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  1. Unlike us to announce a signing so late in the day.
  2. I really couldn’t give a f**k about any of them tbh mate. Just pointing out that you’re getting yourself worked up over nothing in regards to the John Sludden thing.
  3. No it wouldn’t given that Tommy Burns was never an Ayr player. It’s really not the big issue that you’re trying to make it out as.
  4. I don’t think there was anything concrete in the Cochrane rumour tbh. Todorov will have got more money at the Pars plus a move back to the East Coast and the Smith move has already been put down to him thinking that McCalls style of play is better suited for him. I don’t blame either player and don’t really see what Ayr can do in either scenario.
  5. Is it just loans we’re chasing now or is there a chance we’ll go after the Irish boy mentioned or someone else?
  6. Given it’s up the road and we never win there I’d be quite happy with a draw tbh. It all really depends on what kind of state the squad is in but even if we bring 3 players in before this game we won’t get to see them in action so it’s hard to be sure of anything.
  7. There’s definitely a few guys that it could go either way for them. I’d definitely agree that McGlynn and Campbell are untouchable. Arbroath will be quite happy to slip back into League One and keep him on. Hopkin, Dodds, Rice and McPherson are the ones to watch imo.
  8. That ball carrier stat will be something that Hopkin will like. Getting the ball up the pitch quickly is obviously something he wants but we don’t really have anyone in the team who will run with the ball any great distance.
  9. Tam O’Ware might be one of the biggest myths to have played in this league. Built up a reputation because he had one season where he scored a few goals which massively papered over his inability to defend. I’m quite glad we’re already sorted for centre halves.
  10. Some roaster on the SRE was a bit annoyed that he never put anything on his Twitter about leaving Ayr like some players might have.
  11. Someone pulling you up for talking shite isn’t denialism mate. H2H.
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