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  1. As far as i know said car sponsorship also meant his Merc got a private reg on it which includes Ayr in it lol.
  2. Any chance this guy is interested in the job [emoji848], I mean he's got the bottom half of the club gear on already for being presented as the new manager lol
  3. Interesting... Noticed the publisher of the article wasn't the voice of reason so as was discussed yesterday he's obviously lost all inside Intel at the club since McCall left.
  4. Mourinho getting his interview with Lachlan down at the Ritz then?
  5. Extremely disappointed that there's no Coyle or Houston on that list, Young would be a huge gamble, never managed at a full time level. Sheerin can gtf hasn't managed at a professional level in 5 years. Out of McIntyre and Canning it would have to be Canning at a push because he'd probably be easier to work with a smaller budget compared to McIntyre.
  6. Can see this comment ageing well come 2100 next Friday night
  7. Ah okay didn't realise that, thought Monday was when it's supposed to be announced? A decision until the middle of next week ain't going to give the manager must time to prepare for Dundee as it's the Friday night.
  8. I would be surprised if the new manager doesn't know he has got the job before the game on Saturday therefore i wouldn't be at all surprised for said new manager to be at Dunfermline.
  9. If Martin Canning is there on Saturday he's got the job...
  10. To be fair to Lauchlan at least he's keeping us updated and not having to wait to see what the Ayrshire Post says.
  11. Agreed he does seem very content on the media stuff, although BT losing the coverage means he won't get that but he should stick to media. He's better at it than management!
  12. Jesus never thought about him, also think he's pals with McCall from the radio, he better not have been recomended by McCall.
  13. I would hope the six might be along the lines of Stewart, Canning, McIntyre, Coyle, Houston and maybe McCoist? I mean he has turned down the jungle but i highly doubt it's cause he's looking to get into management again.
  14. I'm beginning to get impatient with the lack of people linked with the job apart from McIntyre and Canning.
  15. Jose Mourinho has turned down the Lyon job cause he's poised to join another club, so when has Lachlan called the big press conference for then?
  16. Have you not seen the way Inverness play? Or do they only play hoof the ball against Ayr
  17. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/next-ayr-united-manager-former-20538130
  18. Both those names give me the fear of us ending back up in league 1 in a couple of years after everyone leaves in the summer and we sign a load of jobbers nobody has heard of. Anyone reckon Neil Lennon is going to phone up Cameron again and tell him we should get Jack Ross, cause lets be honest the last time we were all set for Billy Stark before Lennon phoned.
  19. "A strong emphasis will be placed on developing the club’s promising Academy talent, the Post understands" So basically the new manager is going to get feck all money.
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