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  1. Why? Because we’re signing Muirhead. He’ll either sign for a L1/L2 team next year or retire all together and remain part of our coaching staff.
  2. No it wouldn’t Now pipe down and pray we don’t take Todd as well
  3. As I said on the Falkirk thread if he’s punched a *** he’s good enough for me. That goes for any footballer btw.
  4. If he signs and it’s still IF then I would like to see us play this on Friday night. Doohan Muirhead Bell Rose Smith Murdoch Docherty Crawford Harvie Moffat Moore That is assuming the injured players remain injured and we don’t sign anymore players this week.
  5. Get him fucking signed McCall
  6. In that case it wouldn’t surprise me if he went to QOTS given he’s from Dumfries.
  7. Partick vs QoTS Challenge Cup final Muirhead misses a penalty in the last minute of extra time. Higgins runs up to him to goad him and gets a headbutt for his troubles. QoTS win on pens and if I remember correctly Higgins took one and scored.
  8. Wouldn’t be the first time McCall has signed a player for us that has had run ins with an already existing player.
  9. Also Aaron Muirhead has just left Falkirk but I doubt a centre back is top of the list of priorities.
  10. Falkirk signed Zak Rudden on loan the morning of their game vs Partick. I think the registration deadline is midday now.
  11. McCall says he recognises our need for players especially creative ones in the wide areas and he’s working on it.
  12. Indeed However a positive spin would be I can’t remember a time where we’ve had so many in demand players. It’s a credit to them and the club in the work that’s been put in. All we can hope for is they give us everything for the next 6 months.
  13. He said Maguire is fairly certain that he knows what’s wrong but they’re sending him for a scan to make sure.