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  1. That and he's so thin-skinned he'll have been fuming about people making fun of him for hiding in his bunker. Therefore he had to make a big show of going outside, while getting his goons to clear the protestors of course.
  2. Definitely not a fascist though. Biden would be just as bad.
  3. Trump vs Biden debates are going to be absolute car crash television. Biden doesn't know where he is and Trump is an utter lunatic.
  4. Contracts (generally) run to June 30. It's the end of the accouting year for football clubs and the (official) end of the season. That'll be why UEFA have said June 30 - anything after that opens up a whole new minefield.
  5. As I understand it Budge can't actually challenge the decision itself in court, just sue for damages. FIFA don't let you take these things anywhere other than the Court of Arbitration for Sport. That said, if Hearts do go ahead with it they can suspend the SFA's FIFA membership - which means Scotland can't play. Which if you take it right back to the start, AKA Hearts being shite, is Craig Levein once again stopping us qualifying for an international tournament.
  6. If we don't turn up it'll be a comfortable Aberdeen win. If we play well it'll be a narrow Aberdeen win.
  7. We never beat Aberdeen at home (think that's 16 without a win?) so I thought I was resigned to the defeat but Killie made me hope. b*****ds. Thought Dyer should have put on an extra midfielder with about 20 mins to go as even though Aberdeen weren't getting shots on target it was clear where the pressure was. That said, we probably had the better chances second half even though Aberdeen had all of the play. When they went 2-1 up in extra-time I thought it was over, then Brophy comes up with the free-kick. He hit the post just after that with a shot that I thought was in from the moment it left his boot. Then we go 3-2 up in extra-time with four minutes to go. I was only half-joking when I said to my mate: "too soon". Findlay, who was superb up to that point, gave away an utterly stupid penalty and from then on it was concede again or lose the shoot-out. Can only imagine how glorious it must have been in that away end, so through gritted teeth fair play to the Dons who travelled on a Wednesday night. Must have all been worth it. I've now resigned myself to the fact that we will never beat Aberdeen at Rugby Park ever again, even if the club goes for another 150 years. By that point I'll be long dead, but I can't help but feel I'll be trapped in some sort of purgatory where the only thing I'm aware of is that Killie still can't beat Aberdeen.
  8. Lassie and her boyfriend apparently out in Poland. Got pepper sprayed and battered but managed to get to a hospital. Only for the hospital staff to apparently be in on it and tie the boyfriend to a wheelchair and pepper spray him. Obviously then stitched her up and let her go though...
  9. Thought we were unlucky to lose that, albeit we struggled to really test Marciano until that save at the end. Thought he had a good game actually in very difficult conditions, unlike the goalkeeper at the other end. Should have had a penalty for the foul on Del Fabro at the end but you win some you lose some. As others have said we don't have the depth to really change a game so while we had all the pressure in the second half it never really looked like Hibs were on the ropes. Absolutely refuse to believe Chris Burke is 36, thought he was outstanding today.
  10. Honestly, when will we get the credit we're due for the Banter Years? Gerrard just about in tears at the end 🤣
  11. This British Airways pilot giving it a full "f**k. That."
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