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  1. Awful. Our defending is laughably bad. Not much more that can be said really.
  2. Comments on referees can be made whether your team wins or loses, what a bizarre stance. He was awful in the way he got dozens of decisions wrong throughout the game. As I said though, none of them influenced the outcome of the game. We absolutely deserved to lose our defending and goalkeeping was amateurish from start to finish. Doesn’t mean the referee wasn’t awful though, which he was.
  3. The referee was absolutely awful yesterday. Numerous incorrect decisions and some that were really baffling as to how he got to the decision made. Not that any of them influenced the game in any way. We were awful and a pub team would’ve beaten us yesterday we were that poor.
  4. I’m not on Facebook but I can only presume it’s in relation to the shocking refereeing performance yesterday.
  5. It’s not very in-keeping to see such a fair, level-headed post from a Clyde fan in this thread. Very welcome though.
  6. I too saw that. Hopefully his attitude and endeavour have improved since his very short spell with us.
  7. He can be pretty decent at times (or certainly was for us a couple of seasons ago) then other times he hides. Typical winger I suppose. I’d reckon he’d still have enough in his locker to be a decent acquisition at that level.
  8. This must be a wind up. Not very much effort in this one. How would you suggest fans ‘do something about it’ in relation to spending and success at their clubs? I’ll be interested to hear this one.
  9. Just goes to prove you can’t buy class. Graham’s conduct after leaving us and in that interview has been exemplary, something that absolutely cannot be said of Aitken.
  10. Rest assured there’d be someone or some people who’d be annoyed by it.
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