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  1. Ah damn, he's trying and failing to be witty which means if it ever does go to a fight, I'll get the blame. For shame.
  2. See, that's why I've done the clever thing and turned mine off. There's no point to stalking someone if they know they are being stalked
  3. Think I'm starting a fight on Bebo between myself and some fat fucker from Stranraer over a lassie. Should be fun.
  4. Fare thee well Northumberland - Mark Knopfler
  5. Maybe it's something like Highlander with the pair being immortal hence why some omens taken before battle in the Ancient Era often saw eclipses. Vanessa for Macedon and Philo-whatever her name is fighting for Rome.
  6. Sort of like a King Kong/Godzilla esque fight in, just for the Hell of it, New York. Dunno about you but I'd buy a ticket to see it!
  7. Wonder if Venessa Feltz will make a sign of support as well
  8. Well if Big Elaine said so and Philomenia, or whatever her name is, we best do otherwise the two will join forces and fat whiny bitches will rule the World!
  9. Don't think many folk will be trying to abduct you old boy
  10. Does depending on which pub you're in playing it
  11. Universal Nation - Push mixed by some twat
  12. You know f**k all. Now f**k off like a good wee schoolgirl and fist yerslef in the wee corner claiming no-one underfuckingstands you.
  13. Disagree. After having read some truly geeky novels about Dwarves, I have decided to speak like me brethren.
  14. Not so much a complaint...but everyone seems to have visited me profile today.
  15. Aye, and I made the unfotune mistake of lening them too me soon to be stepmother. She threw 'em out
  16. Ah, cannae do much better than that unless I partake in Limewire!
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