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  1. I felt sorry for him today. Clearly wasn’t fit but was thrown in anyway.
  2. 2 of Morton’s 3 last games are against a team that’s already won this league and a team that’s basically relegated. I’d be amazed if they didn’t get 4 points at the very least from those games. Whereas we’ve got Arbroath who are fighting for their lives, QOTS and Inverness who are both looking for play off places.
  3. Moore is the better player though. No one judges a player on what they’ve done ages ago. Moore also was the better player for Ayr which is what was being discussed.
  4. There’s a better chance of Dundee scoring against Morton than us scoring here. Just take the point and hope for a Dundee goal.
  5. No one is talking about the Kris Doolan of about 100 years ago. At this moment in time he’s finished and Craig Moore is a better player than him. Craig Moore is also a better striker than Dre Wright, Mark McKenzie and Michael Moffat.
  6. Trying to build Kris Doolan up as if he’s not an absolute jobber. Moore came into our team last season and had 100x the effect on our team than Doolan did.
  7. You can’t obviously but as I said his injuries aren’t down to a recurring problem or him being injury prone. The guy just has shit luck. I’d give him another 6 month deal and see how he does.
  8. Because every time we get into this league he gets a freak injury. He deserves a fair crack at this league.
  9. He has great link up play. The guy demonstrated that when he formed pretty solid partnerships with Jordan Preston and then Moffat.
  10. It’s not even as if it’s a recurring injury with Moore. He’s literally had 3 or 4 ridiculous injuries that aren’t connect to his fitness or anything like that. If anyone needs a bit of luck in football it’s Craig. If we go into next season as a Championship club and we bring in 2 or 3 other strikers then I’d keep him on as an option. I do think that if he was able to complete a full season he’d have around 10 goals in this league.
  11. PJ Morrison any good? We’ve just taken him on loan.
  12. McCowan is an unexpected but welcome surprise. I still think we should go with a back 3/5 as we can’t afford to lose this one. New goalie??? Miller Baird Roscoe Ndaba Reading Murdoch Aero Barjonas McCowan Wright
  13. I really cannot stress to you how much I don’t rate Callum as a commentator. Lauren is pretty much carrying the whole thing on her back right now.
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