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  1. That was one of the guys that sits with us. He was on his way out, was that scunnered he went to shout walked past where he intended, then came to his senses and walked off. He's completely gutted about the whole situation.
  2. Would love that to be the case, that they didn't get it, leave it empty or let us have some of it.
  3. We did in Dundee Derby games, the AZ home game and a few others. This season we had record ST sales, but the way the season has gone we'd probably struggle to get much in there. If this season had gone as hoped for then I'm sure home fans would have been in there a lot more often.
  4. There has been an agreementmade to avoid giving it to away fans as much as possible. The roof.covering makes the fans in there very noisy and it was said that we are at home, why should we guve away any advantage. Just wish they'd follow through with it completely and ban the Glasgow 2 from it.
  5. At least someone is enjoying our season and liking the mangerial apointment
  6. The announcement of Goodwin as manager states that the board is Mark Ogren, Scott Ogren, Jimmy Fyffe and Luigi Capuano. Not a lot of football experience there. I take it Revolution Sports linked Capuano is the one being relied on for football experience now.
  7. Kind of where I am, I can not be disapointed over his tenure. Anything other than a disaster will be a bonus.
  8. Is he? He lost the dressing room at Aberdeen and was a broken man in interviews for the last few games of his time at Aberdeen. He now has to come to United and show confidence, tactical ability, be extremely strong willed and get this shower of mutinous quitters to start playing. All this while having chief mutinous quitter as part of his main management team. It's like the club are deliberately taking the piss out of us fans. The worry is that if Goodwin hadn't taken it it would have been Hughes. Why should the players bother to do what Goodwins says? He won't be here after summer, so what authority or clout.is he going to have? Itnall just screams.of "we don't know what to do, so this guy is out of work, he'll do".
  9. Saturday evening if we get humped by Aberdeen! My pitchfork hasn't been put away properly yet!!
  10. Did a damn good job as DOF at United previously. Most.of his signings were good(Dillon,.Daly,Kovacevic,Swanson,Gomis,Buaben, Webster, Zaluska, Weaver to name a few)
  11. Anyone else heard anything similar to some posts on Tek? Lad.on there is saying it was Scott Ogren Levein wouldn't work with &Ogrens tried a "put up or shut up" which has backfired. Claims the Ogrens have sold 75% of their holding to 3 business men, one being the guy from Mackie Motors with the others being the Digital Goldfish/Kiwi Ninja guys. Claims there has been a hell of a lot going on today behind the scenes. Possibly just rumour, but a hell of a lot of rumours flying around.
  12. Please don't joke about that, surely the powers that be wouldn't be that stupid? ...,.....Hang on, you might have a point! In all seriousness, what's he going to be like towards the new guy if he doesn't.get it?
  13. The third goal reminded me of the Celtic game. Jogging back towards goal with absolutely no awareness of anyone.or anything going on around them. White,.the big haddie, runs right between them for the inevitable.
  14. Liam Fox's comments from the DUSG on transfer window "EVERY manager wants players in January. But they must be financially viable AND make us better. We looked extensively and there was no one. That may be difficult to hear but that is absolutely the reality." "Liam Fox – I am very clear with the type of Player I want, I am different to Jack, different to Tam, I am clear on what I think this Club needs. I will say this in front of Tony and the Chairman, but I have only been able to bring 2 players in, every manager wants their own Players to be judged on – I was aware of this and aware of the challenge. I believe in the group and I believe we can get to where we want to, but every manager always asks for time to bring in Players and get to where they want to." I'll make no comment on the quotes.... Their choce has backfired yes. But a competent manager would have us higher up the league. We wouldn't be spectacular, but we near enough got ourselves out of trouble and we've fucked it. We didn't strengthen, but the piss poor tactics, piss poor play and lack of fight is the main problem. Although pinning all our hopes on a 35 year old striker with no support a (just turned) 17 year old and a young Ugandan lad on his first few months out of the country into the shit show we are currently is stupid.
