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  1. Cheers, should try squinting at the photos a bit more, might help!!
  2. Would that be Adam King in the background? Starting with King and Ganet on the bench?
  3. Have to say I disagree. I hate them with a passion, Saturday at 3 is where it should be, prefer a half 12 Sunday to a Friday night.
  4. Maybe, I thought it was definitely ST that knocked it back, but your probably right about the other names.
  5. Was it not a couple of years ago Gauld was up for a loan move back in a deal brokered by Jimmy Fyffe with him financing part of it and ST turned it down? If JF has his way this would be on, and I assume might add a little to the gates?
  6. Seen tweet from Scotsman journalist that Ryan Guald will be allowed to leave Sporting if he finds a club. Wait for the "bring him home" posts to hit shortly! We still own 20% of the player if the contract between United & Sporting that was leaked online was genuine.
  7. Two Scottish journalists, Scott Burns based up here for Express & Record, Nixon down south.
  8. Don't know if anyone has heard any of this, but saw this from a poster on another forum... "...we are the only club with a concrete offer to Shankland. there is an offer in for Craig Conway. second / third hand info that we are interested in Kyle Lafferty. and Neilson would like Harry Cochrane in (likely a loan)." If true that could be good regards Shankland, Conway, although 34, is still decent & was offered a contract at Blackburn. He rejected it to play more regularly, has highly thought of there, so could be a goo addition both on and off the field. Lafferty seems to be less unlikeable than he used to be. Played well for Hearts, but thought the way he left was a bit poor to be honest. Could be decent in Championship but he would have to have a good start as I don't think he'd get much leeway off the support. Cochrane is an interesting one. We were rumoured to be after him in January too. Seems a good player, has played well in Premiership, but will he continue to get games in Levien's massive squad or would a season with us be of more use in his progression?
  9. Must be waiting until the shop is fully finished and stocked.
  10. @stumigoo saw this on another forum and, to be fair, might be another reason why Ashgar has commented on it, Shanklands agent trying the get a higher profile club speaks to journalist and gives him story. Sun contact United and ask for comment. Sun tell United they are printing story anyway. Ashgar gives comment knowing they'll print what he says allowing a bit of control. I suppose it does give him a bit of PR for the club as you say showing the fans that we are being serious, also gives Shankland's agent the column inches he was looking for for his client and gets pressure publicly placed in other interested parties. Either way we all have something to talk about.
  11. Your point? I know it was written while tired but... I would like to think players would be on an incentive based wage with bonuses for Winning the league (less for promotion through play off) Trophies (unlikely but based on round reached) Win bonus Goals So achievements will earn big rewards, not just a large wedge irrespective of effort.
  12. Not sure about that, but I'd question the sanity of anyone authorising that sort of wage in the Championship.
  13. I'd seriously doubt we'd be offering anything near £3000 a week. We did that sort of thing once & it all got messy. With bonuses, including promotion bonus be would get a fair whack but I doubt that a player who scores well at league 1 and1st half of Championship last season but failed miserably at Premiership level here would be paid close to that. Would imagine more like £1500 basic perweek but incentive based, so large bonuses for league win etc
  14. Was reading a bit about the current Sunderland situation last night. Seemingly withe take over and proposed changes, there may not be any signings made until thats all finalised, whenever that may happen.
  15. I assume you mean me by that. If not sorry misread you. There have been posts here every other day about where are our signings. There have been Twitter posts on United's tweets "we haven't even got strips yet". Post on other forums,FB, Twitter etc. Complaining that we haven't signed at least a handful of players yet, but "team X,Y or Z have signed blah, blah, blah". Patience, they are coming, we are.doing it right, trying to get the right attitude, not just ability. Our support is full of these "belters" though. We'll see what the following weeks bring.
  16. I am perfectly calm. No point building excitment for the sake of excitement. A new season brings its own excitement,the unknown of how its going to go. We have preseason games coming up, then th BetFred. It maybe because I'm older, and couldn't give two shits about the strip other than I hope it's not crap, maybe it's because I can't stand this cynical, all about the money, new strip every single year. Maybe its because I had the chance to grow up in an era that fans had more to judge teams by than how many players they signed irrespective of quality. We started preseason today, our 1st competitive game is 18 days away, our first league game is 40 days away. The last 1 or 2 signings will come, we maybe having to wait on our 1st choices, better that than rush into a 2nd or 3rd choice as they could sign now.
  17. Not just here. The Twitter comments and the idiots on Facebook are diabolical. There also have been comments over the last we while over no signings. It was a general complaint, as a United fan I do not only see what is written here.
  18. Can't believe the negativity from our fans. The constant "wheres a signing" comments are wearing thin. When did it become the norm that clubs must sign AND announce a bunch of players buy the 1st week in June or their peeing about? Bring back the days of 1988 when the ONLY pre season signings were Raphael Meade and Mio Krivocapic! United will bring in 5 players (might be 4) we HAVE signed 3(Reynolds, Sporle and Smith). This approach is to be welcomed, working quietly in the background to get the RIGHT players. No announcements until player signs. Also the complaints of "FFS United we haven't got a strip and first game is days away". We do, just because WE haven't seen it doesn't mean United haven't got it. It will be announced in due course. I believe it was delayed due to the deal being delayed in being signed due to the new regime. In other words, calm down, save.the coronary for the first time this season's boo boy misses a pass by 5mm.
  19. Neilson had said he wanted 5 players, might be 4 might be 6. Ashgar said they had agreed deals with 4 players. Now that may have been Reynolds, Smith and Sporle an a.n. other. Might be that that a player has rejected the deal without promotion or might be holding off to see if they can get higher level since we didn't get promoted, might be they are waiting on contract finishing or pre season starting to announce.
  20. Yes. It has been publicly said by United that he can play on plastic. Did he not play at QOS?
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