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  1. Inverness appointing Neil McCann might just save our season lol
  2. Have Dundee not hear of this wonderful invention called "Verti-Drain", or is your pitch that shit that it couldn't even hold the weight of a tractor to carry it out?
  3. With the Dundee game off tonight i think it has made our predicament worse because we've gone from a quick turnaround of 2 games in 5 days against Dundee and Arbroath to one. I think giving Kerr the next 2 games over two weekends is too long to decide what to do, if results from Arbroath and Morton don't go our way you'd be talking March until Kerr perhaps would need to be sacked. Very rare for managers to come in as late as March and turn a clubs fortunes around in time.
  4. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, however looking back we should have probably given the job to Sandy Stewart and put Kerr onto the management team as a player/coach, That way we would have still got game time out of Kerr and he'd have been able to learn the ropes of management/coaching without being immediately thrown into the deep end of being manager. If all had gone well after a couple of years and Stewart felt he had enough Kerr could have then got promoted to manager. Still not entirely sure how interested in the job Sandy Stewart was to be honest. McCall himself even went on the radio and said Stewart should get his job, Alan Forrest too
  5. Kerr never replaced the experienced warhead/battlers such as Bell/Adams/Geggan I've called for Peter Houston for a while, would even take him as manager going forwards if things change
  6. Fact you're saying this and you get to watch them in the flesh for 90 minutes doesn't bode well Was gonna watch tomorrow night to see what we're like over 90 cause it's difficult to distinguish from highlights
  7. Watching highlights from McCall's last two seasons compared to games now just makes you want to cry
  8. I doubt it tbh. A groin tweak isn't going to heal in 4 days i suspect, probably Saturday at the earliest he'll be back. Something which seems to have been forgotten is that McCowan started his career for Ayr playing as the second striker upfront alongside Shankland. Could put him up there with someone which would allow us to accommodate Smith/Walsh on either wing with Chalmers/Murdoch or McGavin in midfield. Was extremely concerning how for Inverness 1st goal they cut through the midfield like a hot knife in butter, guy who scored just cruised through the middle with Chalmers or Murdoch nowhere to be seen.
  9. It shows a complete failure in performances/results and getting the best out of our what should be a pretty good team. Our squad is certainly a lot better than Morton and QOS IMO and we're lagging behind them which speaks volumes Morton certainly in January ended up weaker by the end of the transfer window yet are still ahead of us meanwhile we made 4 top end signings and are still going backwards. With 1 win in 9 we're in freefall Killie up the road were shite for a good month in which they hummed about changing manager and it took them so long to sack Dyer it looks like it could cost them their position in the premiership. Smith can't get drawn into the same trap of prolonged hesitation, if i was owner i'd be using next 2 games to decide about Kerr, no wins from either and he has to go for me unfortunately.
  10. Sorry lads but a hard hitting fact is about to be produced here Mark Kerr: GP - 41 W -13 D - 11 L - 17 W%- 31.71% Mark Roberts: GP - 102 W - 35 D - 14 L - 53 W% - 34.31% We should maybe stay clear of managers called Mark...
  11. It was someone on the SRE who said about it so could be shite but he definitely was on the radio today.
  12. Yep Coyle phoned him about a month after Kerr got job and he went over and loved it. Came back to Scotland when Covid kicked off and unsure if he has ever gone back out but presume he has. Thought after McCall left we should have gone for Owen Coyle, him and Stewart could work in the future with McCardle kept as a kind of data analysis/academy integration to first team guy. McCardle talks a good game and sounds like he knows what he's doing, have to say he sounds better than Kerr usually....
  13. If we get pumped 4-0 he might since they're as bad as us. This is really a relegation 6 pointer, win we go level with Dundee, lose, we drop 6 points behind top 4 and could be cut adrift over 8th/9th. Sinisalo Houston Baird Muirhead Ndaba McGavin Chalmers Murdoch McCowan Walsh Smith
  14. See the highlights (sorry direlights) are back on YouTube, don't think it'll be breaking any viewing figures though. Stuart McCall was apparently on the radio today saying he's speaking to a championship club about possibly becoming manager, wouldn't get hopes up though i'd expect it to be Dundee. Just in time for #newmanagerbounce for playing them on Tuesday night
  15. A specific loony seems to have gone off on a rampage but can't see any evidence of it now, unsure if it has been deleted or he has been booted.
  16. Jim McIntyre Stuart Kettlewell Martin Canning Peter Houston Ian McCall (Yes i know but still, we're getting that desperate....) Steven Pressley David Hopkin Scott Marshall Most obvious candidates for me plus bit of a left field one at the end
  17. Not to be Mr Negative but on what basis? Arbroath are now one of the in form teams in the division and already beaten us this season.
  18. If we got pumped by Dundee i think it may force Smiths hand. Kerr using the argument in his post match interview that QOS were in our position and are now on a run in 4th...
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