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  1. Love Island 2018

    On you go Jackie boy.
  2. Last few polls I've seen have the SNP gaining up here and Labour down south. Hopefully a snap election soon and that Corbyn relying on the jocks dream ticket. I say dream ticket because it would enrage the absolute worstcunts and it'll be their backing of UKIP that made it happen
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    Kamberi in, Murray out. Zero net spend.
  4. Love Island 2018

    Glad I got this in before the preview at the end of last night's episode. Although it's all pretty obvious stuff tbf. Feel a bit shan for old Laura again but I would literally boot her into the sea if that's what it took to swap Lauras. My word. Andrew Shinnie, imo.
  5. Love Island 2018

    Sam's wee simpering laugh when she said she likes tall, dark and handsome men Predictions, lads? Reckon Georgia will end up with the brummie DJ, Young Simeone with his pick of the new ones, Laura with the 31 year old and Sam/new girl B in a marriage of convenience. Edit: I'm halfway between most of the guys' and the carpenter's age and the nick of this geezer's hairline makes me genuinely want to greet.
  6. Love Island 2018

    New Brummie to give Sam a run for campest bloke in the villa.
  7. Love Island 2018

    Getting a bit stale now. Seems like the producers know that with the musical chairs casting. How many more c***s are they going to chuck in there? Slightly disappointed to see Ellie go because I like looking at her but other than that, those two don't seem much of a loss.
  8. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Mandzukic clearly been watching clips of Cummings' header at Tynie a few years back.
  9. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    I try not to get too pissy about England content when they're 90% of the Beeb's viewership but ffs, this has been some World Cup, with an exciting final coming up. Are they really going to spend half of the build up going over the same England pish again? Can't see past France but Croatia have proven me wrong on a few occasions already. Supporting France for bets but seeing Croatia do it would be pretty neat.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    I've said my bit about these protests not really being my bag. After seeing banana's jimmies this rustled and P&B's Yer Da Squad out in force, I'm starting to change my mind
  11. Love Island 2018

    I suppose the concept of being "coupled up" in this is pretty flimsy and subject to changing every five minutes. The whole exchange between the new guy and Kaz was toe-curling though. Couple of absolute oddballs theyve put in. Edit: you are right though. Sam is an absolute bitch.
  12. Love Island 2018

    Whit. If you click on this bozo's page, he's been fighting 10 times a year and barely any of his opponents have had more than a few fights. Seems a bit fishy.
  13. Love Island 2018

    Ideal scenario snakey Idris' lies get out and manlike Jack KO's him inside one round.
  14. Love Island 2018

    Free money the next folk in the hideaway will be Georgia, one of the new lads and Sam to wipe the dude's forehead down and fetch them iced teas.
  15. Love Island 2018

    Loyal G patching Sam before big man has seen inside the villa