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  1. Call me naive but I don’t see this actually postponing the football right now. What is necessary is clubs taking a stronger stance and potentially sacking players that break the rules from now on.
  2. Grant Gillespie apparently signing for Queens Park today.
  3. McGinn. Bearing in mind I don’t think I’ve actually properly seen him play since St Mirren beat us 6-2 a few years ago but he should still be comfortable at this level. On the other hand signing Alston would upset Falkirk fans.
  4. Kerr did speak about the importance of replacing himself in the squad and as decent a signing as Miller is I think he’s more there to replace Geggan and Docherty. If we could pick up an experienced midfielder to play alongside Murdoch then then I’d be pretty happy with the shape of the squad going into this season. Provided we can bring back Drinan (or similar) and a half decent goalkeeper.
  5. Yeah he rocked up there after leaving us but I don’t think he completed the season and hadn’t played since. There was a legitimate reason for him not being able to get fit but I don’t think it was ever fully explained.
  6. Least we’ll get to see Cairney bob about the Albion midfield.
  7. We really should fancy our chances here.
  8. Accies, Stranraer, Albion and Annan Probably the easiest we could’ve got.
  9. Unlikely to be any fans so I’m really not fussed. Used to be a case of maybe getting another signing if we got through but by the time the games come round we’ll only be able to make loan signings anyway so I think Kerr will have everything sorted by then.
  10. Given they’ll be no fans I think any derby loses a bit of meaning so I’d rather we saved a match against Kilmarnock for next season or later in the SC when fans might be able to get back.
  11. Ayr aren’t been mentioned as one of the options for Josh McPake anymore. Likely only a backup option in case Zanatta or Walsh didn’t sign up.
  12. The only link has been him following the club on Twitter which is sometimes a sign that a player is signing.
  13. You’d think it would be the minimum requirement but there’s still ones out there that let plenty easy shots past them.
  14. Dundee fans thought he was fine last season although they had to suffer Jack Hamilton before that so I’d probably look half decent compared to him. Really don’t need anything fancy from the goalie. As long as he’s a good shot stopper and doesn’t stay glued to his line I’ll be happy.
  15. You might’ve been right when you mentioned Conor Hazard. I think Celtic are still looking for another goalie so might let him go if they bring one in.
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