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  1. I absolutely fail to see what an experienced back room staff would accomplish here. It’s the same shite being trotted out since the days of Mark Kerr. You cannot force coaches upon a manager who doesn’t want them. He made an attempt to bring his own guys in. For different reasons, they declined. The issues we are having right now would not be solved by employing another dinosaur at the club.
  2. I think you’d be very hard pushed to identify any goal scorers in the squads of Morton, Raith, Cove, Hamilton or Arbroath. Of those teams there, only Arbroath have a defence worth speaking about. Those teams might not have had the same results as us but (Arbroath aside) none of them have defences better than ours personnel wise. And aye, I think you’ll find the vast majority of teams in this league resort to utterly tragic long ball football at some point. This league isn’t exactly renowned for silky, Tika Tika football. I think over the piece so far, we’ve at least tried to play football with the majority of attacks breaking down when it gets to the front line.
  3. You are quite possibly the most boring poster on this forum and that is saying something.
  4. Going forward aye, we’re massively missing a spark. I think there’s talent in other areas though. Musonda, Murdoch, Dempsey, JML, Reading and potentially Kirk if we see more of him are all good players at this level. We just need a couple more in key positions to tie it all together.
  5. Hard to believe you actually read my post and thought I was talking about league cup results.
  6. About two or three of decent enough quality would be fine. We wouldn’t be challenging for the title but we’d be mid table. Reckon we’ll sign another two.
  7. Well I’d imagine he was a big part of the discussions. They are hardly going to extend someone’s contract if Bullen doesn’t want them to. I don’t think anyone that we renewed was a mistake. I think the issue is that we’re still lacking in a few areas and the squad isn’t fully complete yet. The only positive is that half the teams in this league are actually in the same boat and we still have time to fix it.
  8. Aye this I actually quite like the guy. He speaks well and I think, like Kerr, knows what he wants to do but hasn’t got the experience or knowledge to implement it. Compared to Hopkin and Duffy who were complete wastes of space and should never be allowed near Somerset again. I think it’s more likely that if things don’t improve, he’ll walk. He doesn’t really need this job and will likely pick something up down South. Really hope he turns it around but I’m not sure right now.
  9. Ah well, the month of speculation when a manager gets sacked is always exciting. f**k knows where we go from here. If we emptied Bullen there will be lads in that squad that will only have been here two years and will have had more than five managers in that time. That’s a ridiculous record. We need at least two good players in for the Arbroath game or we’re going to be starting the league season on the back foot.
  10. Thank f**k. I’d be tempted to give Ashfords starting spot to the wee guy until we sign someone else.
  11. Bryden I get as he’s more of a striker than Ashford is but Mark McKenzie offers nothing unless you’re playing with your back to wall.
  12. Mitchell Lawson looks our brightest spark but even he drifted out of the game towards the end there. Ashford isn’t a striker though. Not by a long shot. He gets pushed about too easily and looks really awkward on the ball. We need someone else to play either alongside or in behind Dipo.
  13. Shaded of Elgin here. Knocking it about but no penetration. We need a forward who can link everything together as everything is breaking down when it gets to Dipo and Ashford.
  14. Think every call the guy has made on commentary has been wrong. Ashford should’ve at least hit the target from our breakaway but there looks like there’s at least some speed in our front line.
  15. Aye Hewitt is just sitting a wee bit wider on the right and Ashford is closer to Dipo.
  16. Hewitt hasn’t played as a full back since the Kerr days and even then it was brief. He has to be a midfielder. Not even a defensive midfielder. I think he’s more box to box and can offer something going forward. There’s also absolutely no justification for keeping the back 3 and dropping Kirk instead of McGinty. Would be madness from Bullen.
  17. Better. A step in the right direction. Hopefully the midfield can perform tonight and Dipo can get his first goal(s).
  18. I’d like to see us go with this Albinson Houston Kirk Musonda Reading Hewitt Murdoch Dempsey O’Connor Akinyemi Mitchell Lawson
  19. Two of the three centre backs we have are good on the ball though. That wasn’t an issue against Elgin or QOS.
  20. There are examples of teams having great success abroad and also in this country whilst using a back 3/5. If we’re talking about teams at this level then Livingston are really the best example with their back to back promotions and how they’re doing in the top flight. Ironically it was under Hopkin they started using that formation. The kicker is that it’s such a hard formation to get the right players for and that usually centres around your wing backs. People assume that attacking full backs can automatically play as wing backs and it’s really not the case. I actually don’t think having three centre backs on the pitch is as big an issue as finding wing backs. I think we have a greater issue with a back 3/5 because we are suffering from Hopkin PTSD but it doesn’t take away from the fact that you won’t get anywhere playing that formation if you don’t have your wing backs sorted. Paddy Reading and Jordan Houston aren’t convincing wing backs imo. Reading is better than Houston but even then I don’t think he’s up to doing that role.
  21. The “forward” is a really loose term as well. Is it a striker? Or another wide player or an attacking midfielder? We probably need two of them but preferably an attacking midfielder. We only need another defender if we’re persevering with the 3 at the back so I’d imagine it’s here to stay. I’d also hope it’s a wing back but it’ll probably be another centre back.
  22. To play 3-4-3? Was JML not signed as someone who can play along the front three as well. Plus it gives you different options depending on what the situation is. I agree that those two signings don’t scream three at the back but I think you can fit them in.
  23. If Bullen signs the right players with whatever money he has left then he can play 352 if he wants. If he doesn’t then it’s obvious he’ll have to change his plans or risk being out of a job.
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