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  1. It’s probably a good thing that we signed Bangala when we did as he should be available for the league starting although who knows when we’ll actually see him as he’s missed our entire pre season. Seems to have been keeping himself in good shape in the meantime though so hopefully he can make an appearance as soon as possible. Would be expecting at least one signing this week, maybe two. If we can get a defender in, I’ll be quite happy with the state of the squad for the Elgin game.
  2. Killie fans will always be obsessed. They simply can’t help themselves.
  3. D'Jaffo

    The Boys

    The revelation at the end of that episode is going to be the thing that finally sends Homelander over the edge. Can see him levelling a small city to the ground now. How many episodes of this season are left? Feel like there’s going to be a bit of a culling of characters at the end of this season.
  4. I think between 2-3 with one more permanent signing and maybe a couple of loans. Maybe more depending on what happens in the League Cup. I agree with the areas you’ve highlighted as well. We don’t really have a whole lot going forward by way of goals and we’re pretty much relying on Dipo coming good and Ashford improving in that department from last season. I don’t think O’Connor will score more than a handful (if that) and the other winger seems quite raw so we can’t really be relying on that either. From what I’ve heard, a defender won’t be far away and that should pretty much complete our defence. Hopefully we can add a midfielder that offers a bit more going forward compared to Murdoch and Dempsey as I think we’re lacking in that area.
  5. Aye I read that on the Livi thread re his COVID struggle. It might put teams off taking him especially if they’re paying him close to a grand a week.
  6. Your spot on actually. No time spent together at Livi. I forget that he had a spell at ‘Well before going to Partick. If he’s knocked us back then it’ll be because of the ridiculous abuse the guy got with us. If we don’t sign either him or Sibbald then we’ll likely end up with another gamble from down South when in reality we could do with one or two guys with some experience or track record of playing in this league.
  7. [quote post="15316581" timestamp="1656696706" name="mozam76" userid="15558" As of last week, the only confirmed offer on the table for him was Ayr United. A week’s a long time in football though, so that may have changed. I’d be shocked if we’re the only club interested though. Bit surprised that Bullen openly admitted to trying to get him but we’ll only be one of a few clubs after him.
  8. Aye because that’s the only way we’re funding signings. Utter mouth breather.
  9. Aye he signed a PCA months ago but pulled out of it when they were relegated. Might still end up in your league depending on what other offers he gets.
  10. From what I gather, Jamie’s farm does okay. He chose to work on it through the day rather than train with us but would still turn up on match day and body c***s senseless. An all round good guy.
  11. Sibbald is closer to being a centre mid than a winger, no? He can get goals and assists but he’s never been blessed with pace and does a lot of good things when playing deep. RB was a definite concern but Musonda seems to be well capable of playing there and Bangala is another option although we have no idea if he’ll be any good. I’d be really interested to see what happens with McAllister if he’s part of the plans or whether we’ll let him go.
  12. DR with the cutting edge journalism that this country is revered for. Can those cuntos not get anything right?
  13. I heard at my work today that he wasn’t signing for Ayr. Makes sense to go to Livi with the Imrie link. I think he’ll do well in a team playing like they will.
  14. Aye Stillies got more important things to worry about like bombing massively at any election the Tories will let him take part in.
  15. I fancy Akinyemi to hit double figures for us at least. Not sure if he’ll outscore everyone else though. In terms of assists I’m not sure who in our team would contend for that. O’Connor should get more with a consistent run in the team however we don’t really have an out and out playmaker this season. Paul Smith might turn out to be that but I see him more as a box to box player.
  16. If I’m being honest I don’t see Sibbald being here next season. Sounds like we’ll try and get Crawford and that’ll do us for midfielders. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him play in this league but I don’t think it’ll be for us.
  17. Think there’s a difference between a utility player and a player who has a recognised position but can comfortably play in other positions. Musonda is a recognised centre back but just so happens to have done well at full back for Raith. No doubt he’ll end up playing there at times this season. If we can get another centre back in who can play full back then I’m all for it. Leaves us with plenty of options and means we don’t have to worry about Houston going through a rough patch or Bangala turning out to be a dud.
  18. Quite possibly. Think it was heading that way with Adeloye and even though Bullen said he knew he’d have to be patient, there’s only so long you can keep other targets waiting in the wings if your first choice doesn’t work out. Suspect we’ll maybe get Crawford and a defender and that’ll be us.
  19. I’d say that recent signing will complete our forward line until after the League Cup at least. Might add another striker if Bullen feels we need one but we’ve got Akinyemi, Ashford, Mitchel-Lawson and then Bryden and Guthrie coming through. Feel like another defender and a midfielder who can contribute going forward is all we need for us to have a pretty well balanced squad. I think the defender could be done by the end of this week and then we all know how long we’ve been chasing Sibbald. Who knows where we’re at with that but I’d imagine he’s received some decent offers since Bullen publicly spoke about him.
  20. Correction Beating John Galls pet project in their biggest game of the season. Massive club mate.
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