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  1. Great appointment for Troon: http://troonfootballclub.co.uk/troon-appoint-thomas-oware/
  2. As I said...this did not happen. Straight from the horses mouth above proves that.
  3. This didn’t happen. Feel like somebody is trying to deflect blame with this nonsense...
  4. Nonsense, can’t wait to get out the house to a game of football!!
  5. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. I would normally miss a game like this with our game being on, but a few of us will be heading down as neutrals & I’m sure the same will be true for guys at other clubs. They might miss a few folk with it being a weekday, but don’t underestimate the extras you’ll attract with it being midweek.
  6. That’s a crazy call by whoever appoints the officials. Safe to say this will be a bit of a powder keg waiting to happen, poor referee needs as much help as possible. And he doesn’t need a supervisor when he’s already under the cosh!
  7. Just curious, but why is Little playing in midfield just now? Him & Shelvey were phenomenal up top last season.
  8. I put together the programme for Troon & it’s a labour of love, that’s for sure! I do enjoy doing it though. I kind of feel things like a programme should be part of going to a football game, that’s why I took it on when the last editor gave it up. These things should be kept going. Hats off to anyone that puts a programme together, that’s really giving up time for the sole benefit of your club.
  9. The draw for the 1st round of The Ardagh Group West of Scotland Cup will be made after today’s match between Beith and Irvine Meadow XI in the Bellsdale Park clubhouse. The draw will be streamed LIVE on both Facebook & Twitter after the match, starting at approximately 4.30pm. To find either the Facebook or Twitter pages, go on to either platform and search “sjfa west” and just like/follow the page, then you’ll be notified when the live video starts. ‪Ties are to be played on Saturday 9th November 2019.
  10. I’ve no doubt Kieran & the Bankies boys will come good. Got a great squad of players there & they play great football, just lacking in confidence & a bit of cutting edge right now. One result & that’ll all change.
  11. For somebody “out his depth” I thought he got it absolutely bang on today. Tactics were 100% correct against an excellent Clydebank side & he got the boys fighting well for him to show everyone a big reaction from Monday. Well done Jonny, Deano & Marty!
  12. 1-0 half time, fantastic strike from Ryan Stevenson just before the interval
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