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  1. Thought the ref had a good game today , he's one of them guys who refs the game with common sense and he will step up to senior easily .
  2. Well done glenafton . Not much between both sides but they dug it out . Have a great night down in new cumnock tonight
  3. 100% this , they can get some 50/50 decisions wrong and most fair minded people in the cold light of day would understand but this is incredible
  4. That's even worse then , could understand him maybe getting confused at having to legislate for numerical advantage - that would still be bad but this is ridiculous - horrendous mistake .
  5. Were there players sent off in the match itself ? If for example team A finish with 9 men then I'm sure team B need to drop 2 of their players out of the equation so it's 9 v 9 in the shoot out . Has the team with say two men sent off here been allowed to draft two guys off the bench at full time to make it 11v 11 involved in the shoot out ?
  6. I would be looking more at the ref than the beaks , that's a howler and unreal .lol
  7. Superb to hear this and the wee Man has been a great and loyal servant to us . Totally deserved .
  8. The fact it's 1-0 in buffs favour and delicately poised could really entice more neutrals along on Friday night , could be a cracker with a very large crowd , may attend this one .
  9. Lots of times guys go and play where their mates are , not too sure about forde right enough and where most of his pals play .
  10. Hearing Talbot could be signing the East stirling striker Jamie glasgow . Very good player .
  11. For me it does as nothing beats the big occasion experience when players have been through it so often like the Talbot players , remember about 6 years ago we beat Talbot something like 5 games in a row and then we were drawn against them in the Scottish cup , they beat us soundly at beechwood and they were a different animal in the cup compared to the other games , it just seems to always bring the best out in them .
  12. I have Talbot as favourites due to pedigree but 8/13 is very short odds and maybe too short .
  13. Totally agree Robert , for everyones sake I'm more than happy to keep things on thread from now but my final final word is ive blocked two individuals on here but they remain to be completely obsessed about myself which tells me more about their sad wee lives than anything else , it should be pitied more than anything else but as said that's my final word and more than happy to keep things on thread from now on, no doubt the usual pair will be all over me like a rash as I'm always being told by people who can see their constant snipes at myself , obsessed is the word as constantly being told by friends on here they constantly drag my name up despite being too thick to realise I've blocked them . Nothing else to say regarding that pair and won't be replying to any drivel I see quoted from them in future . No doubt they will be all over this thread like a rash once more after this but that really tells you all you need to know about them . Nothing else to contribute on this thread from now on other than on topic.
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