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  1. Yup, can't see any reason he deserves a "seat" at the negotiating table.
  2. They did that, BUT that was what prompted Dave McKinnon to publicly come out & put his name to it in the article I linked to. The one linked by me is in response to that ICT statement. Dave McKinnon claims that other Championship clubs will confirm that ICT's CEO was putting this forward. To be fair it's. not the first that that he's been caught telling "personal versions of the truth" in this saga, eg see Kheredine's apology to Dunfermline. I agree I don't see exactly what benefit to ICT other than they maybe feel United would have to cost cut if they stayed and as such they'd have more chance of promotion.
  3. Working in the background, see https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/morton-chief-trashes-inverness-null-22014426
  4. Who is that? If you mean Brechin then... Brechin avoid a playoff to see if they stay up or go down. Exactly the same as Hamilton Ross County St. Mirren QoS Alloa Forfar Peterhead Who were all in playoff place or could easily have ended up in it. But, but Brechin
  5. Should also point out that this legal action from Hearts matches the proposed "plan" that Spoofer from ICT is alleged to have put forward. This plan that he said was being worked on by ICT, Hearts & Rangers was effectively "null & void" but hand out positional prize money. This was reported in the Daily Record, which prompted the ICT chairman to say "There is not a scintilla of truth in this disgraceful hatchet piece published in that Glasgow newspaper.” Dave McKinnon of Morton then confirmed that ICT were talking shite. This was reported back on 12 May. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/morton-chief-trashes-inverness-null-22014426
  6. Yup, that's the nub of it, they are cherry picking what fits and what doesn't. Can't relegate as season didn't complete Can call champions even though season "didn't complete" Can't promote as season didn't complete Can hand out final placing prize money even though season "didn't complete" Can award European competition places based on league placings even though season "didn't complete" So if season didn't complete, then none.of those things can be carried out. If those things that are being carried out can only happen upon the qualified ending of the league then all must be carried out as league has ended. "The Clubs for the time being entitled in terms of these Rules to participate in the Premiership shall, disregarding any abandoned or postponed matches, play in 38 League Matches in any one Season.” Nice of them to do the SPFL's defence in their own lodged legal action.
  7. With regards the above comment, I point you towards my post from yesterday. It is not a handful of teams and many of those teams affected or fucked as you eloquently put it voted to, to use your phrase, f**k themselves as in their view it was for the best for Scottish football as a whole rather than their self interest (promotion, bigger gates, more prize money, glory). This month or two that you keep banging on about, how would this have worked? We still are not allowed, by those who make the laws, to play football in Scotland. That would mean those 8 games, plus play offs, STILL could not be played. When would they have started training? If they were training so that they were ready to go at the drop of a hat that would mean that players could not be furloughed as they were working. The new Sky contract causes a bit of an issue due to it being a legal document between two parties that would not be able to commence when it had been agreed. UEFA has a deadline set for leagues further down the rankings, that we fall into in Scotland, to notify them of that leagues representatives. How would that fit in? I'm not trying to be a dick about things, but some of these have been put to you and not really answered. I'm asking as I genuinely would like to know how this could have been done.
  8. I wonder if someone could tell football pundit Steven Thomson, especially point 4. Really grinds my gears that those paid to speak and report on football lack the facts that fans with non football/sport journalist jobs know. In the days of instant research via the internet there is no excuse!
  9. Exactly. A 14 team top league has everyone playing each other twice then split.Top 6 play each other twice as do bottom 8. Heard it from so many people, but like you I fail to see how this will make much difference to the over all league other than make everyone poorer.
  10. Same here. Had enough, he is on a publicly funded broadcaster not a fan podcast.
  11. It did and made it possible to take his top off to make points to players & I believe had very poor man manager skills. Proof that just because you played & were decent, you have the skills required.
  12. Just because.you played football does not mean you are best placed or intelligent enough or in general have to ability to do that. Most of these ex players live in a football vacuum and folk from outside bring other strengths and knowledge, which should work alongside those from football.
