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  1. Disappointing that we can't do anything about it apart from sit about waiting for another 10 days before we kick a ball.
  2. Chances of second now look slim after that result tonight.
  3. Ayr v Queens

    Still don't understand why it couldn't be played tonight.
  4. Friendly i presume, likely McCall will play the first team likely to keep match sharpness up due to no game for three weeks and the fact they're allowing a crowd in.
  5. I see we've to play BSC Glasgow at Alloa stadium on Saturday, £5 to get in.
  6. SPFL obviously think the championship is garbage and not going to have any young quality players in it who can getcalled up to lower age group international teams. I think on weekends of internationals the championship shouldn't have fixtures scheduled just like the premiership dont, this is a fine example why they shouldn't because it just becomes a mess.
  7. If it isn't played before 29th March we'll go three weeks without kicking a ball from Falkirk away to Dunfermline away. Then over the following three weeks into April we'll play 4 games but probably 5 if you include Queens game.
  8. It would be an absolute embarressment for that reason if we didn't end up making the play-offs, still think (hope) we'll stumble ourway into the play-offs come the end of the season though.
  9. I'd reckon 15 - 20 points to be safely in the play offs, maybe slightly less if we scrape ourway into it, looks like we'll have a full squad for the dunfermline game which will give us the best part of a 20 man squad which i wouldn't say is too small considering what it has been like at other stages this season. It's just a matter of putting two wins together, if we do that i reckon we can have a good run of form to the end of the season and Dunfermline certainly aren't world beaters so we shouldn't head up to EEP too worried but atm it's a case of which team will turn up. I know we've been garbage for a few months now but for most of it we were still picking up draws, unfortunately now we've picked the worst possible time of the season to go on a losing streak.
  10. Dunfermline v Dundee United off now aswell so it remains as it was at the top, bit better about today getting called off knowing those two aren't playing now
  11. Ayr v Queens

    Three days before we go to Dunfermline ffs, that's not going to work for us because U21's play on Monday 25th in Spain, unless we've got no choice by the SFA and have to play it then.
  12. Ayr v Queens

    I've certainly never known a game to be off at Somerset for a waterlogged pitch, been plenty of days like this before and games have gone ahead, pitch has never been brilliant but not flooded like what it is today.
  13. Ayr v Queens

    Never thought of that actually, probably won't work then, in that case will have to play a Tuesday and then a Friday night probably.
  14. Ayr v Queens

    Postponement pretty disastrous for us, needed to play again as soon as possible after last weeks disaster to try and get a win. Need to push for this to be played Tuesday night now unless there's going to be a hectic end of season fixture pile up.
  15. Ayr v Queens

    Apparently the ref hasn't turned up yet [emoji23], supposed to be a local ref