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  1. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    I do appreciate the cinema comparison isn't the best one. And I don't disagree with anything you've said above. However the point in principle remains the same. Deliver a 'shite' product for long enough and the paying customers may decide not to pay sometimes until the product improves. While football is a totally different ball game (sorry for the pun) the point remains the same across the board.
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    I agree with you. It can be turned round. But it'll take for me, as you offer, at least two wins from the next four (and for me, a maximum of one of the other two being a defeat) to buy more time. Anything less and for me its decision time for the board and there's a certain decision they'd need to make.
  3. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Everyone classes 'support' in a different way and it's all relatively subjective as far as I'm concerned. The performance of the team doesn't affect my attendance but I appreciate it does for others. That's their prerogative. In relation to the 'entertainment' issue, I don't go to watch us play well, I just go to watch us. I hope we win, but over the years as we've all learned, we often don't. I would offer the following gambit though. Would someone likely happily go to the cinema and pay £20 for it if they expected it to be 'shite'? I doubt it. Whether the 'shite' in relation to football is performances/results or both is up to each supporter.
  4. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    I totally agree. Dowie has been a shadow of his last-season self. Whether not having Mango beside him regularly is affecting him or not, who knows. But he's certainly been poor in the first part of this season. That said, not many haven't been so he's far from alone in that respect. Yeah we didn't play well but for me, winning and not playing well is a good sign. The important thing is to start picking up points, the performances may come. I do agree that today might well be papering over the cracks, but any improvement (in getting a result) is welcome. The next four games are huge. And we don't have the luxury of saying that they're difficult and affording ourselves any leniency, because of the shambolic start we've had to the season.
  5. Bankies vs Sons

    And posing for photos. Don't forget the photos.
  6. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    A very welcome win. No matter how it came. Same issues remain largely, we never ask enough of our opponents and the same is true of today, but a win is a win so credit is where it's due. To come from behind and win shows character which has been lacking in recent weeks. I really, really hope that's us turning a corner but I do fear it's papering over the cracks. It's three points though so this Saturday night is good!
  7. The Sons 2018/19

    Indeed. Everything in this world has a price. It does beg the question though, in the very unlikely event of a Dumbarton F.C minded billionaire buying them out, what do Brabco want to do next?
  8. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Absolutely. And it's an outcome I'm supportive of now to be honest. Whether they have 'downed tools' is always going to be open to debate, but it certainly appears that there's not a lot of 'playing for the manager' going on. And if and when that's the case, rightly or wrongly, the manager will carry the can.
  9. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    Now the second part of this billed double-header looms large. I don't know many Sons who are looking forward to this, but there's got to be huge pressure on the manager and the team to get a result in this. Despite the recent statement from our chairman, I'd imagine a less than positive result might equal another statement of a different nature being issued...
  10. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    That was an interesting read. Always nice to see someone else's point of view, particularly an unbiased one. Unfortunately you used the term 'catastrophic defending' there and nobody can have any argument with that description. It's however alarming that last season we were solid as the rock we play beneath, but this season at a lower level, we're all at sea. We have to ask why is that? And you mention "if Dumbarton had shown the same urgency throughout that they showed in the last ten minutes that the result could have been different". Again, no argument from me on that score. But sadly we've shown little urgency in any competitive game situation at all this season, which is very alarming to see.
  11. The Sons 2018/19

    I don't for a second doubt what you're saying (I have no reason to) but given that you state that they aren't interested in selling shares, do we know, or does anyone know what they are interested in doing? It's been pretty quiet since the rejection of their grand plan a few months ago. Again I don't know so I'm not saying he wasn't, but it could at the very least be looked at as pretty coincidental if that was the case.
  12. The Sons 2018/19

    Absolutely. I don't think there'd be many managers out there at or around this level who would genuinely believe that our squad is playing to the best of their abilities and couldn't get more out of them at the moment. I appreciate what you're saying, and yes there are some players in our squad 'whose best days are behind them' but I genuinely don't believe that this squad couldn't be transformed into at least a top-four side with the right direction, tactics and motivation. And having their 'best days behind them', unless being loan players, is I'd argue, often the case for Dumbarton players over the last 4-5 years. I get that there are questions over the fitness of a couple of our players, but while I fully appreciate the dire situation we find ourselves in, nothing will convince me that this squad of players we have isn't capable of much, much more and I'd very much like a new management team to prove that.
  13. The Sons 2018/19

    I do appreciate that it'll probably need to be someone out of work, I was just firing names out to dispel the myth that somehow there'd be no possibly more attractive candidates for the job. Even in our current predicament, no thanks. Yes, really.
  14. The Sons 2018/19

    There's loads who I'd imagine would be interested... Jim Duffy Gus McPherson Danny Lennon To name three. Heck, Barry Smith wouldn't be the worst! Or as has been mentioned an ex-pro looking to get in such as Barry Robson. The argument of 'who do we get in' is total pish. There's a multitude of potential candidates who'd be eager to get in our hot seat.
  15. Dumbarton -vs- Montrose. Double Header

    So, positives. Cammy Ballantyne. Negatives. Another loss. A poor, gutless performance which will sapp morale more, if that's even possible. The lack of a backbone from the team, who as others have said, look like they aren't playing for the manager, and the manager himself failing to take responsibility. It's got to the stage now that I'm actually hoping we lose next week for the appropriate action to be taken. And that's a horrible feeling to have. But its where we're at. There's just too much happened for Aitken to have a way back. It's a sorry state of affairs but I fear John Steele and the board need to take action and pronto to avoid an absolute catastrophe.