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  1. Ha, could have written the exact same thing in about 2 hours. Just heading out for my walk to work up a thirst. Enjoy!!
  2. To be fair Bennett has 3 month old stains on his bed sheet so he will have little sympathy...
  3. f**k me, think Alex Rae is the thickest bigot I have heard. And that's a strong competition.
  4. A fine victory deserves at least one more post, well done my Thistle friends, make sure those loons stay down and hope to see you all next season. Love a pregame pint in The Doublet.
  5. Thats all we seen last season too. Came on at Palmerston and looked sharp with an assist (as i recall) and then disappeared for the majority of the campaign. Best of luck to him and hope he makes a significant contribution for you.
  6. Just posted on our WhatsApp thread with the golfing boys "bet the p***k picked the fiver out the box before signing it, CANT!"
  7. Rest easy gents, Clubfoot has signed for that Simon Ferry backed Open Goal gang.
  8. Aye you don't wish they were still at rugby park eh? Eh, no thanks.
  9. Best set we have had for years, would just have wanted some variation in the collar:
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