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  1. That’s not true though. You can say you don’t have any strikers of a high enough standard but you have bodies in there.
  2. A goalie or a centre half would be good. Then loan McAdams and Hewitt out.
  3. The only game I ever remember us winning with Colin Steven in charge of was a cup game against Beith. Even then he let the Beith players kick our players silly and the moment an Ayr player did similar he was straight out with the yellow card. One of many wee guys who should have no place in the professional leagues as a programme seller let alone an actual referee.
  4. Never confident ahead of games against The Caley. Hopefully Kirk is back for this one and I’d also like to see Brad Young partner Dipo up front. Mullin to start as well.
  5. This’ll technically be his tenth season I think but he joined half way through 2010-11 so it’s not been a full 10 years. I’d imagine he’ll retire from the playing staff at the end of this season hence why it’s being arranged.
  6. Aye it that wasn’t even two weekends was it? Played on the Tuesday night at Somerset where Shea Gordon scored a cracker then went up to Firhill on the Saturday and Muirhead got his first goal for Ayr.
  7. Think they should organise a game between the Ayr team that won the league in 2018 and the Pars team that won it in 2016.
  8. Aye Quitongo can be a fanny but I’m slightly bemused as to why he was sent off.
  9. Aye McAdams is fairly rotten tbh. Even with Albinson, the goalkeeper position is something that can be improved upon imo. Considering I had forgotten we were playing tonight until about twenty minutes before kick off I can’t say I’m that bothered about tonight. Bought the stream last minute as I fancied a look at some players I’ve not watched yet. Bangala, Young and Mullin all looked decent enough. We could do with getting a settled back 4 down though and for me that should be Houston, Musonda, Kirk and Reading.
  10. I like the look of Young and Bangala. I think Young has earned the chance to start next week alongside Dipo. Mullin should start as well.
  11. P&B resident duo of dimness sticking up for each other I see. I don’t think I’ve ever once made reference to Raith Rovers pitch, which I actually quite like fwiw.
  12. Well you got it from me instead. You’re welcome.
  13. People flocking to watch a big box with a dead woman that they never knew being carted about is the very definition of fucking madness. I’m surprised this needed spelling out to you.
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