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  1. The home top for next season is available for order and will be shipped out when the government allows for non essential shops to reopen I presume.
  2. I can’t imagine Sunderland fans would’ve been happy at the club signing a player from the second tier of Scottish football to replace the kid Maja even if in the long run it had worked out. Donald came across ok but his naivety in the transfer market with Grigg and not preparing for Maja not signing a deal were his biggest mistakes.
  3. I think this was probably his issue last summer. Took too long to decide and other clubs went and got other targets. His form this season should mean he’ll get a Championship club down south.
  4. That was perhaps the only moment that I actually agreed with him. The rest of the time he comes across exactly as described above.
  5. Donald playing Football Manager on deadline day there trying to buy Will Grigg. Think when everyone including your manager is saying it’s a bad deal, then it’s maybe worth listening.
  6. Fair fucks to Stewart Donald managing to bring someone to Sunderland who’s a bigger tosser than Martin Bain.
  7. Doubt it now. I can’t see there being any relegations this season.
  8. Doubt it now. I can’t see there being any relegations this season.
  9. I can’t really remember any good moments from last season after that game. Maybe the win against Dundee Utd at Somerset but nothing besides that. Dunfermline showed something yesterday that basically ran through their best moments from the 15/16 season. Would love to see something similar for our league winning season.
  10. This The one in March purely for big Adams goal. Alternatively either of the games we played down at Stranraer that same season.
  11. It was ages ago but I don’t think Kerr said that. Reading his comments to the BBC there’s nothing like that and I can’t recall him saying the to AU Media. Might’ve just been McPake using mind games with his players.
  12. Only clubs in Scotland as well. Think Rangers were with them but they’re looking for a new supplier.
  13. What do we reckon this is? Strips for next season going on sale early?
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