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  1. Well sounds like Musonda isn't going to be back as expected on Saturday so Raith would be stupid to not start their 6ft 8" striker up against Nick McAllister who's about 5ft 11" if you're lucky
  2. Good news on Kirk but going by that it sounds like Musonda isn't going to be back for Saturday as expected...
  3. We'll up the ante on Saturday Never took it out of second gear last night Raith seem to have improved as of late under Murray so can see a score draw in this one 2-2
  4. We appear to be playing Dundee United at Tannadice in a friendly on 10th December (challenge cup weekend) Also who the feck voted for McGinty as man of the match last night
  5. "Can it play CB?" "It might make our route to navigating into the next round a bit tricky...." I'll get my coat!!
  6. You still moaning about lukewarm food. It's just a temporary thing for this season since the new stand will be getting built there next year
  7. See the Scottish Cup draw is taking place at Somerset after our match tomorrow, wonder where there doing that, presume either Hospitality or Cameron's Bar
  8. He won't be risked tomorrow night but is supposed to be back for next Saturday
  9. Well that's the pre match Pollok team talk sorted....
  10. With the situation now with Kirk i think this game is the perfect chance for Bangala to be put in at CB to see how he is, would rather give him game time to get up to speed instead of being potentially flung in at the deep end against Raith. If Musonda is back though i'm 99% sure we'll be running Musonda/McGinty for December with Bangala as back up. Progression in the cup would help with funds for January as we're possibly going to require a CB.
  11. Wonder how much money we get from the SFA for hosting these Scotland U19 games, would imagine it's a decent amount to cover cost of floodlights etc
  12. I would say the issue is more positioning, both get quite high up the pitch which as i've said can lead to times where there seems to be big gaps in behind in the middle of the pitch for opposition midfield to get into. Home game against Partick i thought that was evident quite a few times.
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