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  1. Everyone single one of those players have proven that they’re good enough to play in the Championship. I’ll agree however that tactics that play to the teams strengths and a tight knit squad goes a long way and it’s not all about the best 11 individuals on the park although it’s not as if we’re fielding 11 jobbers every week. There’s serious quality in that team.
  2. I think he’s been very open in recent months that we stand a good chance of losing 4 or 5 players when their contracts are up and I appreciate his honesty on the matter. I’m just enjoying what we’re doing right now and refusing to worry about what may or may not happen in the summer.
  3. Paywalls

    Thank f**k it’s not just me
  4. Anyone know how many more Beith tickets were sold yesterday?
  5. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    How much did you pay for him again?
  6. Ayr v Queens

    Tbf I’ve never actually seen him on here before or at least can’t remember anything he’s said. I’m hoping he won’t be back.
  7. Ayr v Queens

    There is literally not one post from an Ayr fan that comes across as “foaming at the mouth”. Think a few of our fans are a bit disgruntled at dropping two points which is fair enough as we did enough to win that game but we’re not overly angry at the result.
  8. Dunfermline Athletic vs Falkirk

    Shagging a Spice Girl??
  9. Ayr v Queens

    This is what happens when you’re #bigtime.
  10. Just checked and he’s played 5 games with his last appearance away at ICT.
  11. Ayr v Queens

    Shite post. You need to give him something he can quote and pass off as a great “bite”. This simply will not do!!!
  12. Ayr v Queens

    Best chances fell for Ayr with the majority of possession belonging to them as well. Pretty much what everyone knew.
  13. Thing with Doc is he’s barely had a chance to prove himself on the pitch because Kerr and Murdoch have been so good. McCall will have a better idea of how fit he actually is and from what I’ve heard he’s great to have around the dressing room so I think he’ll stay.
  14. McCall always seems surprised by our interviewers views. Spends half his time correcting him.