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  1. Well that's the pre match Pollok team talk sorted....
  2. With the situation now with Kirk i think this game is the perfect chance for Bangala to be put in at CB to see how he is, would rather give him game time to get up to speed instead of being potentially flung in at the deep end against Raith. If Musonda is back though i'm 99% sure we'll be running Musonda/McGinty for December with Bangala as back up. Progression in the cup would help with funds for January as we're possibly going to require a CB.
  3. Wonder how much money we get from the SFA for hosting these Scotland U19 games, would imagine it's a decent amount to cover cost of floodlights etc
  4. I would say the issue is more positioning, both get quite high up the pitch which as i've said can lead to times where there seems to be big gaps in behind in the middle of the pitch for opposition midfield to get into. Home game against Partick i thought that was evident quite a few times.
  5. I don't think they do, any game i've been to this season there's been occasions in all games where opposition midfield are in behind Murdoch/Dempsey bearing down on the defence who are really exposed. As i mentioned early we've not got that Kerr/Docherty/Adams type of player that can protect the back four.
  6. Although it's disappointing to draw a game we've gone into the last 5 leading 2-1, i'll take the point. Considering all the times we've come back down from Inverness with f**k all a point is better than nothing. Looks like we may need to invest if January if we're serious about staying where we are, Defence needs looked at aswell as a Docherty/Adams type of midfielder missing IMO, Murdoch nor Dempsey don't really have the dirty side of work in their game which makes us iffy at times. Still unsure if the Dempsey/Murdoch pairing really works in the middle of the park tbh. Defence is a big concern now with Kirk possibly out long term and Musonda not fit yet, leaves us with BIG SEAN only CB (God help us).... If Bangala doesn't get a start next week against Pollok he's never gonna get one. Also McKenzie should be starting upfront again with Dipo, he's been chipping in with a few goals off the bench lately and has warranted being back in the starting 11 IMO. Onwards and upwards to a massive banana skin game a week on Monday night (*laughs nervously*)
  7. Still not as good as his fish & chips from the masterchef challenge with his prize being getting in the starting 11 today We're actually missing Houston, least he gets forward on the overlap but can be a bit vulnerable at times at the back. McAllister is vulnerable at the back but also offers f**k all going forward. Would imagine he'll get a start against Pollok to try and make an impression
  8. That's never going to happen now i don't think with the current financial climate, plus i think it was only going ahead if the leisure centre did, which it isn't... Plus also as already mentioned i think the whole odeon thing would have complicated matters, surprised odeon hasn't built a new place out at Heathfield somewhere tbh, although give it time
  9. What's this about Inverness asking the SPFL if they can recall loan kids because you have 10 players out injured
  10. Will probably all get demolished and get turned into social housing full of neds and junkies to stagger about the high street instead of giving them to young families in the local area who actually need housing. Shouldn't complain however as it's usually our very own Dave Smith's Ashleigh Construction who build most of the social housing for the council so he'd make a few bob out of it.
  11. See Somerset is hosting Scotland U19 European Qualifiers on Sat 19th & Tues 22nd November. With us playing Pollock at home on Monday 21st not entirely sure what state the pitch is going to be left in after 3 games on it in 4 days... *ignore me just realised i'm a week early with the Scottish Cup match...
  12. Can get ready to probably hear this from Bully soon when folk start sprouting nonsense fees for Dipo...
  13. Bullen saying in the AP Houston basically has no chance either so it'll be McAllister RB again with Reading coming back in to LB, McGinty and Kirk CB.
  14. Bet you Kerr McInroy is really pleased with his career choice...
  15. I'd say JML is more of an impact sub for his pace when the game is stretched, unfortunately if he starts all the opposition revert to is cynically taking him out anytime he's on the verge of doing anything promising.
  16. Bit of a half arsed statement that with no real explanation, not entirely sure what this part means: thus far none of the suggested alternatives have provided the consistency and quality the club wishes to maintain.
  17. These train strikes can f**k off, getting beyond a joke now. 90% of them aren't even picketing on the strike days just treating it as a day off, seen today someone at the celtic game with an RMT union flag ffs... Rant over lol (hope it doesn't affect travelling support size too much)
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