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  1. Ah the old ‘I was serious, I’ve now been called on it and been made to look like a massive diddy so I’ll backtrack and make feeble claims I was on the wind up’.
  2. Clyde fans = having ideas above their station since. . . Well quite a long time.
  3. It’s been almost a week and Clyde are still having an absolute minter.
  4. So how does one go about buying and accessing the stream from our Lanarkshire friends for tomorrow?
  5. It would seem so. And that we wanted the game postponed and deliberately affected it because we’re so feart of big, bad Clyde and their far superior footballing prowess. Wee flowers that they are.
  6. The challenge to Airdrie fans, should they choose to accept it in the event of the game being postponed is to be less little bitches than the Clyde fans. I’d make them odds on to be less tragic than the Clyde fans last week, not that that’s much of an achievement.
  7. Imagine having the audacity to bleat about standards and morals when your club employs David Goodwillie.
  8. Just because efforts haven’t been sufficient doesn’t mean it’s incompetence as a result. Some Clyde fans have an absolute minter here.
  9. Really glad that God (who we all know is a Son) dropped all that rain on the pitch so we can avoid a Saturday afternoon game with the superpower that is Clyde F.C. So much to be feared so at least we don’t need to pit our wits against them this early in the season. What a relief. We all get to do the gardening and go for the week’s shopping now, thank goodness.
  10. Thanks but I’m getting the same message as these other good folks, error message.[emoji22]
  11. Cheers. But where do I log in? What’s the site I log in to? Sorry but a total technophobe here.
  12. Strange question here... how do you actually get access to tonight’s stream having registered and paid?
  13. In regards to your last sentence, for ‘different read ‘better’ imo.
  14. Surely you mean, he’s rubbish, don’t sign him. League One’s his level? [emoji6]
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