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  1. Starting to sound like the Killie troll.
  2. I’m trusting that Bell will start alongside Roscoe. If Muirhead plays it’s a lottery.
  3. Is he? I think when we’re able to Kerr wants us to the play the way we were when McCall was here.
  4. I don't think the wind is to reach the same extremes as last night. However it's important Kerr gives himself a fighting chance and plays the only formation that really suits our best players. If we do that then we can win this. If we don't and he tries to keep Moore or plays both Muirhead and Roscoe in defence then we could be in bother. I'll go 1-0 Ayr.
  5. The wind has just taken it over the keepers head. Gaston should do better but without the horrific conditions last night that goal doesn’t happen.
  6. I’ve never heard of folk being pulled up just for swearing. Fans and players should be able to wind each other up without either party being offended and throwing shit. It’s not rocket science.
  7. Yeah but he had planned for us shooting against the wind in the first half and then bringing Forrest and McCowan on to shoot with the wind behind them. Arbroath fucked us by switching at the coin toss.
  8. He said the conditions made him change the team last night which I’d presume contained McCowan and Forrest. However I agree that Moore shouldn’t be starting games.
  9. In fact no one really started talking about Stewart as a good coach until it looked like he might have to manage us. I don’t remember many folk praising him last season. Point is you can’t say the club haven’t given Kerr an experienced coach when you don’t know if Kerr wants one. If he’s asked for someone else to join he’ll tell the board and it’ll likely happen. He’s asked for McArdle and he got McArdle.
  10. Where have you c***s been whenever we needed points? Umpteen years I’ve been looking for this service in the Dumfries area and you’ve not complied.
  11. Muirhead is now a pretty average League 1 defender. Adams is comfortably better than him. Roscoe at least has time on his side and hopefully gets better. What if Kerr doesn’t want an experienced coach? You gonna force him to have one? It’s pretty irrelevant anyway as he’s only going to be doing what Kerr tells him so I don’t see that changing our fortunes all that much. I’m not overly concerned because for one I recognise Kerr is starting out and needs the backing of everyone in order to be successful. I don’t buy for one minute that the players have given up on him (another lazy argument when fork dips tbh) and I think he needs a chance to get his best starting XI out. That means a 4-3-3 with Kerr and Bell back in, Muirhead out and Forrest, Moffat and McCowan all back up front.
  12. Adams is still a better option than Muirhead and Roscoe. Of those games you’ve mentioned we played Dunfermline, ICT, QOTS and Arbroath with key players missing. Namely Kerr, Bell and then McCowan for the latter 3. A couple of injuries might not make an instant impact but if they stay out they will take their toll. Did you seriously expect that with having Bell, Kerr, Murdoch and Adams out we would be able to sustain our challenge at the top? And then adding McCowan into the mix for 2 huge games.
  13. Adams was our first choice centre back mate. In fact I believe McCall hailed him as the best penalty box defender in the league. Muirhead and Roscoe started off well as I said but that has quickly turned bad. Murdoch being out injured wouldn’t be as bad if Kerr was able to stay fit but he clearly didn’t. All it takes is 2 or 3 injuries and we’re in trouble. Especially in midfield. And you’re tagging McCall as a “lucky guess” just to try and diminish Cameron when it actual fact it proved to be a terrific appointment. He didn’t pluck him out of thin air, he came with glowing references from two other managers.
  14. From what I know Roberts and White weren’t mates. Or at least they weren’t mates at the end. Kerr hasn’t just appointed McArdle to give his pal a job. He’s worked with the guy before so clearly knows more than we do as to how good he is. From what I remember there was no interview process when Roberts was appointed. It was lazy from Cameron who at the time was definitely penny pinching as he probably thought someone would buy the club pretty quickly.
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