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  1. Boxing Thread

    My stream of this was from DAZN instead of Sky. Quite refreshing to have commentators giving an honest assessment of the home fighter. Brook getting shredded; Hearn too for putting him in with GGG.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Mind when the whole yoon squad back in the day weren't just Tories, they were (extremely convincing) SNP voters because they're the real Tories, man. Absolute oddballs to a man
  3. Boxing Thread

    What surprised me a wee bit - albeit I've only seen him a few times so I was uninformed to begin with - was Wilder not having the tank to follow up the knockdowns. He seemed to have punched himself out when those chances came along. Credit to Fury for that because I'm sure wildly missing big haymakers all night is going to slow anyone down. I just thought with the nick of Wilder that fatigue wouldn't be an issue. Fury's cardio makes absolutely no sense, the guy is superhuman.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Fury did make him look like a windmill merchant but I think folk are going a bit OTT talking about Wilder like he's some jobber. For all of his flailing about, his objective would have been to crack one sledgehammer at some point in the 12 rounds, which he did. Obviously Fury deserved the win but he could still easily lose a rematch. With less of a cool-headed ref, he would have lost this one.
  5. Boxing Thread

    HB getting tumbleweed the first time so having a wee second go
  6. Boxing Thread

    I've watched that second knock down over and over again. Still can't believe it.
  7. Boxing Thread

  8. Boxing Thread

    I don't really understand how boxing umpiring works, when you can have a manc as one of them here. Edit: Judging even.
  9. Boxing Thread

    The f**k is that all aboot
  10. Boxing Thread

    Gvozkyk with a nice finish to take Stevenson's belt. The Ukranians are some bunch of lads just now.
  11. There have been rumours of Lennon resigning twice which have both involved spells of particularly wild lineups and terrible form. It seems a bit disrespectful to speculate about these things but I do think his mental health is a factor here. If that is the case, I obviously want him to turn it around, as he has done before with us (he's talked about having bouts of depression in the last few years). It won't do him or us any good for this to get worse though. I can see him going soon if we don't pick up form.
  12. Fully respect what Killie are doing but come on now with this title challenge chat. 3rd place is anyone's though, would not surprise me in the least to see Kilmarnock up in that kind of position.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Aye watching some of the Showtime build-up, Wilder comes across as quite likeable when he's being himself but a complete cringe merchant when he's in monologue mode. As you say, it just doesn't suit him. I'm going for Wilder late.
  14. Wouldn't be disappointed to see Lennon walk (and have a feeling he will soon). Which isn't anything to do with his ability, I rate him as a manager and think he could easily turn this into a decent season. He's been putting out mental lineups for about 6 months now though. Whatever point he's trying to make, it's completely wiped out any enthusiasm I have watching Hibs. There's nothing to say a new manager would do well but we at least need someone who wants to be here.
  15. Just seen that team Fully in cba mode with this season tbh