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  1. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Yes. It has been publicly said by United that he can play on plastic. Did he not play at QOS?
  2. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Nah, think it's more the "Yankee Dollar" 😉
  3. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Nice piece of positivity for the upcoming new season. Tele reporting over 3000 season tickets so far, up 15% on this time last year. Hopefully keep rising until the season starts.
  4. Dundee United 2019/2020

    True, Robbie, as he said at the Q&A, is only looking for 5 players. We've got Liam Smith already and from reports Adrian Sporle. That leaves only another 3 to come in. If I remember rightly, they want the players in by the BetFred Cup so they are all ready to go. Wouldn't surprise me if they are just waiting on players (Sporle) getting sorted back at home and over here before official announcement. Not at all worried (honest). Would just be nice having some news and something to stimulate some discussion, the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in
  5. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Not a go at you, not all. I agree it would be a surprise. I saw earlier mention of him, and I've seen him mentioned a few times on Twitter. Every year for past 3 years ( to be fair probably longer) someone seems to be calling for him. He was here, he won the cup, he had his time, lets move on and move the club forward. Again not a go at [email protected] and apologies if you felt that.
  6. Dundee United 2019/2020

    A tarnished one at that though. Every year we get the Goodwillie talk, "we should sign Goodie", "bring Goodie home" etc. I' d love it put to bed. He wasn't a success when he came back has found his form playing at a far lower level than us, in fact lower than players that are considered to not be able to make the step up. One rule for Goodie one one rule for others. Also far,far,far to much baggage. The type of baggage I don't want at the club, and I really don't want to hear the moronic element of our suppprt giving it "He does what he wants"
  7. Dundee United 2019/2020

    From what I understand he was at Tannadice with his dad at the time to sign. Willo's nagging at MacDonald had paid off and we got the OK from him. The choice was an internationalist who had played at a high level or the young kid with potential who had had a bad spell. So we pulled out. Probably everyone else would have done the same. If word had got round we had signed Shankland and knocked back MacDonald there would have been a lot of disquiet amongst the support and accusations of penny pinching at TBS. For Shankland probably was the best thing to happen. Lower level, no pressure (less pressure) and allowed him to build his confidence back up and enjoy playing again.
  8. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Ok, of the 3 there I would imagine best chance of 1st team would be us. I would have thought both English teams would be paying more than we will. Would also be surprised after what happened two years ago when he was at Tannadice to sign before we pulled it last minute for MacDonald.
  9. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Hamilton of the fun?
  10. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Sorry GD was not directed at you was more replying to the last comment to the subject. Badly worded at the start of my reply. I agree with your sentiments in the original quoted post. I agree he had assists which were good, but where I'd disagree with you would be how many from open play? We can do without playing with 10 men hoping to get a free kick or a corner and hope the guy running about avoiding the ball puts i a good ball.
  11. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Thought he was off to Swansea, alledgedly all agreed prior to end of season
  12. Dundee United 2019/2020

    Sorry but I'd be happier if Aird was released. Couldn't give a shit if he can cross a ball or take a free kick as that is not what being a footballer or a team player is about, thats being a "one trick show pony" He does absolutely nothing other than freekicks or corners. I have never seen a player run away from where he should be or where the ball may go as much as Aird ( to do it once is criminal, continually well....). And thats before you bring his attitude into it. McMullan, for all the criticism I've sent his way and it has been a lot, appears to be attempting to fix that. Working hard in the pitch going past players and adding goals towards end of season. Is he perfect? No, his crossing, getting better, needs work but he gives opposition defences something to think about. McMullan's attitude I have questioned especially during Laszlo's reign as it was shocking. Irrespective of whether you like your boss or not you at least try. That seems to have improved massively along with his general play and that has caused me, much to my surprise, to be happy with his extension. Aird? Tell me where to drop him off and I'll drive him free of charge myself, as long as its not Tannadice or St Andrews
  13. Dundee United 2019/2020

    I' m bot hoping he'll be OK, I'm looking at him and thinking he'll do fine. Criticism is over the top. As the defence has got more "predictable" and more likely to defend properly, he hasn't seen the need try and guess what the hell those in front will do and as such has been more confident in his position.
  14. Dundee United 2019/2020

    I'd say that was very harsh. Siegrist seems to have been regarded as crap from the loud minority that the rest of our fans seem unwilling to go against. Yes I can remember mistakes, every player makes them, but the keeper makes one its a goal, never mind the fan favourite that makes 10 a game, or the fact that 10 players in front of keeper couldn't stop the goal from happening. One of his "mistakes", the goal against QOS(I think) he stops a cross, couldn't catch it, went forward to kill the ball. Unfortunately the ball travelled too far out, you could see his body language change as he knew he was screwed, but more telling for me was the fact our defence made no effort the get to the ball, yet the only one getting blame was Siegrist. Happened a few times. Siegrist for me appears to be a damn fine shot stopper. He wants to punch the ball, which is not accepted by Scottish fans, but in some cases is the better option than catching with the movement of these current spec balls. Yes he has his mad moments (Hamish, Sieb) but has been improving and shot stopping is fine. Benefitting from less hair em scare em defending in front of him. Reminds me of Guido Van Der Kamp. He was a reserve keeper having played only about 10 1st team games up to age of 27. Not sure if it was his debut, plays against Celtic, shown live in Holland, misses a cross and Celtic scored. Dutch commentator and pundits slaughtered him. He heard about it from friends/family watched it and his confidence was shot. Hardly played again until Hegarty gave him lots of one to one and he was one of the heros of 94. Thankfully Siegrist seems to have got over the need to impress has relaxed more and his game is benefitting. TLDR think some of the criticism he has had is over the top, was superb in all 4 play off games, is a good stopper and rest of his games is improving. Think he'll be fine.
  15. Dundee United 2019/2020

    If its Scott Burns writing it, I'd believe it. Not heard him get one wrong about United yet. Been first to a good few signings for us.