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  1. A message to all the DKB who are trying to troll: SHUT THE f**k UP CAUSE WE DO NOT CARE SO PLEASE f**k OFF
  2. Had forgotten about that! Means we still are pretty light at CB then
  3. I know Sibbald played on the wing at times for Livi last season on a 3 man attack but not sure how successful he was there. Just remember Sibbald from his Falkirk days always being an advanced midfielder but even better if he can do the holding side too. If we're relying on Musonda possibly at RB we definitely need another CB that can step right in cause Jack Baird still gives me the fear and i'd be surprised if McAllister is anything more than a squad player on the bench most of the time. Yeah agree with you on this one, i mean Houston did show signs of promise under Kerr before Covid and then there was obviously the lockdown and he came back to get an injury early on which set him back a while and he's just never really recovered from that to be perfectly honest.
  4. After signing JML i'd say he's very similar to Sibbald which would make me surprised if we signed Sibbald too. Think the only signings we'll be making will be another striker, CM and CB. RB position does worry me a bit, Houston really needs to step up cause on the whole he was rotten last year and at fault quite a few times for goals coming from a cross not being closed down quick enough. If we progress from the league cup group stage we'll obviously get more money so might allow us to make another loan signing in August?
  5. Not the reasons i was hoping for this thread to be "HOT" just now...
  6. Sounds like Prince Henry to me, or to dare to dream and say Kelly
  7. No idea on the defender and a box to box sounds like Crawford IMO
  8. An experienced centre back - No idea who A centre midfielder - Crawford An attacking midfielder - Sibbald? A forward. Maybe a striker who can also play wide in front three? - Prince Henry
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