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  1. Do you like dancing?

    You should really fall within a particular confidence threshold to be allowed on a dancefloor. When someone has too much or too little of it, it is always an excruciating watch. I'm not great but I think I at least meet that criteria. After a few bevvys, I'll get up there and throw a few safe shoulder and hand based moves nae bother.
  2. Football Words

    Using "honest" as an adjective that has seemingly nothing to do with the concept of honesty. Usually for a bunch ae laddies (often managed by John Hughes) that are doing a collectively shite job.
  3. What Have They Got To Hide?

    If anyone is wondering how many threads jimboy has started since the end of last season, the answer is 23.
  4. Hibs vs Dundee

    The expression 'scrambling for relevance' has never been more appropriate.
  5. Boxing Thread

    On yersel Usyk
  6. Boxing Thread

    Howling at that disclaimer about the bomber tattoo not being disrespectful to the Manchester attack. Obviously ffs.
  7. Boxing Thread

    Bellew jumping about like a wee fanny and Usyk standing perfectly still with the Jesus t-shirt and his whole village holding up belts. Some boy.
  8. Boxing Thread

  9. Boxing Thread

    I thought I was tripping too when she talked about the win.
  10. Boxing Thread

    That's the first time I've stopped watching a fight out of queasiness. Fucking boak.
  11. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    I've long since given up working out where we'll pick up and drop points. We'll probably beat Celtic and get pumped at home to St Mirren.
  12. Scotland First Country To Introduce LGBT Lessons

    I can't relate to the "if being gay is allowed/talked about, everyone will start doing it" argument as a straight guy. I'm 100% sure that having this kind of lesson in school wouldn't have made me want to pump men. It probably would've made me think twice bout using the word gay as a blanket insult for most of my childhood though, which would've been a positive. How much of a selfish c**t do you need to be to want to make other people's lives harder because of an inability to accept who you are.
  13. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    As soon as Aberdeen scored, I had zero faith in us getting anything from that. I know they've been disrupted by injuries but it's frustrating to see Maclaren and Kamberi look like they aren't on the same wavelength. Those two looked like they were telepathic last season. We desperately need to get back to something like that soon. That's 3 games without a goal now and it seems like most of the chances we've had in those games have been from set pieces. When you've got one of your strikers looking completely unfit on return from injury and Lewis Allan is the only option to replace him, there's clearly a squad depth issue as well. Easier said than done but bring in a good striker, a Scott Allan type player (perhaps Scott Allan), get Hanlon and Gray back and we could still have a good season. Not exactly amazing stuff from Aberdeen but they scored a nice goal, looked solid and fully deserved the win. Bit of a cigars job most of the game tbf.
  14. Queen Nicky backing up Neil Lennon? That should test the blood pressure of a few stranger dangers and PHMs.
  15. The Official President Trump thread

    Put a wee speculative interest bet on the Republicans to keep the house. Not based on any real knowledge, other than being sceptical of the punditry about turnout. I remember the same kind of chat about Florida in 2016. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to see the gammons out in record numbers and all the woke young folk to not bother their arse.