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  1. The first question was "can we mount a title challenge" to Celtic. DM's answer was pretty much "no". Then the second question was "what do you like to watch on tv." I started getting a bit restless. Regarding Woodman, there were apparently several clubs trying to get him in on loan, more than one from Scotland. And one of them, I don't think it was specifically mentioned, told Newcastle Lewis was only going to be out for a month and that Rogers would be Aberdeen's first choice.
  2. that's a fair point. they were fantastic to look at but I wouldn't have stood in beside them.
  3. I am pretty angry with McInnes after the B&G thing to be honest. This is exactly correct. The home support are mostly locals. We are a reserved bunch, slow to get excited, but when we are it is a scene to behold. The away fans are made up from a lot of different areas and also students based in the central belt. Even when were shite we had a big noisy away support. And when we were awesome the home support was subdued, unless we were beating an Ugly Sister or European Giant. I had a bit of a row with some Central Belt Dons fans in Inverness once. They were pissed, and bouncing around chanting and having a great time. Then one of them asked me "how you no singing? Yer no a real fan". Not everyone is fit for jumping about and yelling. I'm certainly not anymore, but I would put my attendance record up against anyone's and I doubt I would be embarrassed. When we have beaten Rangers and Celtic at home there have been amazing atmospheres at Pittodrie. Also in Europe, the Almaty home game, the last ten minutes when we were pressing for a goal, the place was absolutely rocking. McInnes said the team were playing their part but the crowd weren't. I beg to differ. Aberdeen fans wont get excited about beating teams outside the ugly sisters at Pittodrie because we expect to do so. That makes us entitled and arrogant, but its how it is. A bit more entitlement and arrogance from the team and we might actually manage to beat Rangers one day. Consistency does not inspire passion, overcoming the odds does that. If McInnes and any Dons fans want to know what the secret of generating a cauldron like atmosphere at Pittodrie is then I can tell you. Beat Rangers or Celtic there.
  4. I agree with this to a point. However, Rangers must have looked at HIbs being a tough game for them yesterday and the Leith mob came away with a win.
  5. If only we could do something against either of the Ugly Sisters we would be genuine title contenders. On one hand its great the team does so well against every body else, but the 3 defeats to Rangers have been really, really hard to take.
  6. Aye, I am with you on that one. There's an awful lot I don't like about Kris Boyd, but his goal celebration was pretty funny and you would need to be a bit precious to take offence at that.
  7. That's interesting point. I was thinking the same thing, well the same subject. I am going to look it up how many medals he has. He definitely not bothered though. He looked pretty happy when he was introduced on Sky tv today as having had a good weekend due to scoring against Aberdeen. He certainly didn't let the result get to him at all. Big Kris won 2 National League titles, one less than GMS, 2 National FA Cups, same as Niall McGinn and 2 League Cups. So his EBT haul of six ( zero trophies out with Rangers ) would be a bit shy of the combined Dons squad total.
  8. That's why I can't stay mad at the Dons for long. Niall McGinn, Scott McKenna.
  9. Mulumbu is some player. He's industrious, tenacious, brave and very good on the ball. He easily got the better of Shinnie today, its wasn't even much of a contest. Kilmarnock are lucky to have him.
  10. I am fucking gutted with that result on Wednesday. Rangers were far far better than us. The team seems to shrink when they play the Ugly Sisters. We just don't have enough.
  11. To be honest, I wouldn't have believed such a thing was possible. Getting a six figure fee for a player leaving at the end of his contract. Very nice.
  12. I hope so too. Is the Alamo bar still on the go? It's a fucking awesome pub, one of my favourite away days.
  13. Good to see the South Stand showing a glimpse of what it's capable of.
  14. I was told yesterday that Scott Wright is keen to go out on loan as he's frustrated by the lack of game time he's getting at Aberdeen.
  15. Waiting outside Maribor's ground before the game, Joe was standing on a raised balcony bit above the Dons fans. He conducted hundreds of us singing his song up to him. It was one of my favourite moments of being a football fan. A pure instance of the beauty this mental game we follow can generate every once in a while . Just wonderfully nostalgic. Joey being adored by a crowd of whom very few were old enough to have seen him play, but all knew we were in the presence of greatness.
  16. Glorious. Hail Joe, King of the Beach End. Fantastic ambassador for the club. Makes time for every fan he meets. Wonderful human being. I fucking love Joe Harper.
  17. Brian Irvine is good on the Redtv commentary. He is quite impartial too. I doubt they will invite him back.
  18. Hud on a minute. This bigot shite about Romeo wasn't serious? He's an insufferable c**t at times with his budget and bottle patter ( which scores a bullseye with me almost every time ) but a bigot? No chance.
  19. Fucking hell, after driving that shitey b*****d of a road the last thing you'll be needing is freezing your balls off watching the Dons v Hertz wrasslin match. I am off to the smoke for the weekend so it'll be Dons TV radio in a fancy pub up west for me.
  20. Have we paid off any of the Jambos to give us a last minute penalty this time? Could be handy.
  21. My wife reckons that as McGinn did his press with no sign of a club jersey on show, this is very likely to be the case. Maynard will just have to go into the shite loan/short contracts cupboard. Its getting pretty full up now though.
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