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  1. Goodness knows if it is or not, but that is the rumour. Mulgrew,Watt and Clark laughing about at halftime warm up hasn't gone down well with some of the support. There is something very rotten at the heart.of the playing side of the club at the moment. Never seen so many allegedly professional players, look like they have given up, chucked it and can't be arsed as you see in the park at the moment. No mattter who yout boss is and whether you like him or not professional pride comes into it and you still do your best. Not really finding anyone who fits that bill to be honest. That is not absolving Ross of his mistakes.
  2. What is your problem @ArabFC The lad asked what the rumours are, he was told what they are. Obviously have another one of these posters that doesn't like other opinions or folk to answer what rumours are. We aren't saying its fact, it's just what the rumours are. It's also obvious to anyone with a brain and eyes to see the pathetic, directionless, aimless, substandard, lack of effort shit show being served up by the playing squad currently, that something is very,very obviously wrong. That the players have downed tools and very, very few look bothered when the goals go in against them.
  3. The dressing room is led by 4 players. They believe they are who runs the club. The players are Mulgrew, Watt and 2 others (Clark possibly one other). They are seemingly against Jack Ross and as such the dressing room is not with him.
  4. You'd have to jettison Mulgrew,Edwards and Smith for that. The slow aimlless, directionless gk to Edwards to Smith to Mulgrew to Smith all after about 5 touches to control it slows down absolutely ANY chance of doing anything at all. The opposition is all back closing of space. When the ball does get to Middleton is 1st response (and he is far from the only one) is to passit straight back again irrespective of if he has time to turn and go forward. No in is hitting the byline at pace to stretch the opposition and put in a cross to Fletcher who if he does win it has no one (Watt, McGrath,Harkes,Middleton) with 5+ yards to win the knock-downs. Its getting that bad Fletcher was out wide with Smith and Middleton so he could get a touch and try to help create. There is just so much wrong with our set up and play right now it is difficult to know where to start when you want to critique the team!
  5. It's not an unpopular opinion at all. Freeman was really pivotal to our good start last season. Smith when in possession today just would not release the ball quick enough to Middleton and never overlapped. Was the no overlapping a managerial decision or was it because he had absolutely no confidence in Edwards and Mulgrew behind him? If must play, use him as the defensive midfielder that should have been a prority this window. The amount of mistakes so far from him, although far from the only one, so far this season has me shaking my head. Quite a few players in the squad must be sitting there fizzing at the fact they aren't getting a look when watching what those who are playing are getting away with.
  6. I'd agree with this too. I also wish he'd stop trying to be so greedy. Needs to remember its a team game amd he can't do everything. For example as well as he played against AZ at home, the amount of times he ignored the overlapping Sheep, tried to take on too many defenders, lost the ball and allowed them to attack into the space Sheep had left was infuriating. It was glossed over as we ovver all were really good that night. Similar against Sunnderland, guilty of over playing it. I'm fairly positive about him, he is a good player. He is not as bad as the current criticism is making out, but as Granny says that doesn't mean he is beyond criticism as there are aspects to his game that could be improved.
