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  1. The Court of Session need Hearts more than Hearts need the Court of Session.
  2. Imagine reaching a stage where the Scottish Tory MPs are showing up the rest of the party's lack of integrity.
  3. Comical Ali level stuff with this BBC coverage.
  4. If I have one weakness, it’s caring too much.
  5. Sure, he broke his own rules to visit a three property farm estate, but I doubt you cucks would go on about it so much if he wasn’t taking it to the elite.
  6. I'm hearing he's going to announce himself as the country's official political leader, while flanked by Army Generals, Captain Tom and Tony Bellew.
  7. The absolute beamer that Johnson and co have been willing to take for Cummings is a much more interesting story to me than the trip itself. Confirmation (that wasn't particularly needed) that Cummings runs that Government. I'd love to know what he has on BoJo. Went to have a wee nibble on the 4/1 or whatever it was on Cummings to go, after seeing this stuff about further sightings of him in Durham and the Tory papers turning on them. Down to 5/4
  8. The last time I heard Tony Bellew talk about current affairs, it was to say that anyone suspected of supporting terrorist activity should be executed without trial. Truly one of the great intellects of our time.
  9. This is where the roaster element whipping themselves into a battle fever over legal action becomes a useful face-saving exercise if they avoid relegation. It will be because the rest of Scottish football has finally yielded to the maroon juggernaut and nothing to do with the club begging for its survival.
  10. I've obviously been enjoying the prospect of Hearts getting relegated. That was before it even occurred to me that the Hearts bois on here would have to share threads for at least a year with all the small time roasters on the Championship forum. Lovely. (Dundee are sound)
  11. Fair point about fans abroad/not able to go. To be more clear than I was before, having different ways for fans to contribute is a positive but I just get the impression that we're moving towards a situation where fans having a season ticket and some direct debit coming out is the standard expectation. I appreciate that nobody is saying that here but it's just something I've thought for a while. I don't really agree with the 'its only 2 cups of coffee' argument, unless you're talking about fans who can't go or for a particularly fundraising effort. I don't know what Hearts' prices are but if e.g. Hibs raised their season tickets from £420 to £540, nobody would say, 'ah well, only a tenner a month'. Separating it out into a product and a membership scheme gives the impression of added accountability* but really it boils down to paying a huge whack of money; which in this case, seems to have led to more nonchalant spending. *Unless the money is actually buying a club. I can't criticise FoH in its original form but if I'm at all right about these schemes becoming standard practice, I wish we'd all question it at this stage rather than pay more for probably the same shite.
  12. Genuine question, is FoH being here to stay a good thing? Credit where it's due for Hearts fans for piling money into the club to keep it afloat. More broadly, we seem to be in the era of share schemes, fan contribution models etc with it becoming more common and even expected, that fans are handing over extra money to their clubs on top of extortionate ticket pricing. I don't really understand how that has come to be seen as a positive.
  13. There are various amusing scenarios that could play out from here but the one that I'm really hoping for is the proposal to be voted down and Budge not to end up taking legal action. You'd think it would be obvious that whipping your fans into a full on Rangers mentality and then doing f**k all would be the best way to guarantee an absolutely venomous atmosphere. She seems that oblivious to her own fans that it could happen and I'm here for it
  14. Yeah, we'll see what the long term impacts are on all fronts. I obviously don't really know their situations in detail but I'd be surprised if a country like Denmark, which apparently started to ease lockdown a month ago, has been economically devastated from this. It goes back to the point about having different standards to begin with but I'd be surprised if the rest of that region's population are looking enviously at Sweden. 3.5x more deaths than Norway, Denmark and Finland combined to avoid a short lockdown doesn't seem like a major success story. It looks like the lesson here is that shutting down early is the right answer for public health and the economy. As you say, our half way measure looks to have fucked both.
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