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  1. Friendly Required 14/7/18

    We had already arranged a game for today against Gartcairn before Kilwinning contacted us unfortunately.
  2. Friendly on Saturday anyone?

    We are now playing Gartcairn at the showpark in Kilwinning at 2pm on Saturday.
  3. Friendly on Saturday anyone?

    Anyone looking for a friendly on Saturday? Troon have a park, permit & ref booked for Saturday 2pm for a pre-season friendly, but our opponents have unfortunately withdrawn. Anyone looking for a match? Would take an away match if no home match was available. Contact Richard on 07805517922
  4. Fixtures 2018/19

    As per the constitution changes last summer, the fixtures for the first half of the season are to be issued at tomorrow’s AGM. Therefore, I’d be expecting any potential Secretary candidates to be coming to the meeting armed with a set of fixtures.
  5. Rutherglen Glencairn 2018-19

    Really, Terry? Puns? Theres no knead...
  6. Fixtures conundrum

    With the new season starting earlier, most players will be lucky to get a fortnight off before pre-season starts. Crazy.
  7. New championship playoff

    At last!
  8. That is what our Secretary was told by SR...but then he scheduled Girvan v Talbot the next day for this coming Wednesday. So, the earliest Girvan are available would be Friday or Saturday this week. My guess would be next week. But it would be nice to know for sure!
  9. Cumbernauld v Largs Sunday 3rd June 1PM

    We’d been told it would be Wednesday and Friday of next week, but Girvan v Talbot was announced the following day for Wednesday, so that rules that out. Would be nice to know, though - season defining matches & we’re still all in the dark!
  10. Play offs in West Super League Premier

    Given there’s only a fortnight til the games have to be played by, is it inconceivable we could get some warning of when the games are likely to be? Season defining matches and they’re squeezed in at the last second. [emoji849]
  11. Offence, Goodwin's Law and forum admin

    Good pun. I did Nazi this coming.
  12. New Fixture Secretary Post

    I seem to be in a minority of one here, but I actually think this is a good move forward. We can debate how and why it has come about til the cows come home, but I think we can all agree 99% of any criticism directed at Scott Robertson has been relating to fixtures. If he is standing for re-election as General Secretary and a new Fixtures Secretary is appointed, is that not a step towards addressing that criticism? Is it also not a good thing that any potential new FS will be sitting alongside experience and can lean on that? Wish this had come out sooner, but that doesn’t stop it being a good idea.
  13. Tonights scores

    Medda 2-0 Glencairn
  14. Fixture man strikes again

    Do you know my frustration? As well as the really close title race we have in the Premier, we have an exciting situation in the Super 1st where there are three of us on exactly the same number of points with two games to play each. With Renfrew not far in front & Glencairn and Medda not far behind, it’s not inconceivable that you could have 6 teams separated by a point or even goal difference at the end of the season; with three of them going straight up, two in the play-offs & one team missing out. And most of these six teams still to face each other as well. We could have the sort of last day drama that players, coaches, sponsors & Media all dream of! With only a few weeks planning, this could be set-up for the kind of situation that could be splashed all over the papers for some fantastic publicity for the West Region Juniors - except we don’t know when they’re all playing (beyond 10 days notice) and with last night’s fixtures out, a last day drama has been avoided. Something worth bearing in mind next time the dearth of sponsorship or positive publicity is mentioned...

    Bit confused & disappointed at the level of hostility shown towards our club here, I had always thought our clubs got on well. We’ve had three fantastic encounters between us this season with two wins for us and one for you, so it’s been close throughout. And both myself and our physio spent ages treating your keeper & defender who both got injured in our cup match, so we’ve hardly treated you with distain - we’ve gone out of our way to help a fellow Junior club. And more than once. Well done to Gillian & Mark for a fantastic season, and to John & all the players for securing their place in the 1st Division for next year.