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  1. But if a development fee was due surely stenhousemuir would have paid it when they signed him and not every subsequent club he signs for until he's older than 24 !
  2. TRANSFER HISTORY All the player's transfers. Season Date Moving from Moving to MV Transfer fee Total transfer proceeds: 0 17/18 Sep 14, 2017 Free agent Airdrieonians - - 17/18 Jul 1, 2017 Stenhousemuir Free agent - - 16/17 Sep 9, 2016 US Ivry Stenhousemuir - Free transfer Where does it mention Montpellier !! If he's a free agent surely the club who signs him has his registration
  3. Post on Facebook saying wotherspoon in talks with local consortium !
  4. I'm sure that I read that the trust had negotiated the price down to £190,000 but couldn't get specific assurances from ballantyne so they pulled out.
  5. I know it was announced yesterday. But the length of loan wasn't mentioned. The wolves academy tweeted the deal was until Jan 3rd.
  6. Not that I'm advocating his return but the lad Conor scullion we had on loan from Hamilton last season has had his contract cancelled at Hamilton.
  7. Reading the different post and asking is there a real threat of administration !
  8. Just watched the highlights. Wasn't at the game but from the highlights looked very energetic, looked hungry and with a wee bit more composure the win could have been greater. Was impressed with the way Fitzpatrick handled himself with the interview.
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