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  1. Tedi the turd muncher apologise I think you would have more of a chance of finding a gravitational wave in you're bath old bean.
  2. Aye and broxy bear will get put down or end up west calder zoo. It would be funny if they weren't allowed to use Mike Ashley's Rangers badge .
  3. Tedi is in dire need of attention(psychiatric). A rather large course of ECT should do the trick
  4. why would it be a case for the police . The moderators know I AM not who you infer I am. I do believe you already know this yourself but are acting in this manner to have me banned.
  5. I would Warmley welcome that old chap. Also why is it beyond your comprehension that I am a new member to this forum.
  6. Shocking behaviour old bean . Don't like someone ban them . Is that how it works in this forum. If you are rude to me I will be a tad rude back old chap. Fair enough in my opinion.
  7. Not at all a troll . Is it not I who is being trolled by a group of self pretentious troglodytes.
  8. Laughable truly laughable . that must be indicative of my general lack of intelligence. Now you can get back to your hobby of self fellatio . Pretentious twit.
  9. Frankly old chap your a joke and an imbecile.
  10. If it wasn't so sad it would be almost laughable . Truly pathetic attempts to have a user of this forum banned by implying that he is a racist former member of this forum . Really is that the best you can do. piss poor and utterly pathetic. I am also quite sure the mods could clarify this (ip adress)
  11. Unbelievable really I am not banned.Never have been banned and frankly find it quite poor on their part. Seems some people on this forum have difficulty with comprehension. I am a new member of this forum.
  12. Clearly not a good shout as it is not me . Again I have one and only name. The names being mentioned I take it are banned from this forum .
  13. There are much more important issues regarding the club and the board are using the lack of a manager/coach as a deflection.In all probability it will be the cheapist option. The brand of The Rangers international football club 2012 has become utterly toxic not only to investors but the fans/support also . Do you think the Rangers men who seem to be in charge are the ones shuffling the cards. Block investors unlike fans care about the monetary value of their investment and will move to protect it.
  14. Afraid to say old bean thats Scottish football as a whole.
  15. Interestingly for those who voted no in this poll . In your somewhat deluded opinion what is the biggest embarrassment in Scottish football history.
  16. Not at all obsessed . Just like slagging that skidmark of a club and their troglodytic support
  17. So far it's a resounding yes. My heart warms at thought that Rangers are the most embarrassing thing in Scottish football history.
  18. Let me guess what team you support . No. I can't be bothered.
  19. Whats wrong old bean ?. Have I struck a nerve . If so fxck off and prattle a lot of pish about combustion engines.
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