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  1. Bit of a suggestion on our thread that we’re signing Jordan White before the end of the weekend. No idea if it’s a loan or permanent but I take it no one here will be sad to see him go.
  2. I’d keep the back 4 that played today for the next few weeks. I thought they all looked assured today albeit the full backs don’t offer a whole lot going forward. The front four that played are very capable of keeping possession in the attacking third but they aren’t being direct enough.
  3. I think even if he’d got himself into the professional game earlier than he did he’d have found his way into the Premiership at least.
  4. Sinisalo Muirhead Baird Ndaba Reading Murdoch Chalmers McCowan Smith Walsh Moffat
  5. I think we’ve got quite a few players already contracted for next season but it doesn’t mean I’d be wanting them here next season. By my count we’ve got Muirhead, Houston, Reading, Murdoch, Chalmers, Miller and Baird all signed up for next season. In terms of what we’ve got left, Viljami Sinisalo - KEEP Young keeper on loan from Aston Villa. Has been ranked up there as one of the most exciting young goalies in Britain and apart from one or two hairy moments has probably been our best player this season. Really, really good shot stopper and without him we’d be much further down the table. He’s an obvious one to try and keep but I think Villa will be looking for him to step up to a higher level with his next loan. Ellis Hare-Reid - PUNT May seem harsh but I think he’s fed up not getting his chance and will leave at the end of the season. Sam Roscoe - Punt Been poor this season and it looks like Kerr may finally have lost patience with him after bring Corrie Ndaba in from Ipswich. Corrie Ndaba - f**k Knows Only just signed and not played yet. Hopefully does a turn for us this season and will step up to Ipswich first team next season. Tom Walsh - UNDECIDED Arguably our marquee signing of the summer and everyone was rightly very excited after seeing him for Inverness. However his nagging injury issues have got the better of him and he’s only played a few games this season. Obviously if he was to play 30 games a season I’d want him to stay but I doubt that’ll ever happen so maybe best he moves on. Dario Zanatta - PUNT Pretty decent player but a proper shitebag. I actually don’t mind him as much as others do but I doubt he’s ever going to become a top player for us. He’s got time to turn it around though. Michael Moffat - KEEP Been fine this season and has probably earned himself a contract for as long as he wants to keep playing. Club legend and a top man. Plenty life in the old legs yet. Cammy Smith - KEEP Great wee player. Most likely be off in the summer but I’m glad we’ve got him until then at least. Luke McCowan - KEEP Has done well and managed to step up his performances again this season. Will likely have clubs sniffing around him but hopefully will stay for a couple more seasons yet. Craig Moore - PUNT He was ruled out for the season before it even began so I think we can say he’s likely finished with us. Thanks for the memories and good luck in the future.
  6. Could still be playing for us tbh. A glorious human being.
  7. So what you’re saying is clubs don’t care about the community when they’re hamstrung by not being able to properly operate during a pandemic? QOS were one of first, if not the first, to offer their facilities up for vaccination centres. I really don’t see how you can offer more than that right now. I know there was a lot of work going on at Somerset but it’d be nice to see ourselves follow suit.
  8. That’s very good news and a big relief as well given there would’ve been other offers on the table for him. Sounds like the search for a new striker could go right to the end of the month which is often the case in January. If I had to put money on it right now I’d say we’ll end up with someone like Jack Hamilton from Livi.
  9. I really don’t think Kerr and McArdle go overboard with the whole tactical thing although it’s easy to think that when you’ve hear comments about the laptop or when you get coaches who’ve never played the game before. I think they’ll definitely pay a lot more attention to player fitness and positioning given we now use the GPS tech during games and training but I doubt he’s giving the players complicated instructions that they can’t follow. I genuinely believe he’s going to get it right and we just need to be patient with him. I think it’s important that David Smith clearly sees him as part of the clubs long term plans so there’s definitely faith in him from the board.
  10. Crawford would be a breath of fresh air to our midfield. He’d cover more than twice the amount of ground Chalmers covers. Can imagine it would split opinion if he ever came back considering loads of fans never rated him for reasons that weren’t his fault.
  11. Honestly just cancel the season before next Saturday.
  12. If it wasn’t deemed an issue by the ref then he’s an even bigger idiot than I thought.
  13. Our chairman has pretty much confirmed it on Twitter.
  14. I’d say for the last few years it’s yourselves that have been getting punched in the gut, from every other kid in class.
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