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  1. You probably thought there's a joke there somewhere. There isn't
  2. They're a bit too old for my liking
  3. I've contacted both the forum moderators and my lawyer as I infer you are implying I am a beast
  4. Mozza was one of those beige middle aged men who sought acceptance on the internet with his insufferable pun buddies. His presence was a stain on this fine forum
  5. Say a poster had openly admitted having sexual intercourse with a child, would a ban follow if you were to call them a beast?
  6. I understand kids need to be taught about the green man and crossing when it's safe, but I recently crossed a road at the Red man when it was clear for at least 100 metres in both directions and received a mouthful of abuse from a mother who had a circa 4 Yr old and a baby and a push chair in tow.
  7. My mate Derek Beattie is back home after his stint at college football in the USA and signing for Rob Roy. Tremendous player, he'd probably be a starter for Stenny given our lack of striking options!
  8. I lost all interest in Pokemon after it went past 151. The rest just look absolutely laughable
  9. Grainger looks like she'd be married to a Scottish rugby international from the late 90's and probably votes Conservative
  10. Leith has improved greatly in recent years but this shouldn't be be confused with 'good'
  11. 'if you give people the option of Tory or Tory lite, they'll just vote Tory' No if people are to the left of Tory, they'll vote Tory lite. A majority of English people who vote in General Elections are at least comfortably financially. If you want to pitch your policies at those who have just done 14 hours down t'pit you'll lose. Jmo is an absolute c**t but he's right. The sooner Scotland gets out of this fucked up Union the better
  12. 16/27 got A's at Higher, 6/9 at Advanced Higher Dale Carrick gif face
  13. Is it OK to call a poster a beast if they've admitted to having sex with a child?
  14. Cancun. Yet again I've had to listen to someone tell me about their totes amaze holiday to Cancun as if it's some sort of exclusive destination. It's where 2006's Neds that used to go to Benidorn go now they earn £24,000 pa now they're a gas fitter
  15. Numerous times I've seen comments like 'if you continue with these claims I'll have to contact my lawyer' You're not some known criminal on CSI Miami who has been brought in from questioning, you don't have a lawyer.
  16. If you gave one of those beerwanks a pint of T in an unmarked glass and told them it was some sort of niche, imported Czech lager they'd be more than happy with it. Tennents lager isn't the best thing in the world but it's the equivalent of having a skilful of drink, fingering a 6/10 in the Garage and waking up with only a mild hangover. Reasonable
  17. I believe that well under half of the people who vote are anything more than slightly informed when it comes to a range of policies. I believe a majority of people either tag on to one specific policy they argree with (e.g, stop mass immigration), the party that historically caters to their social class or their perceptions of how strong /week the leaders of the parties seem.
  18. I watched the film 'Rein of Fire' in America and at one point a man was applauded by the audience for standing up and shouting 'you kick that dragon's ass'
  19. Being a good leader and being perceived by the electorate as a strong leader, fit to be PM are two different things. People are stupid.
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