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  1. It is us, it allows us to get a player, we shouldn't be able to afford, at the lowest possible fee. But due to how it has been constructed Man U get a fee and (potential) sell on fee that gives them what they feel they are warranted.
  2. Heard that as well. If that is the case, then they are trying to avoid a tribunal which suggests they are not 100% confident of their original position. Take them to the tribunal receive the money and invest in a player we actually need and want.
  3. Not necessarily. I have heard it was only £100,000, 25% sell on fee and a % of (any) world cup fee. Either way we do have to be careful of the fees, the money coming in has to cover the losses as well, which are.coming down. I just think I don't see anyone other than the obvious paying £500k. The last time we all did it oushed the prices up of all players and led to many of the issues we've all struggled with iver the last 20 years. IMHO of course.
  4. Even with the transfer fees received by the likes of Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts cut of Hickey deal I can't see anyone in Scotland outside the big two paying that size of fee for anyone. I think clubs up here have all been burnt before to different levels financially to start spending that amount one just one player.
  5. Think its a bit poor Eriksson is being written off before he's even played. His stats, all be it from Swedish top flight, are far better than Clark's. According to rumours Clark has been told to bolt anyway now.
  6. Not really, just someone who has read and understood the accounts publicly available for the last few years. I appreciate the losses, understand why they have happened, understand the hit Covid-19 caused to the plan, and know the income is increasing to the club, the transfer fees paid during 21/22 and know it will take a while until a big dent is made in the debt underwritten by Ogren. No idea, is it more than a Defender TD5 as that's a bugger at the moment.
  7. As we're at least 7 players down from the (slightly bloated) 1st team squad, I'd say it should be less than last season. Thank you
  8. To be honest if we aren't I'd be disappointed. Always feel no matter how unlikely, and it is unlikely due to resources, you should aim for 1st as that should mean you get as high as possible. Never feel comfortable seeing folk at clubs saying they are aiming for safety, or top six. Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts all have greater resources and should be able to offer more wages, but that doesn't mean they can always put together a greater team. Seen it with ourselves, high wages and shite on the park. Hopefully this season we're putting together a good team.
  9. Happened a couple of years ago if I remmember correctly when the new.kit wasn't announced before the friendlies started. Bit of a recurring theme there.
  10. Looks like Cudjoe-Amin also played although not mentioned in the team line up. He's in one of the pictures on Northampton's website.
  11. McGrath, yes, but Clark has had the contract pulled from the rumours doing the rounds. Rumour is contract verbally agreed, agent asked for more, agreed again, then agent comes back another time for more. United then told them to bolt. Or so the story goes.
  12. Losses have been coming down eaxh year from 2019-2021. That included the Mellonball year with no fans in the stadium. The money received in the Premiership is far higher than the Championship and even with the high wage to turnover our wage bill was similalr to Motherwell. We have more ST sales, higher ave attendance than Motherwell. We have lost 18 players from our squad, some of which were higher earners. We're replacing those 18 with promoted youth and some quality signings to bring the squad to a manageable 1st team squad, adding in the league position last year, player sales, your losses should have shrunk further. Next year should again bring the losses down with ST sales and hopefully (with some luck) a couple of Euro games, decent cup run and league position should keep it heading the correct way.
  13. But we're not spunking a lot of cash. The wages to income will have fallen last season due to paying customers back in the grounds, and league prize money. Squad will be smaller this season. This coming season we'll go into it with our highest season ticket sales in over a decade. We have the.Shankland money, Fuchs money (and potentially fuchs sell on fee).
  14. Have a greeny for the Lonely Island gif. That song perfectly sums up the reaction if we had those forwards signed for the coming season!!
  15. He played 40 times for Stoke lalst season & 42 times season before. Doesn't read like someone with any sort of injury problems. Never been a fan of Fletcher so I'll see how he plays, but spending " half the season injured" doesn't seem to be any more likely than any other player. He does seem to be brought here as someone to hold the play up and give some badly missing aerial ability up top rather than anything approching nimble, tricky striker with pace.
  16. That's Scott Burns announcing the Fletcher deal Edited due to stupid ****ing phone pasting in an old link to something unrelated which I hadn't noticed.
  17. Seen this doing the rounds, Levitt at St Andrews training
  18. That's a writer for Manchester Evening News confirming permanent deal
  19. Brett who? Seems a bit of a long deal for Alston at 3 years and 30 years old and playing League 1 & Championship last 2 years.
  20. Aye your right it is, but someone I know has seen his car outside Tannadice today and is someone who doesn't get involved in pretending to be ITK. Also The Courier reporting that only the finer detail was being negotiated today on the deal, expecting it completed in next 24 hours. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/3468430/dylan-levitt-dundee-united-transfer-tangerines-deal-manchester-united/
  21. If true (not disputing your sources), then I think this is appropriate use of this gif...
  22. I must have missed Carl Johan Eriksson leaving the club then 6 months into a 2.5 year contract. He was brought to the club with Benji leaving in the summer.
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