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  1. Heard that we did. Dillon allegedly asked sometime after January whether he was being kept on so he could put is name out and get a club for the next season. Was told he wouldn't, so that was when they filmed his goodbye. Ray then spoke to him in February and he would be getting kept on, would have been on reduced terms and as a squad player. Because of that Dillon didn't put out he was available. After the play off loss to Hamilton Ray then told him he wasn't getting a contract and denied telling him he would get one. Dillon has no time for Ray. All "alledgedly" of course.
  2. I think mostly it's wishful thinking. There has been a rumour for a few months, but it seems to disappear once his wages are mentioned. He has said he enjoys the lifestyle in the US but there are family issues living there.
  3. No problems at all, was just chuffed to see it on here!![emoji106] I agree, Russell seems very unlikely, unless it is for family reasons which I read some mention of that a few months ago.
  4. This is about the 1st time I've been close to being "in the know" so don't want to land anyone in bother OR lose the chance of anymore. It wasn't from someone at united, BUT the route to me is impeccable and extremely trustworthy.
  5. Bloody hell, fame at last, my tweet and Johnny Russell's wages screen shot has been posted on P&B!!! No idea who it is, heard it this week. I don't doubt the providence of the info I was told. I thought it was interesting and wondered what names we could come up with.
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