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  1. Going by what QOS fans said when we signed him, I don’t think Maxwell is any more solid than Reading defensively. I’d keep him where he is and have him compete with O’Connor for the left wing spot.
  2. Really wouldn’t care. I think if Muirhead signed for Partick and played regularly it would put a spanner in the works for their promotion push.
  3. Yeah this is what I think we’ll end up with but we might also have a new centre half in for Muirhead.
  4. Looking on Twitter it seems Carlisle told him they wouldn’t be offering him a deal and he left training with them afterwards. Looks like he might sign for us in that case.
  5. f**k knows. Had an absolute stormer against Albion Rovers and went off injured towards the end though. I don’t think Kerr quite knew what to do with him tbh. We had him, Zanatta and McCowan who are all wide players and he tried to play them all at the same time which never worked. Walsh would end up at a LW or on occasion as a number 10 which I don’t think is his game as he seems more comfy on the right side where he can get crosses in. After Hopkin came in, I don’t think he played at all tbh. A real shame as I thought he’d be a star man for us but he wasn’t really the player we needed at that time.
  6. He always seems to do well against us tbf. I thought he, Gardyne and Walsh caused us all sorts of bother in the last game at Somerset. How’s Walsh been in general? Was injured early on for us last season then when he came back he didn’t really look interested which was shame as he was kind of our big signing.
  7. I can see us having two in for the Accies game and then we’ll wait and see if anything becomes available in the last few days of the window. Maybe Liam Craig becomes a viable option or maybe someone else.
  8. It is worth mentioning that when we signed Chalmers he was effectively our replacement for Mark Kerr on the pitch, who had been running our midfield for the last two years or so. He isn’t anything like a player who will dictate the game and his role is more to just keep possession rather than create anything. I really can’t see a midfield of Chalmers and Dorrans working as neither of them can run and they both kinda do the same thing. I’m really glad we’ve got shot of him but it’s more to do with how much of our budget he was supposedly eating up so this should allow us to get another couple of players in.
  9. Ayr have signed Ben Dempsey on loan from Charlton Athletic. They have also somehow managed to offload Joe Chalmers onto Dunfermline for an undisclosed fee.
  10. He hasn’t scored with his head I don’t think? He’s scored two goals I believe. A free kick against Rangers B (big whoop) and a goal from a corner against ICT. It wasn’t a header though it was just a tap in.
  11. Left footed. Supposed to be decent from free kicks although we never saw that. Shite at corners as well.
  12. Just on the note of midfielders, do we have a timeframe for Mikey Hewitt coming back? I’ve no idea if we’ll go and sign another midfielder or not but if he’s coming back soon I’d like to see him involved.
  13. Have we managed to rinse any cash off them for that as well or am I being too greedy? That should in theory help get the rest of recruitment done as I believe he was one of the higher earners in that group of dross.
  14. I’d say he probably does the same job as Dorrans but not as well. He’s very left footed and slow and doesn’t do well when he has to muck in and help out. He has had the odd good game for us but it’s very rare tbh.
  15. I think we’ll end up with another two coming in. Probably a striker and a centre back and if that was the case I’d be quite happy with our business. We’ll probably have to offload a couple just to balance the books but we aren’t short of players to let go. Any from Chalmers, McGinty, Fjortoft, Afolabi would do me fine.
  16. Dempsey on loan until the summer but we have an option to make it permanent.
  17. I really don’t see how people are saying his approach has been worse than the previous two managers. Even so, as I said with Duffy, he is completely hamstrung with the state of the squad at the minute. It’s very to tell him to play more attacking players but it won’t change a great deal when we still have no midfield and a horrendous defence.
  18. Think a player can only play as a trialist for a limited number of games, no? However I don’t see how we can just play an academy player without having him registered to play? Surely we don’t just register every academy player either? I’m sure when we were in League One, we were told we couldn’t play Finn Ecrepont against Alloa because he wasn’t properly registered.
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