  7. Individually yes, but collectively as a team? That's the question. I'd tend to agree there is but we need to start picking up points, or at very least performances as the Euro home game has been the only real one we've had. I was hoping for a realistic 8-10 points from the opening games of Killie. (a), Livi(h), Hearts (a), Celtic (h) and Well (a). As it stands we're looking at 2 maybe 4 at most. AZ at home says we can, the lack of confidence and utter panic ruppling through the team currently says "hopefully"
  8. On the comments that StMirren is a "must win", for me it is. Failure to do so will have the fans on Ross, leave us 1pt from 12 with a game against Celtic, lets face it, we are extremely unlikely to get anything from, leaving us 1pt from 15. We then have the cup game away to Livi before we face Motherwell at Fir Park. A loss in that game and confidence is going to be seriously rock bottom and 1pt from 18! Getting to that stage and we'll be struggling all season. I know its all "ifs & buts" and worst case scenario but you can see it looking at the players. For me the pre season was poor, Killie and Livi were poor, shocking against AZ away & Hearts. The anomaly was the good performance against AZ at home. It papererd over a lot of cracks but even there, there were a few problems. Birighitti needs dropped. If he has won the A-League keeper of the year 2 years running how bad are the rest of them?? Eriksson, who was best keeper in Sweden and current Finland squad member, must wonder what he has to do to get in the team, he was "dropped" after a mistake in Pre-season. The glaring recruitment issue for me is we have no DM and no goal scorer. Fletcher for me isn't that, he can hold the ball, good in the air and something we've been missing, will score some, but needs the likes if Watt, McGrath, Harkes, Cudjoe and Middleton to step up play off him and share the burden. The other big issue for me with recruitment, is mentality. We appear to have added to the team more weak, head dropping players. There doesn't seem to be a tunnel vision will to win in the team and it gives off the impression that heads go down too easy. Defence (minus gk) appear to have regressed. They also, when it comes to distribution appear myopic in that they ignore completely players in space, and unable to move the ball quickly. They take 4/5 touches on receiving the ball before passing, given the opposition plenty of time to close of space. Midfield is almost non existent, weak and easy bullied. Birighitti, Smith, Watt and Harkes need benched. Obvious reasons for the gk, Watt is frustrating, trying to do everything himself & going down too easy. Being dropped might give him the boot up the arse he needs. Harkes and McGrath can't play in the same midfield together and Meekison looks tidy and can pick a pass. Sheep for Smith for me. A lot of our good form last season was while Freeman was in the team. The one bright spot so far seems to be Cudjoe. For us we've spent big this season, we've brought in on paper decent individuals. But on the evidence (other than AZ win) looks like it's weakened us as a team. I do hope JR can turn it round, improve our performances, get some confidence into the players. If we don't the home game against Hibs is going to be toxic.
  9. On a more positive note, record season ticket sales of over 5700. That's a great effort. I really hope we are able to build on this and keep that going. A decent season will hopefully keep most of those numbers for 23/24.
  10. That's only if Eriksson manages to hack immigration computer systems.
  11. Anyone on here buy their ST in the loyalty period? If so did you het your 20% discount voucher with the STs likee previous years? If notnhas anyone heard how it works, as in are we still waiting on them or will we get STs scanned in shop to see what discount we have?
  12. The same wait we had with Niskanen and Eriksson, and Aberdeen have had with their new signing. Usually takes a few weeks. Passport is irrelevant, as we are not in EU, non EU and EU citizens are treated the same. Australians have it easier being a Commonwealth country and if his wife is from here then there shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  13. Not seeing a lot of pish about the strip on this forum, other than the chat you'd expect when a strip is announced. Seen a lot of nonsence on other sites. I don't agree with changes every year, but I am interested in what we will be wearing, and if folk bump gums about marketing etc, its valid comment on the fact we seem to have issues again with Macron which has delayed the strip.
  14. That's true although the 20/21 was a template, just the colour wasn't a macron catalogue colour and last year's pattern and colour wasn't template but the top was a template shape. 19/20 was a totally bespoke design. Strips have been delayed with almost word for word excuse previously. Must be reason why there are rumours we've been speaking to Puma when Macron deal finishes.
  15. Strip to bee unveiled tomorrow morning. Pre-orders only due to a Macon issue in China. Same excuse was used befote with Macron. Is it because we aren't using a template but a bespoke top?
  16. Heard, after the fanfare of the new badge and removal of clumsy negatice space, the new strip will have the diagonal "DUFC" instead of a badge.
  17. He'll have my support, as anyone pulling on the tangerine will,. I just question the signing as being necessary and an upgrade on what is currently available in the squad. Hopefully he proves me wrong.
  18. Disgree he's shite. Looks a lot better when played as a winger that can exploit space, rather than a left back.
  19. Don't see why. Just seems the same crap that was said about Niskanen while we waited for his work permit. The amount of times I read from those supposedly ITK,.but lets.face know diddly squat, that he couldn't kick his own arse was unbelievable.
  20. Watson is supposed to be a winger, but the few times we've seen him its been to use his pace up front, ie the COViD hit game at Ibrox where he did well. Hopefully get to see more of him this season.
  21. Thing is I've heard the exact opposite. So no idea what the story is.
  22. He wasn't consistent, you'd see flashes of good play & then followed by periods of meh. How much of that was him getting more upto speed after his health issues, or struggling with the pace of the game now?
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