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  1. I wasn't giving it what "Dundee done..." It was having a go at those who had before giving it "you done this" & " you done that". Even had some folk trying to make out certain fanbases are worse than others. I was saying I can do that too and then listed things my side had done. As in big deal, we've all got idiots etc. I even specifically called out whataboutery by name.
  2. Totally agree. As soon as the goal was scored they stopped doing everything good & reverted to aimless lobs & punts. The panicked lumps anywhere were inexplicable. I know we hadn't been great for a few weeks but hadn't been that bad. Hopefully its been the kick up the arse they needed, performance wise. Clark was hobbling when he went off, so hopefully nothing too bad. Performance wise I hope we keep the ball down and play football, we are so much better when we do, rather than long ball crap. Any form of result would be an improvement on the last game down there for us though.
  3. Sad to see this raising its head again. Having read through the thread it IS apparant that this IS being used as a "willy waiving" competition, and for me that is extremely sad. "They did this...", "They did that...". Situation A happens, "we must do something about it". Followed by " yes, but what about unrelated situation B, unrelated situation C etc." Whataboutery - the argument of fuckwits since time immemorial. I can play that game too.. Adult Dee following & pathetically shouting abuse at my, at the time, 4 yo son because he had a United scarf . Being jumped in Dundee by 2 Dees after I got back to Dundee from Hampden in 94, kicked in the head, bust my glasses all cowardly from behind, before they ran away. Hamilton, not a high point for Dee fans. I too have witnessed stuff being thrown, racist language and assaults by Dee fans. Hold on....and then there is us.... Dynamo Moscow, enough said, not a good look. The ET League Cup final, in a pub opened up early for us, a bus load of Arabs looking like they were "chemically enhanced" & bladdered, pissing in corners and in the puggy machine. Trying to swing on ceiling lights and being abusive to staff. Was utterly embarrassing to be associated with them. This incident with Hemmings League cup group stage at Dens in 2017. Up at the back of the Shankly stand closest to the main stand. Along side the moronic, monotone, repeated to death " Die,die die you b*****d" every so often you'd hear " get that ape" and such like every time Roarie Deacon touched the ball. Shameful. I've also seen pathetic moronic behaviour from our fans at other times. This tells us that we have arseholes in BOTH our supports. It is something to be EQUALLY ashamed of. Not a competition to say "your worse than us". It should be called out. The majority of comments come.fromnthe right place, but less of the "willy waiving". Sad thing is in the example with Roarie Deacon I think it is, this will sound clumsy do matter how I phrase it so please bear with me, just "something" to shout at an opposition player. Yes it is racist and it should be condemned. As the same voices could be heard at one time shouting ..."get that ape,well done Edge, nice one big man,get that ape!". Absolutely abhorrent and god only knows what Edge would have thought about it, never mind Deacon, but what goes through someone's head to think that is acceptable to shout at an opponent. They certainly weren't young & I believe United were aware of it. Self policing is a good idea, but in theory a bit difficult to do depending on the situation. In that situation at Dens I was with my son who was 7 at the time. I couldn't just go up to, a number of fans, who had had alcohol, and tell them off. As it was I placed my scarf over my mouth & did shout "less of the racism"etc when it was shouted by them. But it can be difficult, no one else seemed to be tackling it, it needs a conserted effort. I do hope the individual is found and given a suitable punishment and at very least banned for a year from all United games. No place at all no matter the reasons for it. Banter is one thing, but there is a "nastyness" creeping into the rivalry. As a United fan I have friends and relatives who are Dees, same as Dees on here have Arab friends, so we know each other aren't all bad! These people may well be fans of the two clubs but they DO NOT define either of us and never will
  4. @G_Man1985 Neilson deserves a lot of credit, he built the squad, picks the players etc. Even when not firing on all cylinders we are solid at the back. We may not be spectacular, we have been.at times, but we are consistent and scoring goals ( +28 goal difference) which is what will win the league. I'm happy, promotion is the only thing that matters, performance 2nd.