  15. The problem I have is that yes options have left and not been replaced, but those that left weren't in starting line up and one, if he did get a subbie appearance, visibly couldn't give a shit. It is Fox who is picking the starting 11. It is Fox who hasn't sorted out the slow, directionless passing between defenders allowing the opposition to close of space. It is Fox who makes substitutions that everyone guesses before kick off. It is Fox who is setting the team up for the ball to be launched long to Fletcher with no-one in support to win the 2nd ball. It is Fox who won't drop serial offenders, it is Fox who appears to not know how to use the players he does have. It is Fox that doesn't appear to know how to react to the game. To be fair to him, he got it right against Aberdeen, the evening home game against Kille and away to Hearts prior to Edwards' red card where we seemed to do everything that we should be doing in games. It is Ogren who appears to have his head in the sand regarding relegation. It is Asghar, (and from DUSG minutes Fox also) who couldn't find anyone to bring in. It is Asghar who failed to help weed out disruptive influences who had a history of undermining managers previously. It is Asghar to blame for Mulgrew getting a coaching role after all he has done. It is on Asghar for giving Fox a permanent manager's job beyond this season. At best it should have been to the end of the season only. It is Ogren & Asghar's fault that we have so many employees with links to Revolution Sports. However, the folk not getting enough grief are the players. Edwards in the DUSG minutes catagorically denied that players were not trying "Insists the team are together, otherwise, players are moved on. The group in there is full of character and experience and we are a unit – close in all senses. Asks the audience to name players who supposedly ‘don’t care’ before exclaiming it is the worst insult you can have as a footballer. Highlights his personal circumstances alongside other players – insists absolutely no one is going out on the pitch to underperform. Addresses care/ desire is shown in different ways. Players aren’t going to go around being violent putting in bad tackles or purposeful fouls to show they care – that isn’t how football works." We have seen it with our own eyes, players not trying 100%. Players playing within themselves, jogging about, hiding on the pitch. Very few look like they are doing EVERYTHING they can. Half hearted challenges, you could go on all night. One other thing that I saw from the DUSG minutes was this from Asghar "One of the reasons Foxy was proposed to the Board was that the Players have bought into his methods. Yes, results don’t lie and we are bottom of the league, but the boys know where we need to get to and we ask you to stick with us." So it is a case of his methods are shite, the players think of him as a "friend" and his too pally with the players to get the best out of them, the players are taking the piss or a combination of all of those. TLDR Fox is not to blame for all of the issues at the club, but he is to blame for a lot of the performances on the pitch along with the shitebags in the strips!
  16. If he is given the job after ignoring Courts' instruction, undermining Ross and his couldn't give a shit, piss poor, half assed performances on the pitch then I'm done. Mulgrew can GTF along with the rest of the clowns.
  17. We need money to cover the drop in income in the Championship? Looks like the Fulham link works one way. Surely the best thing to do was to have a bidding war if he had to go.
  18. It has been like this for weeks and weeks. Every opposition manager has us figured out. All they beed to do is cloose us down at the back, which causes absolute panic & then get back intwo banks 4 or 5 and close off the space as we slowly pass amongst ourselves thinking what to do. Any competent manager would be able to get this squad to pick up some points. The issue is the guy in the dugout is not competent, andnis keeping repeating the same nonsence "tactics" in the hope of expecting something different to happen.
  19. I mentioned caps and experience just to make the point that Mulgrew, and not for the first time this season, has fucked up. He has done this inspite of everything he has done in the 17 years since he made his debut. He is not the player he thinks he is and he is now one of the coaches at the club. I didn't uuse it to make any other.insinuation other than the fact Mulgrew has had an absolute howler which has been exacerbated by the duffer from down under.
  20. I'm not saying Birighitti wasn't at fault, he clearly was as I said he needs to first time it clear , but Mulgrew has been at fault for a few issues this season and I believe not following Courts' instructions either. He seems to be getting an easy ride but they can both GTF. Birighitti's international career is vastly overstated. He has one cap and it was fecking years ago. We can only hope that we can get someone in that has a clue, because we can all see where we are failing. We have more caos in the squad now than we have had for years and years. We've spent big on players. We don't need players we need a team! But surely to God there must be someone out there unntil the end of the season you can use what we've got rather than try to make them fit a system that is tacticlly inept from the start
  21. He could have, but Mulgrew asked for it. That is Mulgrew, member of the coaching team, Birighitti 's boss asking for the ball. That should not have happened and Birighitti should have had the sense to ignore it. Mulgrew was culpable as surely to god you look round before you get the ball, he still had time to hoof it anywhere, but knowing he was being chased down passed it back to a keeper he knows is not the most comfortable on the ball inbetween the posts. Birighitti should have hoofed it first time. He looks like he was trying to do the right thing in putting it out for a throw, but took a touch and we are yet again a goal down. Birighitti is directly at fault for being to slow, Mulgrew is indirectly at fault for doing everything a 44 cap international, league winner, cup winner, player coach, knows he shouldn't do. The two of them can GTF as far as I am concerned.
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