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  1. Feeling slightly embarrassed for Talbot fans at the way they obsess over us. Almost as much of a riddy as QOS fans singing about us but at least they are an actual professional football club.
  2. Pretty sure John Barnes and Raheem Sterling were both born in Jamaica.
  3. I’d be happy with a line up like this for Pollok McAdams McAllister Bangala McGinty Ecrepont McKenzie Smith Murdoch Mitchell-Lawson Ashford Akinyemi I don’t see why Scottish Cup games are viewed as a chance to rest players. We should be aiming to go and scud this lot to boost a bit of confidence and guarantee our spot in the next round. If it’d been a Challenge Cup match, fine. We could realistically get a decent money spinner in the next round which would help us in January.
  4. He’ll be too wee to play there imo. He’s also too rash in challenging for the ball and has a tendency to wander out of position. I reckon there’s a chance Arsenal could send someone else our way in January to help us out given how well we did with Kirk. We need another centre back on top of that imo and probably a full back.
  5. There’s the Facebook one that you have to be a member of to see or post anything. It’s a complete cesspit though and best avoided. P&B is the only forum that Ayr fans regularly post on.
  6. Playing him as a centre back is a sackable offence. I don’t see why any manager would even try him there.
  7. We won’t be signed Lawson. He’s under contract and has zero resale value so it doesn’t make sense from that point of view. Liam Grimshaw is out of contract and would easily slot in as our starting right back and can cover in midfield when needed. Feel like there will be another random plucked from down South who can maybe do a job. Maybe a loan or two with a view to making it permanent like Dempsey. I don’t see the club being in a position to all of a sudden spend a fair chunk of money at the first sign of a potential promotion. We have to be smarter than that.
  8. Aye it’s not through the fault of Murdoch and Dempsey. They do a power of work on and off the ball. Think it’s more down to the fact that we aren’t capable of slowing the game down and dictating it. The amount of times we’ve went ahead in matches and get pegged back a few minutes later is incredibly annoying. Partick, Cove, Hamilton and Morton at home and then Hamilton and Caley away. Of all those games we’ve only ended up winning two of them. Had we been able to manage the game better and slow it down we’d probably have turned quite a lot of those draws into wins. Not sure what the solution is though? Drop a striker and play 4-3-3? We saw last week that Dipo suffers when he’s played as a lone striker and no one gets near him.
  9. I think there’s a lot of hyperbole around the likes of Ashford, McGinty, McKenzie and Reading. Are they very good? Reading can be but the rest are just average Championship players. Nothing special but are pretty competent when faced with other Championship players. Ashford is pretty much down a hole right now in terms of scoring. IIRC correctly he’s not scored since the Raith game last season. It’s absolutely going to have affected his confidence. The best thing Bullen can do is realise that he’s better served playing wide left where his work rate and pace can be used to get us up the pitch without being required to do anything in the box. As has been shown, he’s quite adept in this role. McKenzie is the opposite in terms of positioning. He’s clearly best used as a second striker who does the dirty work and can benefit from the space that Dipo creates. He’s started getting the odd goal as well and has done well in setting them up as well for other players. He’s never going to be good enough for a higher level but I think he has a future with us so long as we have another forward who’s as capable as Akinyemi is at scoring goals. McGinty was written off before he signed his contract with us. He’s also, in many ways, our most improved player since Bullen came in. He’s still only a 3rd or 4th choice defender and his inclusion over Kirk at times has irked a lot of us. People will say we simply cannot finish in the playoffs with these guys playing for us. I say that’s utter nonsense as the teams around us are also full of bang average players that every so often either have a game above their level or make a mistake and let the team down. We aren’t talking about needing a squad of players that are so much better than what we have. I think that if we can avoid any major injuries or suspensions and keep Dipo then there’s no reason why we can’t finish 4th at an absolute minimum. We absolutely need to see a better level of performance and maybe need to freshen things up in January but I’d say we’re doing okay just now. The biggest concern right now is how long Kirk is out for. He is absolutely massive for us and will need replaced if it’s a long term injury. Next 3 games is all about grinding out points and getting into January to try and regroup.
  10. I’ll bow to your expert knowledge on having a lack of bottle.
  11. Aye that’ll be Kirk out for a while anyway. If Musonda can’t come straight back in to the team then that could be our title challenge over. We’ll have one fit centre half and it’s McGinty.
  12. Because he constantly gets caught under the ball. It’s been his main weakness since he signed tbh and I don’t see why Ecrepont didn’t warrant a start today. In saying that I’d rather have played him on the right in place of McAllister.
  13. Sure the accumulation of yellow cards means a suspension but I was under the assumption it only came into play two weeks after the 5th yellow card was issued meaning he’ll miss the Raith game.
  14. See Pollok have parted ways with their manager. Seems odd on the face of it with their SC results but chat from the fans seems to be that they haven’t been very good in the league. I know it’s a potential banana skin but we need a convincing win against them.
  15. Christ, I had it in my head he was only at Morton for about six months to a year, max. No idea you let him hang around for that long.
  16. Think he was taken off as a precaution and they ruled it was concussion. Something else may have been discovered since then though. He’s a big player for us.
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