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  1. Think we need to, we've seen what the other options can do and that's simply not good enough. And great to see a decent support coming down from the good side of Dundee, that other mob are fucking mongrels!
  2. Don't think he's hung about anywhere longer than a few months recently.
  3. FanBLOODYtastic!!!!!!! Hope it's an instant love affair and he can start influencing around the school! If not I'll pick him up and drop him back off next Saturday if he looks better in blue..........
  4. He has to be quicker, better on the ball, I could go on.... than the current crop of past it muppets that are currently in situ
  5. You do appear to have them snapping away at the end of the pier.
  6. Sure I've matched you in that, like a covid stricken first team my u18s tried hard but were ultimately out their depth. Need snookers and it is only week 2
  7. Sorry wrong song should have been hello hello At a game we were not allowed to attend. Mmmm again WTF?
  8. Great reading, cheers gents. Looking forward to whatever we chose, just hope I manage to stumble back to The Fishermans in one piece!
  9. Some quality abuse from the stand coming over the stream, well done gents
  10. Great, 15 something to aim for
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