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  1. I’d need to see it again, but you could tell from his reaction he didn’t mean to do it. Only saw it at the game (and clearly I’m biased) but looked to me like he just lunged in to try and atone for a bad touch and caught Lewis. Broadfoot is a shithouse, but in this case I think it was reckless rather than dangerous or violent. Again, I’ve seen it once in real time and could be wrong
  2. Could tell about 10 minutes before the Broadfoot red that someone was going off, McLean had totally lost control of the game. Think the Broadfoot one is harsh, as on first viewing it’s reckless rather than dangerous. A foul for sure, and a booking, but not a red. Findlay one was, the McKenzie one was a joke.
  3. I saw something a few years ago saying he actually is pretty good at the predictions. After a bit of Googling it was the Football Ramble forum. Load of people played along and Lawro came out on top: http://www.thefootballramble.co.uk/forum/viewthread/9159/ He's still a c**t, and I imagine he backs the favourite in most games, but still Edit: they do it every year and Lawro wins every time: http://www.thefootballramble.co.uk/forum/viewthread/9781/
  4. Here’s his face. And he doesn’t make the call, the match referee is completely at liberty to ignore him. Of course, he’d be pretty daft to do so on a binary decision like an offside, but on penalties etc he looks himself
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Imagine having a reduction in revenue and cutting your cloth accordingly rather than go bust. Sickening lack of ambition.
  6. Absolutely huge game for us. If we win it should pretty much guarantee top four, assuming Hibs lose to Celtic. Aberdeen are very much our bogey team though, and I’m never confident of a result against them.
  7. Work colleagues

    If that's a bible in his hand in the picture then he's OFTW Not for being religious, but leaving it all behind to live in a tent and read the bible all day has "I thought he was a demon, officer" written all over it
  8. Next Scotland Manager

    On the flip side, the "jobs for the boys" mentality wouldn't really jive with Kenny Shiels and his open warfare with the SFA...
  9. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Interesting interview with Kenny Shiels here: https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/kenny-shiels-reveals-kilmarnock-hibs-16114430 Can understand the club not taking him back tbh, but to not even offer a reply when he'd applied is really poor if true. Can only assume that was in the latter days of MJ
  10. Celebrity c***s

    Not quite a "do you know who I am?" but I was in a nightclub once where (unbeknownst to me) one of those c***s from Only Was Is Essex, Geordie Shore or similar was in. Walked past him on the stairs and said "alright mate?" and he sighed "I suppose you want a picture then? You'll need to wait upstairs." I genuinely had no idea who he was (still couldn't tell you) so I just walked away in a state of confusion. No clue who he was, but he was in Kilmarnock on the night of the Dortmund v Bayern Champions League final
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/scot-gemmill-can-scotlands-gareth-14250480 Just this in general, but "pay-role" is an absolute classic
  12. St Mirren v Celtic

    Ruel Street
  13. I think I can run faster than Boydy these days, but would have bet the farm on him scoring that penalty. Thank you, mehxt
  14. Italian Football Thread

    Think that's a bit harsh on Allegri. He specifically said he wasn't justifying "the idiots in the crowd" and that they should be banned for life. I think what he meant, as the manager, is that players shouldn't react to the crowd. Understand it's different when it's racism, but I don't think it's remotely on the same plane as what Bonucci said. Bonucci said the blame was shared. Allegri said those who were racially abusing Kean should be identified and banned for life, and that what they did couldn't in any way be justified.
  15. Livingston vs Hibs

    This match is very much reminiscent of the neverending Brexit deadlock in parliament