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  1. Think we should focus on getting a competitive, healthy sized squad full of fit players before any of this data pish.
  2. Sibbald starting for Livingston tonight so can't see him coming to us next month. Obviously still in Holts plans.
  3. Will be a great laugh when it gets leaked that McCall has tapped up Moore lol
  4. You would have thought Thistle must have put an offer on the table for him if the AP think it's credible enough to have an article on it.
  5. Ayrshire Post also reporting the club struggling for cash flow due to lack of home games, apparently Saturdays game was postponed because part of the pitch over at the North Terracing which was uncovered was unsafe. Whoevers idea to not cover the full pitch was clearly a good one, not.
  6. Ayrshire Post confirming that Ian McCalls Partick Thistle are trying to sign Craig Moore, let the battle comment.
  7. This month is going to be a slog with so many games and the opposition teams being our bogey teams or tricky part time opponents like Alloa and Arbroath.
  8. A note on Moffat this evening, what fucking position was he playing, first half he started up front, then moved into right mid before going to centre mid and then in the second half he was left mid. Poor guy was getting moved about all over the park, Kerr seemed to be making it up as he went along where Moffat was playing and tbh in the second half for large parts i didn't have a clue what formation we were playing, seemed to be a free for all.
  9. Would imagine they'd probably be looking at Kevin Nisbet, if it was Harvie or Forrest thank f**k they had their worst performances of the season lol
  10. Just looked at the table and didn't realise things had got so tight behind us, pretty sure after the Partick Thistle game we were about 10 points clear of 5th, now it's 3. Think it'll be more of a struggle for top 4 this season than last unless Kerr can sign about 5 players in January which seems highly unlikely.
  11. That was appalling, worst performance I've seen from us this season
  12. Well Kerr isn't going to play let's be honest, already said he wants to hang his boots up next month
  13. Still only four players on the bench, last 3 weeks worked well for the injuries
  14. He was fit for Saturday now injured lol, he's been a good servant but he can gtf in January, we're a small squad which can't afford long term injury crocks like Adams and Bell, need younger bodies in which are less prone to injury.
  15. Amazed to just see that's he's still only 24, seems to have been playing for years already, must have started playing very young at Falkirk. Would presume it would be a loan
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