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  1. Thought that would get us Erskine but it never happened
  2. Nicky Devlin back in at the club today #justsaying
  3. Hopefully he doesn't get up and say he's off lol
  4. See Robbo has been approached for the Dundee job, would expect McCall might be on their list of candidates, doesn't bode well with the deafening silence from Somerset since the end of the season 10 days ago, hope AP has news.
  5. He's gone quiet today, here's hoping he's away to another thread.
  6. f**k me McCall announce the purchase of a new ball pen for the signatures on the contracts, just something to distract ourselves from this monstrosity of a thread.
  7. The Tartan Tammy 1297 suggested Ayr United signings XI for next season would be a great laugh.
  8. Would be some signing as he's only 29 so hardly past it yet, however knows the club well and was obviously just playing up in Scotland until the end of this season. Think he'd need to take a hefty pay cut though considering McCall said we couldn't afford Devlin who was playing in the same league as Bradford.
  9. Majority of Dunfermline fans don't even want him back going by their thread, plus he hates us and was the start of WW3 at the Friday night game at the end of March.
  10. What's happening with Kyle Turner, see he's been offered a new contract for next season, is he still seen as the real deal or has he faltered a bit?
  11. Looks like Doohan is off, fs need some good news from the club this week, last week has been torture.
  12. That would work if you could get them playing every week, however Geggan only made 23 appearances, Bell 26 and Adams 13 out of a possible 40. That's hopeless if you rely on them for your starting 11, which we did for most of the season.
  13. Muirhead had been shite up until last Saturday, where I then thought he was immense against Inverness, won everything