christian Nade is ok in my book.
  12. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Edinburgh City deserved to win. We didn't turn up first half. Second half was better, more urgency but City always had things in hand. Their experienced pros played the inept ref like a fiddle. Falling in a crumpled heap or a cry of Hey brought a free kick and sometimes a card. It was all they could do keep a straight face. Keeper caught out a bit for first goal otherwise fine but why drop McGurn? Hope Sheerin gets . a run out on Tuesday, Renton could probably do with a rest, Buchanan too.Anything we get up there will be a bonus so why not shuffle the pack.
  13. Cowdenbeath v Albion Rovers

    We were comfortably the better team and deserved to win. Failure to convert our many chances led to a needlessly nervy last few minutes. Renton put in a tremendous shift. Swann may not be perfect defensively but nearly every decent move we had involved him. Several times Miller had the ball at his feet and loads of space in front of him but instead of running into it and committing defenders he tried to pick a pass, usually unsuccessfully.It's a shame because he has so much pace. Stilll can't fathom why McGurn isn't playing . Edinburgh City fans are not going to believe it.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Sheerin may not b e as fit as we would wish but I don't think that he is any less fit than when he was scoring all those goals. Swann does have defensive frailties but Malcolm isn't even left footed.