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  1. Is on loan Liam Millar and Jackson Irvine for Killie too tenuous a link?
  2. I have went through this previously and was advised to address the ball in the air face on with the driver and then drop directly down to the ground it will look as if you are lined up with the heel but as you swing through you will marry up again with the sweet spot. I've now adopted the driver yips which only alcohol seems to cure..
  3. Binged the full series last night, thought it was brilliant stuff and agree with the full on comments above that we're not missed.
  4. Na, he's up in Hamilton I think. His daughter represented Scotland at athletics (400m) when a junior. Sure he had a coffee shop or the like in the town.
  5. More like watched with an interest hoping Thistle would get pumped.
  6. Thoroughly entertaining game and much better than that Champions League pish, that's despite Gollum in the middle. Less errors in this than Hatate's passing at Parkhead.
  7. That obviously should have been SPFL or whatever they are calling it this week, however, as the pedant you are and completely correct something has to change and I only hope that starts now.
  8. f**k, I do enjoy this thread but I fucking hate Christmas. Can't believe its that time of year already. Keep up the good work
  9. Mmmmmm, I'm really caught in two minds in this whole debacle. Lafferty has been an undoubted fuckwit, has been caught out by some glory seeking camera happy c***s and deserves some sort of punishment. Not sure when representing your country and away from your club results in 10 games harm to said club is right but hey ho. If UEFA sanction/fine the bigot brothers for their choice of songs/banners in their competition then it's about time the SFA carry this forward, hope that starts now and all other supporters (except that Hearts minority the other week) can enjoy a football match at home without sectarian bile from the opposition stand.
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