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  1. Nor Darvel. Opening match is away to Muirkirk, who have a new manager and be looking to impress first game. Followed by two home games against Ardeer, then Irvine.
  2. You got that wee left winger resigned, Tevez I think you's call him? And the young striker, Ross?
  3. As far as I'm aware, Fraser Gall(working abroad for a year) and a defender, can't remember name. Local source notified me last week in Hurlford.
  4. Darvel have re-signed full squad, except 2 players. Fraser Gall is away working in Australia for the year, but I'm sure he'll be back the following season if he doesn't stay another year out there. Heard a lot of rumours that they have signed 2/3, purely for more depth on the bench rather than young lads who still play boys club. Darvel will be looking to get promoted this year, I'm sure of it. Coming third, behind two powerhouses of teams who spent thousands to go up, was a great achievement which will give them every confidence and every right to believe that they can go up. You lot may doubt them, but I believe they have the squad to do so.
  5. Regarding defence, Darvel conceded the 4th least amount of goals in the league, around 15-20 of the goals against came against the powerhouses, Kilwinning and Ardrossan. Other than they games, their defence has been solid throughout. Darvel didn't score any near as much as what the top 5 did. However, I'm led to believe they have a strong relationship with each other in the changing room, and all players/staff are determined to make the pish for promotion. I have a good feeling they will do it, and know where I'm putting my money come the season starting.
  6. Expecting big things from a young Darvel side this year. With no money bag teams(exception of Girvan, potentially), I expect them to get promoted definitely and even maybe, win the league. How's the squad looking? Everyone resigned? New players? Players not signing/released?
  7. 1.) Whitletts 2.) Darvel 3.) Girvan 4.) Vics 5.) Saltcoats 6.) Ardeer 7.) Dalry 8.) Lugar 9.) Kello 10.) Annbank 11.) Craigmark 12.) Muirkirk
  8. Where's Colligan off too?
  9. Darvel and Whitletts to go up! Girvan 3rd.
  10. After such a successful season last year, I'm sure Paddy and the team will have eyes on a promotion chase. However, I'm sure he will be looking to make improvements all over the park. Any news on how they are recruiting for next year? Anyone left? Re-signed? New signings?
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