  5. ??? Seriously, it'll be good to see the ball move naturally! Fingers crossed for a good result, really want to see us have a good result against Ayr.
  6. Definately this for me Although @stumigoo 's other option is up there for me as it was the first time (only time??) My young lad has been to a final and seen the club win a trophy. His face and reaction was priceless.
  7. Wouldn't be in favour of it based on how it has been used in England. The cost would be prohibitive for SPFL clubs, realistically who could afford to put out the amount of money required, other than 2 clubs? Where I would be in favour is it is ONLY used where "a clear AND obvious error has occured". Someone offside by a few mm or indeed cms does not meet the criteria. Penalty decisions that need watched 5/6 times and still not 100% doesn't meet the criteria. If it comes in and is used as it is in England it will kill the game.
  8. My work do this too. They tell me what they will pay me for a year, then they split it into months. They call it wages here. He is not a registered United player. He has received a pay off settlement. Rather than have all his settlement in a one go,it has been agreed as part of settlement agreement to be split. Its a fairly old concept, used by many. As Aird would not leave without a settlement of his contract this would have been the agreed route, although in my opinion he should have been punted for A) impersonating a footballer & B) his support of orange marches
  9. He was definately released and is under no circumstances a Dundee United player. It could be his settlement to leave, rather than a lump sum we are paying it up over so many months.
  10. Clubs back them were spending far more money than they were then. United for instance spent transfer fees of £250000, £350000 and £750000 amongst others in the 2nd.teir in 1995/96. Inconceivable now. They weren't the only ones spending 6 figure transfer fees. Also worth pointing out (yet again!) United's loss isn't just the playing staff it has been infrastructure and repairs as well. Player's wages as well have gone through the roof by comparison, especially elsewhere, and we cannot compete, made worse when the money from broadcasting is horrendous compared to previously with regards to wages and elsewhere where we struggle to compete And nostalgia to a lesser extent
  11. While I'd agree he was behind Robertson, who surprised everyone as to how good he was and how he progressed while at United, I do think that is unfair on Douglas. Yes he had mistakes (Kilie) but he wasn't mostly shite, he suffered from "not Paul Dixon" syndrome. Dixon had been that good for us anyone replacing him would have been view d with suspicion. Robertson was truly frightening as to how good he was, especially considering where he came from. I don't mean that in any disrespectful way to Queen's but when Celtic let him go for the typical Scottish football reason of being "too small", I'm amazed no other clubs higher up took him on. To be fair Queen's Park do have a good reputation for youth.
  12. Not too much to disagree with there. Due to how his time finished I feel folk forget Dillon was player of the year one year and at his peak could do a grand job at centre half and midfield. Rankin is one I would argue with. I found him utterly infuriating. The amount of times he refused to look to his left and missed players in space so he could do the, easier for him, pass to his right to a player surrounded was unbelievable. That and his running towards an opposition player made it look like he was attempting to tackle, even though he was nowhere near. He got the applause from the crowd for trying but to me it looked like a lazy player well off the pace. That's not to say he didn't have good games and didn't make a good contribution at times, but utterly frustrating. I was a big fan of Daly. Yes he could play the typical centre forward, but he had more to him and was fairly good on the ball. Yes Ciftci, the mad b*****d, was more "flamboyant" and more likely to get fans off their seats, but Daly at his peak was more reliable and more consistent. Dods was a Ronseal player. He defended. Nothing fancy. Like you was not to excited by his signing but he proved me wrong. He knew his limitations, worked hard and would have been a godsend over the last 5 years. Honourable mention to Kovacevic too.
  13. And then back again in a couple of years. You would have thought if he had any self belief another season of similar returns would have seen him land the potential of a move like Stewart.
  14. OK my mistake, I was under the impression you guys had received a pretty big bid but you thought it was worth rejecting to.seenif you could get promoted. There was one from us, that wasn't that high, but was Swansea not a good bid?
