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  1. What would constitute a good night for the SNP? I think the last betting handicap I saw was 44.5. Whether that comes in would be my barometer of success. Nobody could slag off a gain of 10 seats but low 40s or below would a bit underwhelming.
  2. Getting just close enough to provide some optimism before the gammons come out in force and give Johnson a massive majority nap.
  3. No he won't. Whatever the result is, admitting to being a Tory is massively embarrassing.
  4. I was specifically thinking of whichever Aberdeen oddball it was who made a point of telling us Scott Allan wasn’t the answer a few weeks back. Turns out their defence had no answer for Scooter’s laser-guided shroo balls sending them out for a round of Ribenas.
  5. I assume your No voting friend isn’t voting SNP this time because of their pro-Indy messaging. My point is that there are potentially a lot of similar people out there and the circumstances are ripe for the SNP to pick up soft No voters in this election. Im glad your friend can see the bigger picture but in general, I think it is a lot easier to alienate that section of the electorate than traditional SNP voters. They might not have focused on it but the election coming straight after Sturgeon’s move towards a second referendum undoubtedly hurt the SNP that time. I give them some leeway for getting caught cold in that election. I sincerely hope that I end up looking like an idiot on Friday but my feeling is this might end up being a missed opportunity.
  6. I'm wary of being one of these arseholes who sees a player about 5 times a season and thinks they have them sussed but from what I have seen of McKenna, I don't get it. He seems like your standard Scottish Premiership lump who can win most of his headers but will look bang average to shite against decent players. I hope I'm wrong because Scotland could do with good options at CB but I'd be surprised to see him develop into the level of player we need.
  7. ....on this election, I think the SNP have fucked it by putting Independence on an equal footing with anti-Brexit/Tory messaging. They've unnecessarily split the main arguments into four. Let's be honest, folk who are primarily motivated by Independence in any type of election were always going to vote SNP. I know there is an impatient zoomer element that the party apparently need to keep onside but they would've fallen in line on the day. The message is strong when it comes to pitching the party as essentially a better, more effective version of Labour. They could have swept up the centre-left, pro-Europe majority in Scotland without practically begging Unionists to vote Tory. They made an arse of the last General Election too, albeit they were at least caught surprised by that happening. If Thursday doesn't go well, whoever deals with election strategy at SNP HQ needs punted.
  8. There aren't many Unionist arguments I agree with but they are right that Scotland leaving the EU isn't undemocratic per se. The real case for Independence shouldn't be that we were naive little lambs who were cruelly tricked into staying in the Union. In reality, this was always coming and we fucked up. Scotland having to go with what England wants again, consideration given to Northern Ireland and absolutely none afforded to Scotland, the EU prioritising the interests of its small constituent nations way more than Britain ever has or will, Brexit emboldening the far right to take over the Tories, a Boris Johnson majority government. These are all reasons to say f**k that, let's change our minds.
  9. I didn't say I was ignoring anyone The wee buzz you've got over finally getting any kind of acknowledgement kind of proves my point. Fair play.
  10. That is one (wildly inaccurate) way of looking at it, I suppose. I'm fully expecting a Conservative majority aye. Which is very disappointing for reasons that are a lot more serious than your cries for attention on here.
  11. I ken it would be better to just join in the ignoring but I can't help commenting on the absolute crickets that Tarmo's weird shtick has been met with this week. Painful stuff
  12. Bad calls from me, only 1/4 in the end. The Welsh midget finally dropped and the Aberdeen boeys on the thread coming across as sound. The couple of them who seem to have a permanent stauner for all things Hibernian haven't made it on yet though. Must've had a big night out in Leith after the game, the rascals.
  13. Shree nil Livi. Meanwhile Jack Ross keeps on shagging
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