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  1. Anyone got a link to the L1 trophy celebration video in the changing room with Gallagher's monstrous boab on show? Asking for a friend. Obviously.
  2. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/why-livingston-fans-are-the-happiest-in-the-scottish-premiership-even-more-so-than-celtic-and-rangers-1-5004116 Decent article tbf
  3. A little part of me will die if this is true. Edit: https://theoffsideline.com/melrose-super6-southern-knights/ fucking f**k me
  4. If none of our strikers fill their boots today we're gonna struggle for goals all season. Berwick are on an awful trajectory and getting an absolute doing from all and sundry, we should be looking to hump them.
  5. I was purring with glee when a glitch gave me an extra £3m budget 😁 then I received an email this morning to say they've fixed the glitch and reset my team 🤬
  6. After Morelos, it is pretty much slim pickings in the striker department. Not a lot of goalscorers in the league.
  7. Shankland would be perfect, hopefully we're in for him and he'll plump for us because Crawford is already at the Maracanã. An outside chance but he'll maybe not fancy any of the offers and decide we're a better shop window.
  8. Any chance we'll stretch the budget to sign Shankland?
  9. Conference A doesn't look like producing any surprises, B is much harder to predict though.
  10. To be fair, I'm always quite tickled by a West Lothian Council Subsidies jibe but it's been a while since I've seen that rolled out.
  11. A decent standard of player in the XI but I can't see many goals in that team.
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