  15. I would hope a man of Asghar's background wouldn't have been so stupid to agree to a rediculously low release fee, especially if you have a player you feel has the potential to be wanted by a number of clubs. If there is one as low as that then that is incompetent. Although a lot of the "word on the pavey" is off the mark eg Shankland's wages. We'll just have to see what happens & for me hopefully see him celebrating the league win in May.
  16. Will wait and see, but in all seriousness I would be seriously surprised if a move was sanctioned before summer. The owner and Asghar are well aware of what happened the last time we sold unnecessarily in January. Especially as it could affect promotion. Could quite easily believe it in summer though. Ayr turned down similar last January from down south when he had 6 months to go on contract, he signed a 3 year with us. Obviously contract length designed to get maximum fee for him when leaving.
  17. OK. Doubt that after all would that paltry figure cover his wages to January and his signing on fee?
  18. I'd assume it would be a loan deal, in which case we'd be paying a percentage of his wages.
  19. Why would his wages come into it? After all you guys have Anthony Ralston on loan from Celtic, aren't his wages beyond what you could afford? If players are going out on loan, depending on who is requesting the loan (player or club) and the deal, the loaning club rarely pay the full wages, but a percentage of the wage the player is on. I assume you know this & from reading your other posts it was just an opertunity to have a dig at the club using rumour, half truths and crap about spending.
  20. Yes. Had a loan spell at Sunderland in January. Only played for Celtic this season.
  21. Had an interesting chat this morning with someone who told me about Shankland a number of weeks before it happened. Talking about January movements. Now not everything comes true, but usually as the attempt doesn't come off. What I've been told is Sow away permanently in January and Morgan & Safranko in. Neilson has stated that they didn't sign anyone for left wing as he expected Banks to play there. Since Banks is away in January & Morgan has only played once since August might be.something in that. Safranko is a surprise and can't see it since he only signed for Cepsi in Summer, but he hasn't scored. Did think his "unfinished" business story in the press was strange but could there be something in it? Issue for me there is he would have to be in a two with Shankland, but never the less can't see it. Sow has been a major disapointment. Stories of off field issues, bit seems a shadow of the player he was and wages could be be better spent elsewhere. Cant imagine Killie are paying all of his wages. Just passing on what I heard this morning. Anyone else heard anything?
  22. I can understand why they have them, I can also appreciate the counter argument as to why have them at football matches. I'll end up with splinters with that! If there is one though it isn't too much to ask to be quiet for such a short period of time. Obviously folk may not realise it is happening or has started if arriving late, but surely would realise once in the stands. In Scottish football they are generally pretty well respected (ignoring the obvious examples where it isn't), with only the odd kids voice, cough or late arrival, at least in my experience of the games I've attended. If it hadn't been the derby, your right it wouldn't have been as big an issue.
  23. Right I'll bite... Society has arseholes in it. Some of society go to football matches. In no way do I condone any of that & I hope that karma catches up with any body, football supporter or otherwise, that thinks its acceptable to spit or verbally abuse children. Going to a derby a number of years ago, my son must have been 4, we had a Dundee fan behind us walking down Isla St. Shouting abuse and generally having a go at my son, must have been mid 40s at least. Must have made his teenage daughter so proud of him. Is he representative of all Dundee fans? No, he was just a pathetic arsehole. Have inebriated Dundee fans pissed in public? Answer is a guaranteed yes. Representative of all Dundee fans, nope, just arseholes. Minutes silence neither club comes away looking good. Late United fans shouting, lots of "shhh!", from us in stand, the Derry then shouted back. Seen comment from Dees that the Derry should have kept quiet themselves & their response was not welcome either. As I said not condoning what happened to you, but that's not representative of all United fans as much as what happened to my lad is not representative of all Dundee fans, just arseholes, we've sadly all got them. Hopefully your two lads are OK & not put off going to future games,.good to see youngsters going to local teams.
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