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  1. Griffiths double, one from Rogic and a late consolation from Skelator to ruin my "Win to nil" bets.
  2. I have enjoyed Rangers demise through the lower leagues. Especially the 14/15 season (I got more joy from Rangers 14/15 campaign than I did from our own haha) but I'll admit I'm glad to have them back in the prem... This will always be the most important game in football for me. we SHOULD walk it but can't predict this one.
  3. I was happy with the incoming... Could have got rid of a few more tho (Efe, Jozo, Ciftci & Bitton) a top notch creative central mid would have been nice... But doubt we could afford anyone better than Rogic anyway, and hopefully Commons will still get a chance. Sinclair in and Johansen out were the highlights for me.
  4. Very disappointed Rodgers left Commons out of our CL squad... 4 keepers and no room for Kris? C'mon!
  5. Ciftci was pish as usual, you watch the same match. Not only is he rubbish but he's a dirty b*****d too... Him and Johansen, sly dirty b*****ds. I'm ashamed to have them at the club.
  6. Without Broonie we've nae baws, Without Grif no teeth... Who the feck is gonna fear a team wi nae baws or teeth? Everyone keeps going on about the size of our squad, but take out our 2 main men out and it's obvious how thin our team really is... And without Commons too, for me that's our 3 best and most important players out.
  7. Sore one to lose the points so late on, but what a cracking free kick and I think a draw was a fair result. Would have been harsh on the jambos not to take something from the game. Thought McGregor wasn't bad for us going forward, Gordon and super Efe kept us in it at the back... Bit o'luck this will add another wee nail to Ronnie's coffin.
  8. How's the weather been, any threat of this one getting called off?
  9. I got them at $4.50... Has only dropped to 4:1 now tho at bet 365Also got almost 2:1 for a Hibs Win/Draw...
  10. Sevco are 10 times better under Warburton... They actually play football this season and are getting results... No fun at all to watch from my point of view... I can honestly say I really looked forward to watching rangers games last season... Lost all interest again this season tho and I blame Mark Warburton and his magic hat for that.
  11. I'd take that... If a loss at tynecastle this weekend is the final straw for Ronnie then let's throw the game lads, would be a small sacrifice in the long run.
  12. We'll see, really need a 2nd striker to partner Grif, Maybe give Cole a shot, feck knows Ciftci and Stokes have had enough chances. I'm hoping for a win... A slender one will do, but for the first time in the league this season I'm not predicting a Celtic win... I think we'll have another stalemate like we did at home. Hope I'm wrong.
  13. Great photo, think that will sum up what this season will be (or should I say WON'T be) remembered for by me personally... Those 2 muppets are an absolute embarrassment.
  14. I like the 16 team prem idea... Playing each other twice and with 2 automatic relegation places and one via playoffs.
  15. Hibs will go into 2016 top of the championship... And stay up there too I reckon... Should take Sevco to the cleaners if they are firing in midfield. Henderson was the only one on his game against QOS... Fyvie and McGinn have been huge Lately so hope they're up for it... Actually is McGinn suspended? Hope McGeoch is playing too. Hibs have the best defence in the country so can't see Sevco getting anything by them. 2-0 to the Hibees... A Cummings brace... and a yellow card for stickin it right up them too. Can't wait for this one.. Stubbs and Warburton both seem to know what they're doing, they have got both these sides playing some nice football... End to end stuff I think, loads of chances, loads of drama and loads of greetin blue noses.
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