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  1. Think that’s bad? Someone on our fans FB page said they were pleased Clyde got promoted as they were a “good, traditional football club”. Even referred to them as the Bully Wee.
  2. Did we not have Doyle in training with us last season before he signed for Queens and decided against him? Can’t see McCall going back for him again.
  3. Doyle is probably an upgrade on Muirhead but from what I’ve seen of the latter that’s not saying much. I can’t really remember much about Murray when we were in League One but if he’s solid enough and can play CB and FB then he’s maybe worth a punt. However I’m not overly keen on keeping Bell and Adams. I’d rather have one of them (preferably Bell), Muirhead and 2 new signings.
  4. Exactly Can’t imagine there being many natives from Glasgow or Johnstone that support Ayr. Certainly not pubs full of them having Ayr parties like Dryhorce just claimed there are.
  5. Obviously no one has an exact figure but you only have to look at the fact he pretty much signed a new team in January to know that he’s got access to a bigger budget than the rest of the teams. You’re either ignorant or stupid to try to argue otherwise.
  6. You seem unwilling to acknowledge the large amount of money that your manager has had access to. Why? It’s was blatantly obvious that yourselves and RC were able to spend more than the other teams before the season even began.
  7. He’s actually the only other manager I listen to in the AU media manager interviews along with McCall. Not the most attractive football but it works and he’s getting the best out of what he’s got.
  8. I agree re McCowan and McGuffie. If things aren’t going his way McGuffie disappears until he’s subbed. In his few games this season McCowan showed no fear and got stuck in. Both McCall and McGlynn have said how impressive he is in training but he can’t seem to transfer that to a game on a Saturday.
  9. No idea mate. Check online or phone the Gaiety to see.
  10. Surely we’ll hear something this week in regards to next season. Either way next Friday should be interesting to hear what McCall says.
  11. You can’t have seen Davidson last year or in the first leg? He’s a League 1 defender at best.
  12. He’s 21. As I said though, he was fine last year but for any young player to improve he needs game time. Sending him to a team where he wasn’t going to get regular game time though was a mistake.
  13. He showed last season that he’s clearly not shite. He’s a young player who needed a run of games that he’s not got at Raith.
  14. He’ll never improve if he’s restricted to only coming off the bench.