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  1. Don't do that to yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‚ If the home fans are saying that they must be bad!!! Cheers, I'll stick with the "early" audio then!
  2. You watching the home feed? Was contemplating switching to that to avoid the audio being ahead of the video.
  3. Not from the viewing on that video I hope? Was only 15 there...
  4. Must be crap realising your not as good as the media has told you, and finding yourself in semi retirement at only 28. Having seen what he has said about RFC in the past, do we ever expect him to be objective?
  5. No worries. Same here, although he struggled at first you could see he had a natural ability to take the ball and drift past players. As a player I do like him and think he deserves more game time. Definitely more suited, in Scottish game, to midfield than left back. He seems to love football. Noticed that in Ross County game at the second goal celebrating like mad. Done it a few times.last season too. Seems to celebrate the teams goals, like he scored them himself! As an aside, I thought he had a decent game also against County. Got himself into similar positions as yesterday and it was his blocked shot that led to Pawlett's goal. ***Just realised the celebration comment was about Shankland***
  6. To be fair he spoke absolutely no English at all when he joined. He seems.to have a decent grasp of it, not fluent but OK. Like most things, some people will never get much more than that. For someone that's spoken none of it at all for 23 years to that after 1 is OK. For balance I saw Bielsa give an interview on MOTD yesterday with a translator, it's not holding him back
  7. Very frustrating. Up untill that point I thought Reynolds was having a good game too.
  8. The shit stirring & flame.stoking conduct of the press in the last week really is incredible. Let's face it that is all it is. Very little facts, inaccurate, fantasy and that's the good points. It's the old adage, "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truthโ€.
  9. According to the man himself (or at least whoever does his official Facebook page), his contract runs to 2022
  10. And don't forget with the added bonus of also being given vast amounts of cash for him too! A lot more, I believe, then we paid to get what looks like a more than able successor.
  11. English used the same line a week or two ago as well, after spending the previous minutes of the show going on about Hearts. He really doesn't do irony does he?
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