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  1. I don’t think Reading is really used as a LB in the team. Most of the time plays either RB or further forward on the left.
  2. The only possible explanation for Houston is he picked up an injury and missed most of preseason hence him being so far behind everyone else.
  3. Aye I was the same watching the Todorov chance back. It’s a difficult job to do especially when you’re made to do it on your own on your first time. I’d rather see the guy get a helping hand rather than never get better and be eventually put off by it.
  4. Yeah I agree. He’s still young and with a more experienced person alongside him he could actually learn something and get better at it. He just needs to make sure he’s clued up with the home teams players. On Saturday it sounded like he knew more about Ayr players and our previous results than he did about ICT.
  5. Still very early days for us and I’ve no idea how Morton have been doing either so f**k knows what to expect here. McCowan returns from suspension here and I think the support might be split as to whether he deserves to be put back in or not. I firmly believe he’s a real asset and we’d be doing more harm to our chances by leaving him out. Hopefully Zanatta is fit as well and maybe Houston can start as well. Sinisalo Houston/Hewitt Aero Baird Reading Murdoch Chalmers McCowan Smith Zanatta Anderson 2-0 Ayr
  6. Sinisalo Houston Muirhead Baird Reading Murdoch Chalmers McCowan Smith Walsh Anderson
  7. I don’t agree at all that he parked the bus. We were 1-0 up and he had to make any kind of change to freshen things up. We weren’t under pressure from ICT but it was just poor defending in our box that let them score.
  8. We deserved 3 points there but given our record up in teuchter land I’ll take a point.
  9. As much as I enjoy getting regular updates of this lineman’s baldy heid I’d much rather be able to watch the fucking game.
  10. I don’t mind this commentary. Might feel differently when the game actually starts right enough.
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