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  1. This guy was training with killie and has either chosen us over them or wasn't deemed worthy of a deal at Killie which wouldn't fill me with confidence. Had a good goal record at last club but before that he'd hardly scored any goals, bit of a gamble IMO
  2. How is the wee man? Is he still with us? Kevin McClellan the physio commented on a FB query about Moore saying that he's doing rehab with him, didn't think i'd need to say this but we could do with him back ASAP
  3. Jordan White inbound, bit of a ' meh' for me, thought he was just a bit of a carthorse at Inverness, was amazed when he'd managed to get a deal at Motherwell, maybe explains now why they're in the mess they're in with some of their business in the summer. Still hopefully he might bring the other guys like Walsh, Smith, McCowan and Moffat into play opening up more goals. Didn't see today but looks like we were pretty solid at the back but just lacking something upfront, which could have perhaps been improved by having a physical prescence to hold the ball up. Hope White pays off cause it simply needs to for Kerr with pressure on him to get it right after other two striker signings Anderson and Cameron were a disaster with only 1 league goal between them. On another note i think it's very poor the club never acknowledged Cameron left (as far as i'm aware).
  4. Just playing a game of football would be a bonus for us just now tbh, to then say to ourselves 90 minutes later "i wished we hadn't been playing"
  5. Tbf there is absolutely no logic in using USH for tomorrow's game if it costs £5-£8k, that's bonkers money which would even take serious consideration if it was worth putting on for a game with crowds. I take it that was another bonkers requirement for clubs being in the premier league of the old SPL back in the day along with 12,000 capacity lego stadiums or however many it was. Brilliant logic used to make medium sized clubs like Dunfermline go nearly bankrupt to play in the top league of Scottish Football cause you need fancy criterias which outwiegh the quality of Scottish Football. Glad we never had that problem back in the day lol
  6. Calm down lads we've not even tried to play tomorrow's game yet which looks like being a non-starter
  7. McCardle saying Ayr have been given the heads up that if the forecasted temperatures of -4/-5 in Dunfermline turn out to be accurate then tomorrow's game will be in doubt.
  8. Sinisalo Houston-Baird-Ndaba-Reading Muirhead McCowan-Chalmers-Walsh Smith-Cameron/Moffat
  9. The pitches in Scotland and England do seem especially bad this winter, Leeds pitch at the weekend surprised me cause it looked terrible for a PL team. Makes me wonder if Covid is meaning budgets on pitch maintenance have been reduced and in Scotland, clubs maybe aren't getting in external pitch maintanence companies to assist due to covid bubbles etc. Back to Ayr, i'm for astro if it means a really good surface like Alloas all year to play decent silky football on. I'm also very much still for grass if the club increased the budget towards grass maintenance with a couple more groundsman and heatlamps/quality covers for winter etc. Wonder what the cost difference would be between new grass and subsequent maintenance or switching to astro....
  10. Aye that game was honestly the last time i remember us playing that high press/intensity, fast flowing, tippy tappy football and it being a joy to watch. Since then it has just been bogged down turgid football, looks like every player has a tonne slab of concrete they're pulling behind them. Honestly think Kerr does himself not many favours by being over tactical and a bit too football manager like IMO, suppose though that's what you're going to get when his number 2 is a sports scientist. All those statistical tactics stuff, heaven for guys like McCardle.
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-support-continuing-championship-23339199?fbclid=IwAR1tEhcfU8hh1OAKsVytEx_tqOBYqAFi0syXVjxIH_NzaWoE-V6WmzTGul4 We carry on unless that muppet Lennon's full blown Trump tirade doesn't get the whole of Scottish football shutdown by the weekend
  12. Would highly think that'll be unfeasible at times when there's zero matchday income from the gate, how must does it cost to blast on the USH even for a night or something? Plus is yours not prone for not working when attempted to be used
  13. -3 on Friday night in Dunfermline. Ah well the unbeaten run will extend to a whole month then.....
  14. Under Motherwell's previous manager i'd noticed Crawford had appeared to become a regular bench warmer which made me think we'd maybe be able to utilise the 3 club rule for this season and get him on loan for the second half of the season, cause he's head and shoulders above the quality of our current midfield. After it became apparent he's clearly part of Alexander's plans and if he continues to perform like he did today i can see Motherwell trying to sign him in the summer when his contract is up i'm sure. Think Jordan White on loan is probably looking more likely, a carthorse like him isn't going to fit in with the tippy tappy out from the back play which Motherwell did today, was an unused sub today i'll add.
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