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  1. Chris Mochrie (CAM - Dundee United) Archie Meekison (CAM - Dundee United) Connor Shields (ST - Motherwell) Personally think we sould be looking to get any of those guys in on loan...
  2. Would be some laugh if this time tomorrow night the AP is quoting Bully saying "that's our business done"
  3. In other news the derby won't be getting moved to the Saturday 12th
  4. Could do with an update now on how many we're actually trying to sign before the end of the month (if any). With Chalmers going we're extremely short in CM if anything happens to Murdoch or Dempsey. Honestly can't see us signing a defender or striker unless Fjortoft or Afalobi are punted.
  5. Chalmers was a baller at this level for Inverness but absolutely rank rotten for us, a lot of the time it looked like his heart wasn't in it. To be granted he was signed by Kerr who got sacked about 6 months later and is the polar opposite type of player to the dark ages dinosaur football Duffy and Hopkin played. Reckon he'll either be a wonder signing for or non-existant, depends a lot on your playing style.
  6. He's out for the season with the ACL so unless he was a baller we were wanting to keep beyond this season it make sense to let him go. Hopefully we've covered the cost of his operation etc or it's a bit shitty of us to punt him out in the situation he's in with the injury.
  7. @North British said earlier we're getting a striker on loan from England apparantly, not sure if he's ITK or what. And on Mathie and Glendinning, they only came into the club less than a month before the January Transfer Window, clubs that know they're in the shits start planning in October/November for drawing up targets. We're effectively playing catch up as apparantly our original targets for January was Duffy bringing in Tam O'Ware who at this moment would probably be an upgrade on McGinty. The route we do seem to be going down however is getting guys up from down south that nobody has ever heard of, which certaibly correlates with the model Hamilton ran in the Premiership, majority of the guys they brought in were from likes of League 1 and 2 in England. Safe to say they were hit and miss too.
  8. My killie supporting friend reminded me this afternoon their abandoned game against Dunfermline has yet to be rescheduled. Most likely getting put on the Scottish Cup weekend
  9. What's happening with Afalobi?? Back in the squad today but warming the bench yet again and a 17 year old is getting on ahead of him, atm he's stealing a wage which we seriously need to use instead on trying to get in another striker who actually wants to be here and try.
  10. It's 1/2 signings we're getting now, number seems to be shrinking with every passing week.... Anyway, the 2nd half of this season is going to be the exact same as last season, a fucking shitfest with majority of results shit with the odd good moment and everyone praying to god we somehow scrape over the line to 8th. Hopkin has built this jobber of a team which probably only he could somehow manage to get something out if in his weird ways, Duffy spent 3 months trying to work out our best team and still couldn't get it right so not sure what chance Bully has. I do think with the squad we have a 3/4/3 would suit us best but only if we can get Paul Watson in at the back, anything else is suicidal, didn't see the game today but going by what i've heard for the first goal it's carbon copy of last week with a cross coming in and someone having a free header from 6 yards out which backs that up. Situation with Adeloye is the last thing we need, cannot afford to fall out with literally our ONLY SOURCE OF GOALS however it's clear all is not well with the social media stuff including liking some random fans post of critiscing not starting Adeloye and our style of play. Alarm bells are ringing for me at the fact we're plowing on with all this fantastic stuff off the park but the on park is rotten and the viewpoint seems to be it's not that bad and can be patched up with just a few signings to tide us over until the end of the season. Also that McGinty seems to have managed to brainwash everyone at the club into thinking he's the messiah to all our savours when in fact he's contributing to the issues at the back. I'm not saying Baird or Muirhead are perfect either, far from it but he's definately not head and shoulders above anyone else. May god have mercy on our souls is all i can say
  11. You can give them the 2 stands back if you only get 4,000 at home games Could probably do 3 tbf, 1 lego stand would be sufficiënt for your home crowd
  12. In the nicest possible way... Why don't you f**k off and crowd w**k in the Falkirk forum cause you'd be welcomed with open arms
  13. @Finlay21 how many tickets have been sold for tomorrow do you know?
  14. See the beer garden is to be open for tomorrow, merchandise winter wollies available next door in the club shop to purchase first!!
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