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  1. Even less surprising that “The Famous” still find themselves in the same rut that they’ve been in for about the last 3 years, stuck with a manager that they have no hope of getting rid of unless he decides he’s fed up of managing your teeny tiny little club.
  2. He’s very much a mixed bag. I thought he was okay tonight but he has a tendency to do a lot of things right and then ruin it with a shite touch or pass. His highlight of tonight will undoubtedly be his attempted scissor kick/volley thing that ended up somewhere around South Harbour street.
  3. Bit confused at Killie fans praising Armstrong. I thought he was absolutely anonymous and was well marshalled by Reading. McKenzie was pretty good though.
  4. Aye Baird was indeed pretty solid tonight. He and Fjortoft seem to be fine together for the most part but always, always have a blunder in them. Baird won’t hang about to a bit part player for us so I can see him leaving in the summer along with McGinty.
  5. What we do in January will be entirely down to where we are in the table. A central midfielder is a must regardless of position but if we are either in serious bother of going down or lurking outside the playoffs (unlikely) then I’d like to see us bring in another winger and a centre half.
  6. Really? You’re doing to drop Adeloye and give Afolabi a chance? The latter has done absolutely nothing to warrant a starting spot in that team.
  7. Yes I know, I’ve said all this. It doesn’t necessarily point to bad management though.
  8. I’m going to disagree with my fellow Ayr fans and stick up for Duffy. I don’t think he “settled” on a draw but after how we played in the first half I think he knew we couldn’t match that intensity for the second 45 mins. Our best bet was getting the ball in the corner or feeding Bradley knock downn. Unfortunately there was more than once that Kilmarnock got the break of the ball and we never really got going. My only gripe is that we did drop too deep and allowed Calum Waters to move too high on the left which then let McKenzie play a free role and dictate the game. I would’ve maybe liked to see Salkeld to come on for Chalmers and have him occupy Waters out wide but we instead waited 10 minutes too long and just shifted Bradley out there which meant no one was getting close to Adeloye to get us up the park. Apart from that I don’t think there was any obvious change to make. Afolabi obviously scored on Saturday but I still maintain he’s useless and wouldn’t have been able to do the job that Adeloye did. TLDR - Criticism of Duffy is too harsh and he couldn’t have done much more tonight with the players he had available to him.
  9. Genuinely would’ve preferred had we just lost that 4-0. It was a brilliant game tight enough, proper derby end to end stuff and I thought a draw was probably fair enough but when you ruin all that hard work with a ridiculous challenge that it’s hard not to be absolutely scunnert. I have no real complaints with how we played. We’re clearly lacking a bit of quality and composure and although they weren’t great, Killie do have better players in most of the positions of the pitch. We allowed Killie to get on top of us in the second half although we did adapt and stick Bradley on the right to occupy Waters, who was getting a lot of joy on the wing. In the end we lost a derby in the worst way possible and other team around us have picked up points so it’s been a shite night all in. The positive is that if we put that amount of effort in to 9/10 games for the remainder of the season and maybe add 1 or 2 players to the midfield and up front then we’ll be absolutely fine this season.
  10. I really don’t think this could feel any further from a cup final tbh. I don’t really have any expectations of winning here. I’m firmly in the beat QOS, Morton, Hamilton and Dunfermline and avoid relegation camp. Maybe if we were up the top of the table challenging it would be a bit different and of course if we win I’ll be buzzing but our game against QOS two weeks ago is bigger than this and will likely have more bearing on our season.
  11. I’d bring McAllister back in for the Killie game and potentially Moffat?? Afolabi took his goal well but Adeloye is still our best bet up front I feel and I’d quite like it if Salkeld is nowhere near the team. McAdams McAllister Baird Fjortoft Reading Bradley Murdoch Muirhead Maxwell Moffat Adeloye
  12. Aye the Championship sides seems to have a habit of finding each other at early stages which make for incredibly shite draws. Fairly happy with our tie but Brora at Somerset is an upset waiting to happen. I’d rather play Albion Rovers.
  13. Difference between a club doing better than expected and attracting folk who might not normally go and a club not doing as well as they should be and casual supporters not bothering to come to Somerset on a Saturday.
  14. Aye that’s how I’d keep it for now and then get McAllister back in for Muirhead and allow the big man to get back into midfield. At least until we sign a proper defensive midfielder anyway.
  15. I wasn’t at the game but how did we actually line up in defence?
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