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  1. Raith claiming it was a strong team from us when in reality Hare-Reid, Hilton and McCowan are the only ones currently making the bench for us.
  2. Of course I put money on him scoring.
  3. Scenes if that had gone in
  4. Didn’t know Neil McCann was in the crowd.
  5. Aye I think so. Even as Germany manager he changed it up by playing more attacking football and dropping big names to play younger guys. Pissed a lot of players off but he got 3rd place at the World Cup with quite a young team. If he still wanted it he’d be my first pick. Prandelli would’ve been a good option but he’s since taken the Genoa job so I can’t see him being interested.
  6. The 3 being Smith, McLeish and O’Neill? So one pretty fair candidate backed up by two dinosaurs, nice fucking thinking. I wanted Klinsmann at the time. Was pretty forward thinking as Bayern and Germany manager. Exactly the type of guy who’d never get the Scotland job.
  7. Did Prandelli apply? I wasn’t aware anyone applied and we put all our eggs in one basket with O’Neill and only turned to McLeish after we were turned down.
  8. Hopefully the SFA chuck it back. Dick Campbell should throw the bunnet in the ring.
  9. You’re actually more obsessed with McCall than Ayr fans.
  10. I’d go with that however I’d add the 4-1 vs Dunfermline into the mix as well although I think I tipped them for relegation afterwards because of how poor they were. Still a great game though.
  11. There might not have been much between us in the games but the 2 games we won we were deserved winners and had it not been for your keeper we’d have won the other game at Somerset. You could actually argue had it not been for your keeper we’d have won the last game but we were extremely poor in other areas of the pitch so I’m not going to try and argue we were the better team.
  12. In the 3-2 game we were awful in the first half but played well in the second. I think only one of our goals in that game came from a GK error but even then we created enough chances to win the game by more. The 1-0 game was probably just before our bad run and looking back there were signs but we were grinding out results against yourselves and Partick. I doubt I’ll see a more complete performance than the 5-0 game anytime soon nor will I see a better individual performance from an Ayr player (Shankland) for a while. I don’t care how poor Dundee Utd were, we made them look poor and it’s absolutely the highlight of our season. The only thing that’ll top it would be going up but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.
  13. I was a fan of Paton whenever I saw him against Ayr in the 15/16 season. Might be wrong but I’m sure he lead the assists chart that season as well.
  14. Never said I was happy with it so I’ve no idea where you’ve pulled that from. All I meant was we’ve been shite for months and we’ve only dropped to 3rd still with a good chance of making the play offs. Whether we make them or not I don’t know. I’ll be in the minority but I won’t be making a huge deal out of it if we finish 5th.