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  1. El Collsico

    so both bily dodds and jim Goodwin don't know that arms don't count for offside. how stupid are footballers?
  2. Killie v Motherwell

    the ref was out checking the conditions during half time , couldn't believe he let them kick off the second half either
  3. Killie v Motherwell

    that was at the start of half time, it came down a lot worse
  4. its not just about defoe, numerous players have dived for penalties since the jones witch hunt, and the compliance officer has done f**k all. trial by sportscene is another problem making some incidents treated differently to others
  5. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    never knew Waddington was at Falkirk, genuinely surprised he's still a professional footballer
  6. Oliver Burke

    he needs to come to killie, and let steve Clarke make him a player
  7. Killie v St Mirren

    gary locke was far worse than eddie Morrison, we survived him, we can survive anything....
  8. davie provan in his weekly column, after only 4000 killie fans turned out for the game against livi last week, davie provan wants to know where the Ayrshire public go on matchdays? thats, davie provan from largs, wants to know where the Ayrshire public go on matchdays? yes, davie provan, the rabid celtic fan from largs, wants to know where the Ayrshire public go on matchdays? you couldn't make it up oh, and he was still peddling, the only thing that got neil McCann the sack was Jordan jones's dive, yup, no other reason at all
  9. the poor wee soul had to stand in the dark for 3 to 4 minutes and was scared for his health when hibs and the ref were so slow coming out for the second restart, I did actually wonder at the time if lennon was in the refs room ranting that match should be abandoned, wouldn't put it past him
  10. you dodged a bullet there it was actually quite funny how happy the hibs fans were when lights went out
  11. Right back position

    you'll never get to do the Scottish cup draw if you don't warm the balls up first, you've drawn the top 2 together in the first round that's tie 2 in case anyone didn't know....
  12. murray Davidson got a cap and was utterly shit. its all his fault
  13. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    I think david marshall has withdrawn his services for personal reasons, so is not an option out of the 3 goalies to go to mexico and peru, bain was clearly the one who performed the best, so no real surprise he's been brought in. personally i'd have gone for the livi goalie, but as long as the dreadful archer and some st johnstone flapper don't get called up, its all good
  14. the relentless diving from the hearts players today was pathetic they clearly need Jordan jones to teach them how to do it properly
  15. Next Month face Albiana and Isarel

    there's a right back called Dumfries playing for psv, worth a call up..........