  13. I made the mistake of turning it on, curiosity got the better of me, wish I'd stayed outside cutting the.grass and weeding! Tuned in just as Richard Gordon was telling Tom English (correctly) that there was nothing in the rules stopping any "no" vote being changed. Christ on a bike this is the broadcasting equivalent of a chimps tea party. It's a competition to see who can miss the point spectacularly. John Collins is a tool. Just listened to the Arguments for colt teams. "These 18 & 19 year olds won't get into the Celtic 1st team, so their development is blocked". Move clubs then. "I'm all for developing young Scottish players". So how can these teams only have Scottish players? Surely that is against discrimination law? f**k me this is appalling.
  14. I take its not worth downloading tonight to listen to? Just more of the same... It's not fair The clubs that didn't vote with Hearts,Thistle,Stranraer all were wrong & riddled with self interest, rather than the good of the game. Hearts,Thistle,Stranraer, Kelty & Brora unfairly punished. No other club affected Kelty & Brora denied promotion Hearts etc "punching back" No other point of view or reason listened to. Just like every other Sportsound broadcast/podcast for last 6 -8 weeks?
  15. You could also add Morton and Dunfermline to that list as they were also just outside the playoffs. Good point only 3 & 4pts back from play off place. Easy to forget that 2-7 in Championship were in with a chance of promotion playoffs and the rest relegation playoffs, pretty much everyone with something to play for. Yet inspite of this Championship voted to end.
  16. This is my point also, especially with the way Tom English spouts forth. Everytime he(or others to be fair) brings up Kelty and Brora being denied promotion. They weren't/haven't been, they've been denied a play off to have a play off see if they can win a promotion. As have... ICT Ayr United Dundee Arbroath (possibly) Dunfermline (possibly)* Morton (ossibly)* Falkirk Airdrie Montrose East Fife Edinburgh City Elgin Cowdenbeath Queens Park Many voted to give this up for what they felt was for the best for Scottish Football, not just "f**k Hearts and Partick!" (Stranraer were 9pts adrift). Them you have English telling Cowdenbeath's Donald Findlay, when this was pointed out, "were you really?" & Telling him your form wasn't good enough. They were in 4th place, a play off place. They had more chance of a playoff than Hearts of avoiding relegation. Then there is the lack of relegation for Brechin. I think they mean Brechin avoid a playoff to see if they stay up or go down. Exactly the same as Hamilton Ross County St. Mirren QoS Alloa Forfar Peterhead Who were all in playoff place or could easily have ended up in it. But, but Brechin "Tainted titles", shouldn't get promotion because season never finished, so how does that square with Kelty Hearts? 5 games to go 6 pts clear of Bonnyrigg Rose who had a game in hand. Yet they should be promoted?? There are always going to be winners & losers, it is unavoidable. But there is some amount of truth bending, facts being ignored and similar situations airbrushed if they don't fit the point. In short there is some amount of absolute bollocks talked from press, fans, clubs etc. You can't focus on one "escape"/"wrong doing" while ignoring the rest. * Added thanks to DeeTillEhDeh reminding me that they were only 3 & 4 pts off play off place respectfully.
  17. Who knew Pete Doherty was a Jambo? With his drug use it would explain the costume
  18. Why? What exactly was wrong with the Dundee vote? As per SPFL rules only Yes votes count. If Dundee's vote was yes then it would have stood. As the clubs had 28 days to vote and the 7 days was a request but not enforceable, again as per SPFL rules it was allowed. The issue with it not being received in time is not untoward. Having worked in ICT for over 20 years including with these types of mail systems, this happens all the time and is not unheard of or unbelievable.
  19. It only decided it based on the voting structure that is in place. The Dundee vote decided whether the Championship. If it had been a regular vote them it wouldn't. 81% voted for it.
  20. Always amazed.by this argument. Doncaster is the head of the SPFL. The SPFL is the clubs, and only carries out the will of the clubs & takes the shit so they don't have to. I'm not saying he's great or doing a brilliant job, but he is not doing anything other than the clubs wishes. Is the club I'm safe hands? Genuine question, what happened with the stand? Was that not her and it was over budget,no seats and some "strange" stairwells etc? The budget seems to be blown on a bloated, lesser than the sum of their parts squad.
  21. Bollocks! From January to the season's "end", Hearts won 9 points, Ross County 8pts. I'm not sure, but to me it looks pretty even, just the 1 point in it. I could list the dates and results if you'd like.
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