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  1. Would be some laugh if us and Morton ended up both losing our remaining 3 games and getting whipped by part time Arbroath, even funnier thing would be we'd still stay up lol
  2. Not exactly down to Hopkin it's the mess Mark Kerr left us in
  3. You'll not be voting tories then lol Remember you're talking to the Royal Burgh of Ayr We're staunch AF Why do you think Kris Boyd lives in Ayr
  4. It'll be a 1pm kick off i'd imagine so all games are finished before start of the funeral at 3pm. EFL already announced all games will kick off early
  5. I still can't believe we're actually in danger of getting relegated. It's unbelievable to think of with the squad we have. I mean it has international players in it along with players who've been at Premiership clubs. No disrespect to Morton but it's an absolute disgrace that we're near them. We should be pumping teams like them with the squad we have. BOOOOOOOOOO
  6. 1. Stuck with Mark Kerr far too long 2. Let Mark Kerr chuck our decent players back to their parent clubs because he was useless at getting the best out of them. Bruce Anderson/Innes Cameron scored 0 league goals between them at us, second half of the season at their new clubs they've scored 7, enough said.... 3. Have a bunch of players who are mostly gutless shitebags not up for the fight and haven't replaced any of our 'warrior' players such as Bell, Adams, Geggan, Docherty who would show some actual passion. 4. Hired a manager who has tried to put his style of play (hoofball) on a squad which isn't built for that so performances have never really turned around much Apart from that it has been a good season. A season starting off with the aim of top 4 turning into potentially 9th is some laugh.
  7. I never suggested them, they're two players too similar, Wright/McKenzie with Moore/Anderson and we wouldn't have been in this shit mess IMO
  8. Yeah we're in big trouble, out of the 3 of us we've most definitely got the the most challenging 3 games. Arbroath away which doesn't really need much explaining QOS at home who whether it's home or away we've got a terrible record against, a bogey team. Then Inverness away on the last day of the season who could well be needing to win to stay in the play offs, again they're another bogey team who we must have only beaten about once in 12 attempts over the last few seasons. SHIT
  9. The fact we weren't even a vote option when this forum was created is some laugh
  10. Ah... well..... You always have to be negative don't you? Start looking at the positives. I'll give you the week to think of any!
  11. We could still finish 4th, believe troops lol
  12. Well it is tbf because we're still a point ahead and if we had lost we would be effectively joint 9th with everyone else drawing. Clutching at straws i know but still
  13. As predicted a result which helps absolutely nobody, all draws. Same shitfest situation as before
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