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  1. Don't know what's more haunting the music or the image :0
  2. f**k me! She's better than Giggs's burd Imogen :0
  3. Hamish Husband doesn't speak for me! And let's face it. Our songs are shite!
  4. Why though?! I mean, how fucking hard can it be? Organising a song that you can sing, over in Ireland.
  5. Since we're all a bunch of missrable ba5tards. I say we should elect some new songs. One's we could sing from the stands. Cos lets be honest, Wales has Tom Jones. The Irish,practically have all the songs the Celtic fans sing and Wht do we have??! Tht shit song 'We'll be coming' and something about a reindeer????? It's hardly a PARTY I nominate Travis
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