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  1. Why is 6th or 7th expected? Which 6 teams do you think we should have no expectation of being ahead this season? The Dundee clubs I'll give you. Inverness and Ayr I could almost accept after last season. But Morton? QoS? The part-time clubs? Partick, the only club currently worse than us? I really don't understand how folk are so happy to write off this season when the league is so shite. There is no reason the squad we have assembled shouldn't be 5th and looking to break into the play-offs. This pretty much. Regardless of whether it's a "building season" or not, we judge ourselves against the teams in the league and we are under performing against the teams around us. To celebrate "taking points" against the bottom 4/5 isn't something to be celebrating, it's also not even correct, we've not taken any points off of Arbroath this season. Our only victory is against the only team below us in the table while they were managerless, we've drawn with Queens away and at home to Alloa and lost to Arbroath and we're supposed to be happy about that? I, along with the majority of fans, expected us to be aiming for fourth but probably end up 5th/6th, currently we're failing to avoid a relegation battle. What part of this is remotely "on target"?
  2. A blatant and frankly laughable dive to win the last minute free-kick that Scott Wilson headed home against Hearts. Had we drawn that game and went to a replay at Tynecastle we'd have lost by 2/3 goals and it would have been a distinctly forgettable season (although we may have stayed up without the distraction/extra games of the cup).
  3. Barry Nicholson is the most technically gifted player to ever have played for us, Adam Hammill is second. Willie Gibson was easily good enough to play in the EPL, if it wasn't for his mentality and lack of work rate he'd have been a Scotland regular and a much richer man than he is. Andy Kirk is the club's best striker of the modern era Gary Mason > Hartley, Brown and Ferguson If AJ had started Faiss in the final game of the league 1 winning season, we'd be playing in the premiership right now. Jan-Yves M'Voto was the best centre back at the club when he was released. Jim McIntyre was an atrocious manager for us, he owes his career in football management to Martin Hardie and Kevin Rutkiewitcz, the former producing the best form of his career to prevent him bottling the title to the Wee Team. If we hadn't sacked Leishman (the first time) we'd be the 3rd biggest club in Scotland currently. If Jeffries had won the Cowden game he'd be up there with Paton and Leishman as a club legend. We only got to the cup final in 07 because Jim Hamilton dived. Dorus De Vries is the best goalkeeper to ever have played for the club.
  4. He won't break any record because he'll be gone in January
  5. Holy f**k you were serious The issue isn't whether we think he's a good enough manager for us, the issue is that he is so hilariously above our level that we thought you were joking. Think Zola and O'Neill are out of a job while we're making ridiculous suggestions.
  6. I think we'll get absolutely riddied and kickstart a promotion push for Partick. 5-0, Cardle to score at least 1
  7. Don't think it's a coincidence that the turning point from steady progress to steady decline coincided with letting Cardle go. . Petrie isn't doing well this season but has had Montrose playing well above their station for a while and would be interested to see him take the step up, might not be a risk worth taking though. It makes it difficult finding a replacement, do we go with a steady hand with experience at this level with the hopes of them steadying the ship and getting us challenging for the playoffs but risk them just continuing the steady decline or do we take a chance on someone not proven at this level, hope they've got what it takes and quickly turn everything around while risking it going downhill even more quickly? Crawford is on borrowed time and has made a rod for his own back by placing the blame for the end of last season on AJ/the players. He's made his own squad and we're still performing absolutely shite and he's running out of excuses and places to throw the blame. Mental to think that folk were tossing themselves off over a league cup performance which included losing to Edinburgh City. We've played brilliantly for 45 minutes twice this season and in both of those games conceded two without reply in the second half. In every other game we have been horsehit. We're fragile and extremely poor defensively, they look disorganised and massively error-prone which is a symptom of low confidence and poor coaching/management. Ryan Scully. We're non-existent in midfield, leading to panic loans from hearts. We set up for the season with two holding midfielders and, unsurprisingly, have absolutely no creativity there. We've had some really good recruitment up front but we're providing them with absolutely no service. Dow, Turner, Martin, Comrie and Nisbet are the only players I care about keeping, the rest can get in the sea unless they remember how to play football, maybe shove Ryan in there as well but i'm still unconvinced by him.
  8. We already knew he was shite when he signed for us tbf, we just liked his banter. Not really found out so much as performed as expected.
  9. Worrying when we play shite and people the positive is that it's better than last week.
  10. Beginning to look very ominous for Craw, seems very similar to Potter in that he clearly wants the best for the club but just isn't cut out for management.
  11. Devine is good on the ball. Genuinely he is but his decision making is a joke. So he's good on the ball but makes poor decisions with the ball...would that not make him poor on the ball?
  12. Interesting to see no Lang, Edwards, Gill or McGill in the reserve squad. Probably just means they'll all feature against Alloa and never be seen again
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