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  1. As one sided as your obsession of coming on this thread?
  2. We're back in 3 weeks apparantly, mental due to the lateness of the play offs and fact the league cup starts mid July
  3. And probably how the season is going to be remembered for those moments instead of how the rest of it went.
  4. Muirhead was targeted with chants of “cheat” by sections of the home ground following his reaction to Akinyemi’s petulant striking out in the 25th minute, but the former Honest Man insists the brickbats were water off a duck’s back in the heat of battle at his former home ground and says the English forward only has himself to blame for being ordered off after connecting with his face. “I knew I would get a bit of stick when I came back to Somerset,” he said. “It was just handbags really, but he shouldn’t have raised his hands like that. “I was getting called a cheat. But if you raise your hands, you give the referee a decision to make. “His hand hit me in the face. It wasn’t a punch, but he still raised his hand and hit me in the face. “He never said anything to me afterwards, but I think he knew himself what the decision would be. “Every time I touched the ball after that the fans were giving me stick and calling me a cheat. “It’s part and parcel of it. But I don’t want that to take away from what a good performance it was from us as a team.” For Ayr’s Josh Mullin, meanwhile, it was a bitter end to a season once so full of promise for the Ayrshire side. “Yeah, look, I think it’s been a massive season for the club,” Mullin said. “I’m hearing it’s the highest Championship finish in our history. “But it’s frustrating when you go on your holidays off the back of two results like that. “It’s hard to then look at it as a positive, but you always try to pick out the positives and that’s what we need to do. “It’s been a magnificent season, and it will just need to go one better next season.”
  5. Least the players clearly had some fucking decorum to not join in
  6. If it was tonight then hopefully it was Lee Bullen's leaving do cause he can f**k off if that's the attitude of being skudded 8-0 over two legs and pumped 5-0 on your home turf while broadcast to a national audience. That's an absolute disgrace, us supporters all work hard to then put our hard earned cash into buying a £20 ticket tonight to watch that shower of shite and they all then go and decide to have a piss up celebrating it. Directors all beaming from ear to ear too, probably only cause of the amount of gate money they've made off tonight. I thought i'd fucking seen it all now but this has taken it to another level
  7. That video is clearly from last season ffs after we stayed up. Some mutant put it up to clearly try and stir shit which they've successfully done
  8. Can't say too much about Aero tbf because he did wind up merchant stuff like that while at Ayr but only reason we loved it then was cause he was playing for us.
  9. Bit harsh considering what he done with Forrest and McCowan...
  10. Something which always goes against Bullen aswell is the style of play on the whole has been pretty grim viewing, which is why there's so many comparisons made back to McCall era as style of plays are completely different 180's
  11. Don't see Bullen surviving that, not just the result but the manner of the defeats over the two legs, it was men against boys. Red card made no difference as we were already 1-0 down at that point with it going on 2 or 3. Bullen made massive cock ups tactically over the two games, everyone including a blind man running for the bus knew the LB position was going to be a weakness Thistle would expose yet he did absolutely nothing over the two legs to prevent this. People go on about the club making an arse of not replacing Chalmers, IMO the even bigger mistake was sending Ecrepont out on loan when he should have been given a shot ahead of Reading. Season should never have ended on this note considering what we've done over the 36 games but these last two games have made everyone completely forget the previous 36, the two play off pumpings is all this season will be remembered for.
  12. There's absolutely no chance Bullen is going to Dundee
  13. Ah cheers for clearing that up, thought it was a glitch in the system or something
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