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  1. Need to freshen things up for this one, i know we're restricted with how we can do that personnel wise so best way for me would be a change of formation. The 4/4/2 has become stale and is too regimented for when we're trying to break teams down, i'd be more inclined to go for this (will never happen). Doohan Rose Bell Higgins (Adams?) Smith Docherty Murdoch Harvie Moffat Crawford Shankland Subs: Hare-Reid, Ferguson, Adams, Kerr, McDaid, McGuffie, Moore I'd use Smith and Harvie as wing backs and allow the front free to roam freely, only concern with this would be getting caught for pace on the counter but still think it's worth a try.
  2. Glad he has come out and said that, looks as if we could hopefully get at least one in before the end of January. Knew Lauchlan was a member of the page but had always wondered if he actually read it, fair play to him for quite clearly doing so.
  3. To be a tropical 8 degrees and rain on Friday so can't see it being off for a frozen pitch, winds also looking non hurricane force either so game should be ok. Also on Friday, if fans are really not going to back the team on then they should sit in the house or go to the pub and watch it. Know it was an embarrassing result yesterday but at the end of the day the league is our bread and butter. Think everyone has completely forgotten since yesterday that we're still sitting 2nd in the championship. Do agree though that atmosphere could get a bit ropey if we have a rather unconvincing start to the game, could do with coming out gung-ho and giving the fans something to cheer about.
  4. Makes yesterday even more disappointing
  5. Hearts away would have been a brilliant away day in the cup but never mind.
  6. Apparently Harvie at the end said to one of our supporters who was obviously giving him abuse 'f**k up and support the team'.
  7. Ugh, can we just give Dundee United the three points now and save ourselves from national television humiliation once again please.
  8. Just listened to post match interview and McCall in no way suggested that Shankland could perhaps be back for Dundee United, brilliant.
  9. How many out of the other 9 did, you'd have to take a minute to think, too much possessive sideways, backwards shit.
  10. So the wobbly spell continues (big style), this must give McCall, the board and Cameron a rocket up the arse as to this is us in the shits. The wheels have come off completely and we're in free fall. I'm going to put my neck out on the line here and say we're a one man team, the stats without Shankland don't lie. He's not the only blame for today though, whole team was shite and clearly not up for it, as the whole team as been shite without him for the past few weeks. I seriously fear for the second half of the season, Dundee United could pump us on Friday night the way things are going.
  11. Must be a bit of doubt about the game tomorrow considering Cowdenbeath has got called off and they had covers down since Wednesday. Hopefully the covers have done their job and fair play to Talbot for even having covers like that because I'm pretty sure we don't. Any ayr fans correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Doohan Ferguson Rose Higgins Harvie Geggan Murdoch Docherty McDaid Moffat Moore Subs: Hare-Reid, Smith, Bell, Crawford, McGuffie, McCowan, Shankland? 3-1 Ayr, just like Beith will be tough but should have enough to get there in the end. Question marks over whether Shankland will be in the squad or not but even if he is I'd bench him, only use if necessary.
  13. Even if he is fit and in the squad tomorrow I'd start him from the bench. I expect Auchinleck to give some of our players some 'junior' tackles to give us a warm welcoming to beechwood tomorrow. Plus I think Moore just needs a goal and that'll get him off and running, just needs that lift of a goal.
  14. On that sre FB page, so probably take it with a pinch of salt