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  1. Aye it’s more weird than bold as well. They finished runners up and are presumably staying FT. Could’ve probably attracted someone with a track record rather than just gambling on a 29 year old and his cousin.
  2. I think the best bet is live streaming it for those that can’t make it. Moving venue means that the club would have to pay for it and then lose money as they can’t turn around and charge folk who’ve already bought tickets.
  3. I read it in his interview when he signed. Not sure what’s so hard to understand about that.
  4. Well that’s one way to make a riddy of a first post on here.
  5. Think you’ll find McInroy chose to sign for us in January. Celtic were obviously happy for it to happen but he had the final decision between ourselves, Airdrie and a couple of other clubs.
  6. Aye but never for one minute did I think the club would go for him. I’d have taken Easton in a heartbeat but I don’t think Mathie or Bullen would’ve been looking at him. That’s not to say that the club will ignore guys who are in their mid to late 20’s as we went out and signed Ashford. I just think the club will be looking at investments that they think can make them money further down the line.
  7. Aye I don’t think Easton would’ve been thought about. Good player but his age means that he’ll have no resale value and I think that’s something that the club will be looking at. Guys we can develop and sell or older pros who can come in and do a job for one or two seasons.
  8. Did we not put a contract on the table for Maxwell back in January? I can’t see him being a high priority for Bullen or Mathie. No real place in the squad for him with Reading staying and I’d be hoping we sign actual wingers instead of him.
  9. Would we take Chris Burke for a year? Has the experience Mathie was talking about and ran Reading ragged in two derbies this season.
  10. I did notice Mathie saying in the AP that we don’t currently have any players on the books over the age of 30. He says that bringing in experience is something that they need to do this summer.
  11. Suppose if we’re hoovering up players from down South we can just lump them all in the same car and bring them up. In all honesty I’d be happy if we started pre season needing only two or three additions.
  12. Team comes back on the 10th of June yeah? Signing around six players plus replacements for McInroy and Adeloye if they don't sign is a big ask in two weeks.
  13. We could do with a bit of experience and a player who can play RB and CB so I wonder if we’ll look at Doyle. Rated him when he was at QOS but didn’t seem to be that great at Falkirk. Quitongo is another one but injuries seem to have fucked him. There’s also rumours that we’re signing Bob McHugh.
  14. Morton sigh Darragh O’Connor from Motherwell.
  15. We’re also playing Stranraer, Falkirk, Darvel and Dumbarton in behind closed door friendlies.
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