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  1. No idea on the defender and a box to box sounds like Crawford IMO
  2. An experienced centre back - No idea who A centre midfielder - Crawford An attacking midfielder - Sibbald? A forward. Maybe a striker who can also play wide in front three? - Prince Henry
  3. Speaking exclusively to Glasgow Live Sport , he said: "Yeah. We are still well light. I think I've got two midfielders and a goalkeeper kind of lined up. When that will happen I don't know. "If we can manage to get them in we will still be looking for a striker, a centre-back and a wide player.
  4. From who cause nobody has even suggested it on the Thistle forum?
  5. Would imagine it's being worn at the pre season game tonight
  6. Unpopular opinion i know but i think we could do a lot worse than Broadfoot
  7. Maxwell reminded me very much like McDaid, you'd get a couple of matches where he was head and shoulders above the rest (derby game we won) and then he would go on a run of about 5/6 games where he was anonymous largely. Have to say though don't think Bully played him in the position to get the best out of him most of the time.
  8. I would be very surprised if we ended up with both
  9. Potentially something like this?? McAdams McAdams Hewitt McGinty Musonda Reading Hewitt McGinty Musonda Reading Dempsey Bangala Crawford (?) Dempsey Murdoch O'Connor Akinyemi Sibbald (?) O'Connor Crawford (?) Sibbald (?) Akinyemi
  10. I highly doubt we'd be going for Crawford and Sibbald, however i think we're looking for winger and a CM and both could play both positions so you never know...
  11. Bet you a tenner Sibbald will sign for Partick Thistle Watch this space....
  12. Seems plausible, wouldn't be surprised to see him rock back home at Falkirk Robbie Crawford i wouldn't rule out either or Stephen Kelly...
  13. Pretty sure someone said the other week it was either Prince or Tomi, idk if that was someone ITK or just guessing. Still seems a good sign for us that Sibbald hasn't signed for anyone yet...
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