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  1. Have to agree with pretty much everything said by @SGMilne A vast number of our fans these days have to have a "bogeyman" real or imagined. Everything has to be the fault of one person. Also opinions seem to change or indeed flip-flop as often as the date changes. The one thing I'd expand on though is the quoted bit. I remember all the comment last season about how we had 2 managers, one in the dugout and one on the pitch. I have also seen us last year slow the play down from the back, usually at the request of 1 player, stopping us from taking advantage of the opposition being out of position, while watching Courts react negatively. It wasn't a big reaction but you could see he was not pleased. You'd then hear him in the interview talking about how he wanted the play to be quicker etc. That ties in with some of what I'd heard about one source of friction. On the appointment he'll have my support, I just hope this isn't the easy option that doesn't annoy/upset the playing squad, and I would have given him to the end of the season, unlelss we have a walk a way option if it goes badly. It is mostly reported that Fox lead the training and put into practice what Courts wanted & is respected by the players. Having them play for you is half the battle (or more than half) and hopefully that continues.
  2. Aye, but isn't that as you said earlier because your a Dee c**t on a United thread?? I misread that as selling oil to the Saudis and was almost extremely impressed!!
  3. Why? Seen that line pulled in another forum, can't see why it, makes no sense. He's not being sacked, he's leaving under "mutual consent" with a nice write up, unlike others who have left recently. The "not happy with you, so I'll not do anything to you but we'll get rid of your son you didn't want at the club in the first place" all seems a bit gangster, small time and un business like for me. Suspect its more like an offer has come in, hes asked to be released from contract, we've thought he can go and allow new man to bring in own staff without us having to pay folk off etc. He'll probably go to Swansea with Goldie who brought him to Tannadice.
  4. Swansea would be my guess. He at the SFA under Goldie who brought him to United. Supposedly a good.coach, but never accepted at United and could never be promoted as the outcy and conspiracy theories would go mental.
  5. I'd quite agree, although it appears the the hard work and hard running was more prevelant last night at 0-0 than it was against Livi at home at the same or score or against St. Mirren. The improvement needs to continue. I just found it telling that Liam Fox felt he needed to mention it as it is at odds with his comments regarding "player power" at United and not playing for Ross.
  6. Telling that Liam Fox says in his interview with DUTV "Like I've just said to the guys there, shouldn't have to ask professional football players to run hard and to work as that just be a given. So that's where we need to get back to"
  7. It's a win. Better keep that up at Fir Park.
  8. It's good we are 2 up at half time. It's good we are putting in a performance. I'm not happy though, it just shows these b*****ds on the park weren't putting the effort for the last few weeks. They'll have to keep this up (performance wise) all bloody season to be forgiven for what I've witnessed on the park recently. May they keep me getting angry during the 2nd half as they show the effort missing previously!
  9. Alan Temple of the courier tweeted the rules relating to this. Players are not cup tied if they play in the group stages, only counts as cup tied in the knock out stages.
  10. Ross said after the win over AZ Alkmaar "“Maybe I should call it quits now — I know from experience, this job doesn’t always continue to go well,” laughed Ross. Who knew at the time this would be one of the truest statements said during this season.
  11. Quite agree, but one thing in Smith's defence he is the only one who appears visibly angered and annoyed by what is happening and seems to be letting team mates know it. The rest jusut head down shuffle about staring at the ground.
  12. I hadn't commented until then. As said a poster ASKED what the rumours were, I told him what the rumours are. I also said it may be shite. Knock yourself out, crack on red dotting rather than speaking about it. At least you have written a reply rather than a childish "I don't like that " red dot. You possibly are in the minority, but this is a forum if no-one posts rumours the whole fecking site near falls on its arse. Have you not been one of the posters talking about how crap and a total liability Eriksson was even though you hadn't seen him play and were basing it on rumours that you may or may not have made up to be ITK? If not then sorry I may have you mixed up with another poster. Most of the posts in the last 24 hours saying Ross was gone were other clubs fans posting links to him leaving Sunderland and Hibs. My take on it is that there is a player led revolt over something or other at the club, that is clear for all to see as they are not playing for him and he looks shell shocked. In this there is usually only one loser which is the manager. If he goes though the players undermining him win. Although I'd be happy to chip in a few quid along with a few others to get shot of half the squad no matter how talented, or how well they did last year. The attitude shown by the majority of the playing staff is piss poor, out of order and basically sticking two fingers up at the fans who effectively pay for their lifestyles. There are a few exceptions, but not many. The.only other explanation is Jack Ross is shite and needs to go before we potentially find ourselves any further adrift at the bottom of the league. Do I think he is completely shite? No I don't BUT he has made mistakes and still hasn't been able to kick the slow, one-paced, directionless, no shots, no creativity pish football we've been served up when not chucking it ( AZ at home excluded). He has said though that that is not what he wants, so is that on the players? The players though are weak, timid, responsibility dodging cowards and something needs to change sooner rather than later or we could be set with a loser mentality for the season and in big trouble.
  13. No. Different goalkeeper, 2 different cenntre halves and a different left back. The right back is the same as the Championship winning side.
  14. Thing is Eriksson was the goalkeeper of the year in the Allsvenskan helping his team to 9th place out of 16th in the league, a team that shouldn't have been anywhere near that position with stats better than Benji, is also current Finnish no. 2 with 1 cap. He's not shite, but many fans have written him off due to not replacing Benji towards the end of last season. The keepers are afforded absolutely no protection by those in front. The comment about Szromnik/Zwick vibes is interesting. We've brought back Craig Hinchcliffe as GK coach. He's the same coach that turned Rado nervous and turn the Polish under 21 international and top Polish goal keeping prospect Szromnik into a goal keeping imposter. How much is that having an effect?
  15. Always the case the manager pays the price. I agree with you to a ertain extent about preparation, but players can still try, mark up(they have eyes in their head FFS), track, look like they give a f**k in general. Some of the defending was amateur at best. Goal 5 has Edwards wandering about half-hearted.doing the square root of feck all. Other goals (lost count as to exactly which ones they were to be fair) McMann ambles back with a player running in to tap the ball in, plus the other almost carbon copy goals. 2nd goal stems from McMann (I think it was) doing exactly the same thing as led to a goal by Livi, trying to play the ball centrally under pressure. If he had just punted it clear or put it out to regroup. These things are on the players. One of the only players that visibly looked pissed off was Liam Smith, others may well have been internally but too many just seemed to go "Oh well, these things happen" and continued onwards in the same vain. Training, preparation for the game, tactics and line up, changes through the game, that's on the manager and he is culpable. Strength on the ball,passing ability, onfield decisions, lack of tracking, lack of tackles, just lack of using any common feccking sense on the field of play and on field.commitment to the cause amd professional pride thats squarley on the players. Pre season wasn't great, Killie was nearly 3pts ( if we had what might have been), AZ at home was great, since then its been disastrous. Something has happened and the players (well some of them) have downed tools.
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