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  1. It will involve Obama's voter targeting from 2008. Guaranteed.
  2. Pleased with that. We looked like an absolute nightmare to play against, and never looked like conceding. St Mirren were poor, it must be said, but positive signs for us.
  3. I'm not sure this is the gotcha the GOP think it is. Yes, Biden is clearly not all there anymore and tbh it's shameful he's even running. But try playing that on an advert. "Ha, Joe Biden thinks 200 million Americans died from COVID! What a fool, it's actually only 200,000!"
  4. “I have never doped … I have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one.” - Lance Armstrong if you think there is no doping in football you are hopelessly naive
  5. What you've linked very much points to a 3-0 win. You only have to have 13 players (one of them being a goalkeeper) for the match to go ahead. If players are quarantined, pulled out etc you can name basically anyone to play: I.e they don't have to have been named in the squad. They just need 13 players eligible for the Czech Republic. If a team can't name 13 players - any eligible players, not just ones in the squad - the priority is to reschedule. The Czechs announced after a game they'd just played that they wouldn't be playing the second. Presumably the players who faced Slovakia passed the COVID tests or they wouldn't be allowed to play. Therefore:
  6. For all Messi was bad - and he was - he creates the second goal with a pass from deep and OG aside was basically Barcelona's only threat in the first half. Which is not to defend his performance, which by the end was an absolute disgrace. I'm always loath to accuse footballers of not trying, but he literally wasn't at the end. Just walking about with his head down and not even trying to get involved. I understand he's getting on a bit and can't press like he used to, and I'm not expecting him to be making blocks in his own box, but he just wasn't doing anything.
  7. Don't think his family stays with him in Scotland. So unless he's been down to England to see them, which with Rangers having been in France and then playing games seems unlikely, I imagine it's fine.
  8. Thought we were superb today, aside from a shite bit of goalkeeping we never looked like conceding. The midfield absolutely strolled it, Kabamba was immense and Burke is like a fine wine, such an intelligent player. Still think we need a bit more creativity in the side for when we're not facing the OF, but if we can add that - and a competent goalkeeper - I think we'll have a good season.
  9. That and he's so thin-skinned he'll have been fuming about people making fun of him for hiding in his bunker. Therefore he had to make a big show of going outside, while getting his goons to clear the protestors of course.
  10. Definitely not a fascist though. Biden would be just as bad.
  11. Trump vs Biden debates are going to be absolute car crash television. Biden doesn't know where he is and Trump is an utter lunatic.
  12. Contracts (generally) run to June 30. It's the end of the accouting year for football clubs and the (official) end of the season. That'll be why UEFA have said June 30 - anything after that opens up a whole new minefield.
  13. As I understand it Budge can't actually challenge the decision itself in court, just sue for damages. FIFA don't let you take these things anywhere other than the Court of Arbitration for Sport. That said, if Hearts do go ahead with it they can suspend the SFA's FIFA membership - which means Scotland can't play. Which if you take it right back to the start, AKA Hearts being shite, is Craig Levein once again stopping us qualifying for an international tournament.
  14. If we don't turn up it'll be a comfortable Aberdeen win. If we play well it'll be a narrow Aberdeen win.
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