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  1. We could assemble a P&B 11 that would have more heart and fight than that shower of shite !
  2. Quite liking Croatia, liking it a lot actually.
  3. They're fit as a fiddle. Sure they will be absolutely fine come Friday. No Alston to worry about.
  4. Sad to hear that especially with the success the club has had. Never been that happy a hunting ground for us but plenty great night outs. Twisted Sisters have a lot to answer for.
  5. Whoever wins just make sure you stuff those fucking Farmers. If I never have to sit through another Meh Derby I'll be a happy man!
  6. I'd double greenie you if I could for dropping in Supertramp. Anyhoo, hope you get yer shit together. Premier League derbies sound good and we'll show the arsecheeks how it's really done.
  7. Enjoy your evening, best of luck next season. Now seriously ,who can we give you? Say we keep 5 give you the rest and they do the same next season?
  8. Well done county cousins, hope to see you next year. Obviously not in this fucking Diddy league, leave that to those Thistle c***s
  9. Blowing out my arse at work today and I only had to take 12 steps out of bed to my desk.
  10. Didn't even watch it, there was a wall that I painted that I wanted to watch dry. muppet
  11. Best of luck today, for some reason I hate those Dumfries c***s. Oh and see you soon hopefully, get a new manager and you may join us. That league is pish.
  12. Thank f**k. Appear to have made it home, bonus. Hope Arbroath join us, Dungdee (must be the worst collection of fans in the planet) and one of the two St's down would be amusing. Back on it may be the answer, sure it will help the golf in the morning...
  13. Fantastic, thanks and you'll be surprised at the timing as I've just seen us win a league for the first time ever
  14. Cheers Mate, ship does look fucking bonkers.
  15. The other half has booked a cruise for my 50th in September aboard that Worlds new biggy Wonder of the Seas. The boy coming and she has also persuaded one of the boys and his Mrs. Any P&B's cruisers as I don't really know what to expect?
  16. I believe we only have a safety certificate for about 14,700 now. With the offices, extended disabled section, that daft corporate box and the red zones in the main stand bringing our previous figure down.
  17. Hope Covid is incoming and you can't make it. Maybe stop paying to Only Fans and you can afford a day out to support your own team, c**t!
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