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  1. Music query for BA. I downloaded a song supposedly down by Pearl Jam ("I can feel it coming back again"), yet cannot for the life of me find the lyrics for it on any of their discographys. Name of the song ring any bells to you, mate?
  2. Kingdom of Heaven - 7/10 Was alright, enjoyed it. What I fail to understand is how easily Jerusalem fell. It took the Romans bloody ages taking it against little more than a bandit force - I would have thought they would have been able to hold for a little while longer than what seemed only a couple of days.
  3. Going to the Wickerman Festival in July with a few mates, should be a laugh.
  4. You get sent to Hell for a thousand years each time you do it.....When I die, the Pearly gates will be forever shut, for example.
  5. I wish I was queer so I could get chicks - Bloodhound Gang
  6. The Misplaced Childhood CD by Marillion. Bloody good.
  7. Legs - ZZ Top Classic, mind my girlfriend (well its confused at the moment. Its like a whole ex, I love you you love me, thing going on. Really quite ammusing for an outsider. Anyway) playing that when I was in her room "She's got legs, and she knows how to use them"
  8. Telegraph Road - Dire Straits Extended version with one of the greatest guitar pieces ever.
  9. Bad case of loving you - Robert Palmer
  10. Love Ballad - Bill Bailey He is a genius
  11. The Auld Triangle - Dropkick Murphys
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