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  1. Games Off Saturday 2nd February

    Have to say by the way, fair play to the ref who tried his best with us to see the park playable. Sensible decision reached, however unfortunate!
  2. Today’s games

    Apologies Kennie, my mistake. Was typing it as I was coming off, was still spitting feathers at our performance... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    [emoji23][emoji23] [emoji476]
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Glad to hear it, Ally is a cracking keeper & a top lad. He was between the sticks for us last season when we won at yours & he was excellent that day too.

    Great they’re taking the draw to another new media place, draw live on radio & on a live stream. Superb. The teams in the draw are below:
  6. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup 2nd Round Draw

    If you can all like & follow the new SJFA West Region Facebook page, the draw will be live on there between 4.30pm & 5pm tomorrow afternoon, once Kennie has all of the results in from tomorrow's 1st Round matches. Link here: SJFA West Region Facebook Page
  7. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Excited to be hosting the first live draw for this competition, and delighted that Craig Brown is coming down to do the draw alongside Graeme Shepherd. Details of where you can watch the draw live on Saturday will be posted later today so everyone can get tuned in [emoji1303]
  8. Friendly tonight - Opposition wanted

    Troon have a permit & a ref for an 8pm kick-off at Beith Astro tonight, but our opposition have had to withdraw because of an injury list. Anybody interested in a game, please contact Richard on 07805517922
  9. Today's scores 3rd nov

    Thought Clydebank were excellent yesterday, they were right on it from kick-off & did everything with pace & intensity and were a class above us I’m afraid. Sometimes you get frustrated at your own teams’ shortcomings, but on occasions like yesterday you just have to hold your hands up & say the opposition were better. Good luck to you all for the rest of the season, I fully expect to see you lifting some silverware at the season’s end.
  10. Cambuslang Rangers struggling?

    Without a bad tackle in the game [emoji85]
  11. Today's scores 13th

    I’m going to top Trump you both with the Juniors legend that is Mr John Redmond. Hugely popular individual doon the valley...
  12. Games On/Off - Storm Callum

    Troon v Medda is ON! Portland Park is looking great despite the rain. Any neutrals are welcome down by the Seaside, 2pm kick-off.
  13. Scores 15th Sept

    We had two really good games with you guys last season, but yesterday wasn’t high on quality from either side. Thought the draw would have been about right, but there we go. The penalty is at 2:19 onwards. I’ll let folk judge for themselves...
  14. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Mark Shanks was the Manager when we won the West.