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  1. I can’t explain why I’m against us just giving it to him but I am. We were warned that he’s basically the same as Hopkin in that he plays dire football but I can’t really criticise him of that yet. We weren’t great on Saturday but we lost our best player at half time and continued to try and play with the ball apart from when we seemed to persist with the long throws into the box. There’s just something that tells me he’ll see us through this season and then completely balls it up over the summer with some terrible recruitment and we’ll be back to where we started.
  2. If he beats Partick then he’s kinda made his case. I’m not convinced he’s the right option though.
  3. On the face of it I really can’t see what McCall has done to warrant folk being so unhappy with him.
  4. The same one that couldn’t get away from our thread when McCall went to them.
  5. We still had pretty good defenders but offered them very little protection. Partick also don’t have striker as good as Shankland and Moffat to bail them out.
  6. Square pegs in round holes is straight from the Ian McCall play book. He did all the time and tbh no one really bothered with it when it worked but when we started going on bad runs he was rightly hounded for it. This weekend will be very interesting as it’s the first decent side we’ll have faced under Duffy although you seem to be on the slide a wee bit results wise. Will be a couple of familiar faces to see as well of course.
  7. I don’t think someone who would spout racist nonsense, would really be someone who thinks all that logically tbh and simply saying “well actually a shower would imply it’s more than one person” is nonsense and you can f**k off if you think it’s a valid excuse. Find the guy and ban him.
  8. I think he’s quick, decent on the ball but lacks the ability to make the right decision when in the final 3rd. He’s got loads of energy which is why I’d play him in midfield but I’m not sure he’s good enough to play as an out an out full back or winger. He’d be quite handy doing what Geggan did for us on the right hand side when we were in the Championship. I like him though.
  9. I wonder if Murdochs return to form can be attributed to Duffy, who will know him well from his time at Morton. He was arguably one of the best midfielders in the league under him and I haven’t seen him play this well since before his injury. I’d also start playing Moffat from the start from now on. I don’t think Salkeld was particularly bad yesterday but his positioning is erratic to say the best. He needs to start stretching defenders instead of trying to get close to the striker up front. If he does that then he’ll give the likes of Bradley or Moffat (whoever is playing with Adeloye) more space to get on the ball.
  10. Adeloye had a second chance in the second half where he sat 2 Morton defenders down and then just chipped it over the net. Was certain he was going to finish it off.
  11. Despite the shite game I though we still had a few good individual performances. Fjortoft in particular looked pretty comfy at right back and McGinty and Baird were absolutely fine against Ugwu and Reilly.
  12. Under Hopkin we’d undoubtedly have found a way to lose to that Morton team today. Despite the shite recruitment Duffy seems to have found a way to at least make them a bit harder to beat and not be utterly horrible to watch going forward. I’m still not convinced he’s the right man and given we haven’t got a game the Saturday after we go to Firhill, that might be the right time to appoint someone.
  13. Pretty dire second half although we did have a fair bit of the ball with no real idea of what to do with it. We’re going to struggle if O’Connor is out for a few weeks as we really don’t have any other creative sparks besides Bradley who isn’t to be relied upon right now.
  14. Yeah paper tickets are going to very quickly die out.
  15. This is the crux of it. Yes we could make it a bit easier to get tickets to home fans but we shouldn’t be in the position to sell them in the first place.
  16. Wee guys - not selling tickets on the day Shaggers - Ayr United It really is that simple.
  17. No PATG at Partick? I’ll be round at some point tomorrow for them anyway.
  18. Smith said it was something we might look at when Hopkin left which I found a bit strange given we didn’t, and still don’t, have a permanent manager on board.
  19. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Graham before and he’s a great wee guy and a proper character. Hope he gets himself better and isn’t away from Somerset for long.
  20. As others have said, it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose the first game we actually feel confident about.
  21. I doubt Hibs fans are all that fussed about a team that are, checks notes, SEVENTH in League One. You guys are just funny to laugh at is all.
  22. Meh. Mistakes happen. As long as it didn’t happen in a league game or a later round of either the Scottish or League Cup.
  23. That’s it confirmed that we’ve been kicked out the diddy cup but with no financial penalty.
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