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  1. Says man with the Confederate flag as his avatar and "Tory county" in his location
  2. Fantastic performance today, totally in control throughout. Caveat that Hearts were dreadful, but I thought everyone in a Killie shirt got pass marks today. McKenzie never stopped running all day, El Makrini was taking up some brilliant positions and Gary Dicker absolutely strolled it once again - surely the most underrated player in the league? Special mention of course to Burke who has been fantastic for two seasons and was brilliant today. Felt for the lad Hickey as he was just getting roasted but a 17-year-old will have games like that and I'm sure it'll be a learning experience. Once we went 2-0 up it was game over, I'd hate to be a team chasing a deficit against us!
  3. Surely all that's left now for Trump is to throw Giuliani under the bus? Say he went rogue and it was nothing to do with him. Which leaves Giuliani's only option to flip on Trump...
  4. Haven't seen any replays of the Bruce red card. I thought at the time he got the ball, mate thought Long touched it away and got taken out. Seems from the comments here that people are still unsure so I guess it's just one of those that can go for you or against you depending on your luck. Thought we were decent considering. Motherwell deserved the win, but considering we played almost all of the game a man down I thought we gave a good showing. Looked decent on the ball and but for a great save from a deflected Brophy shot at the end we'd have got a point. Kirk Broadfoot moaned about all the work on shape but even with Johnson looking out of his depth and Dicker, who isn't a centre-back, in defence we restricted Motherwell to very few chances until the last 20 minutes or so when we tried to go for it a bit. Can see both teams competing for Europe, as befits half of #TB4
  5. Killie win, Angelo to run out of the dugout and do an Adebayor-style knee slide in front of Broadfoot. (More likely Broadfoot winds up one of our lads so much they get sent off, then scores the winner and gives a GIRFUY to the East Stand)
  6. Not singling him out for the defeat. They were all shite.
  7. As a Killie fan I'm probably predisposed to defend Clarke, so I'll start off with some criticism of him. Starting XI was just bizarre - does anyone think Devlin is an international footballer? Starting him in such a tough away game was really strange, as was putting Fleck straight into the team. Burke actually had one of the better games I've seen him have, which isn't saying much because he's a diddy. Not even having a go at Devlin, it's not his fault he's not good enough for that level, or that we have no options. I'd say the same about SOD, and Palmer just underlines why the sexy b*****d has had the caps he's had - we've got nothing in that area. That said, at this point we surely have to accept it's not just the manager that is the problem - we've had enough of them with the same results. First half I thought we actually looked comfortable, OK Russia had a lot of the ball but they weren't really troubling us. Was like watching Clarke's Killie against Rangers or Celtic. At the start of the second half we actually looked decent, but then Russia scored and we just completely shat the bed. That can only be some deep seated psychological issue. Clearly we're weak in certain areas (RB, CB, ST) but there should be enough quality there not to have six points from seven games. Hopefully we can at least win the last three and get some sort of confidence going into the play-offs.
  8. This surely must be someone pretending to be PLZ? I can't imagine any media honcho thinking it'd be a good idea to promote via PnB, far less to then have the lackey assigned to the task start insulting lower league Scottish football, with the implication that it doesn't matter...
  9. “It’s just been revoked.”
  10. Weird place to be as a Killie fan. If we score first i’d always back us to win (or almost always, Celtic away for example i’d still think we’ll struggle) but no guarantee we’ll score. Didnt see today’s game but as soon as we scored I was very confident we’d win. Must be the team with the biggest disparity between our defence and attack? Our defending is class, but we don’t really have any creativity. Hoping St Clair provides that as the season goes on!
  11. Yes. An island in Italy. i assume you’d accept that Shetland is in the north of Scotland?
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