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  1. Something along the lines of "Just because someone gets injures playing on grass, it doesn't automatically mean artificial pitches aren't a load of shite. However, I wouldn't expect a drug addled dickhead from Kilmarnock to understand that,"
  2. Anyone who takes even a passing interest in St Johnstone will know that those last 15 mins are typical of any and every game where St Johnstone are winning by a single goal. You may say you were unlucky because you hit the bar etc. but I'm sure if you looked back on previous St Johnstone match threads you would see the same complaints from other supporters time and time again. It was a poor display from St Johnstone, but read the comments from fans of other teams - we are crap, we play anti-football and we are lucky. Fortunately, this style has served us well over the last few years.
  3. What Saints?

    Hmmm. That sounds suspiciously like it was made up. However, I admit that I have never taken enough drugs to understand the shenanigans that goes on in Paisley. Most of the inhabitants seem to like to shout out random stuff in the street, and I can imagine some jakey shouting "Buddies are the people, Saints is the team". I suppose if you say something often enough it becomes fact.
  4. What Saints?

    Firstly. anyone who starts a topic with "Serious question" should be openly mocked and ridiculed and, IMHO, should not be allowed to start another topic for at least 5 years. Secondly, St Mirren were formed in 1877, St Johnstone in 1884. St Mirren had 7 years to decide what nickname they wanted and they chose "The Buddies". They can't decide 140 years later that they f'd up and try to steal ours. So. in answer to the original question: St Johnstone are the Saints that are marching in.
  5. Well said that man. I wonder how many people who complained about the 13/14 strip were sitting in Celtic Park at 5pm on 17 May 2014 thinking "I really didn't enjoy that. The strip ruined it for me."
  6. Looks like you were right
  7. What's in the Daily Mail on Tuesdays and Fridays that are so appealing.
  8. The problem is, these idiots would still be employed for transmissions in England. The extra cost would come from having to pay for local commentators/pundits in the other transmission areas, so that Buddist Monk (and his Welsh and Northern Ireland equivalents) isn't subjected to the inane drivel that is causing him so much frustration..
  9. I would like to publicly apologies to Buddist Monk for my ill-advised comments about Scottish commentators. I didn't realise his anger towards the BBC in general, and English football pundits in particular, was so acute or had affected him so badly. I'm enjoying his rants though.
  10. Have you listened to Scottish commentators and pundits reporting on Scottish games? I would suggest every country has the same sort of idiots on their TVs and radios. The problem they had was whether to employ Scottish, Welsh and N Irish commentators to cover the same games or to just piss of the viewers from these countries. They have gone for the cheaper option.
  11. No self-respecting St Johnstone supporter reads the official twitter. This is where all the up-to-date, interesting, relevant and "real" news can be found.
  12. So Wright is a grass and McCann is a liar. That's cleared that up. As Trackdaybob says - we can all now move on.
  13. As far as I can see, McCann's sole defence is "I never did nuthin". He has said that Tommy grassed on him, but has never accused Tommy of lying about what happened. So my question is: If McCann is totally innocent, and Tommy hasn't lied about what happened, what exactly is Tommy accused of grassing on McCann?
  14. The Farming Subsidies we are due are not being paid on time.