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  1. Got told he was after silly money from us for a wage
  2. On another note interesting to see big John Gemmell pulling the boots back on for dumbarton and getting a goal and assist
  3. The strikers have absolute zero to feed off of, the midfield create nothing. Corners and crosses 95% of them don’t beat the first man which is poor at this level some of the corners yesterday were laughable. Put sinclair in a team that creates chances he’ll score simple as that. We need to cut this long ball p*sh out
  4. Beyond embarrassing performance can’t believe what i’ve just witnessed so poor, another Saturday ruined
  5. Nothing less than 3pts and 3 goals for me today
  6. Any update on martins think i’ve seen people ask before but can’t remember he seems to be moving fine when at the games watching, he’s been a big miss for us sooner he’s back and lemons out the better
  7. Too busy crying into my killie pie to update. Killie were a good side moved the ball well but got in behind far to easy, lemon had a poor poor game was tough to watch, sinclair isolated all game up top himself. The lad they had on loan from the french team was quality great feet real danger and threat everytime he got on the ball. Missed struthers in the midfield and when he come on in the first half I had hope but he came on at right back played the rest of the game there. Massive one on Saturday nothing less than the 3 points.
  8. Few boys from the supporters club making the journey this evening I am one of them. Will try post half time & full time
  9. Very very interesting and confusing signing, 24 year old keeper who signed with East Kilbride only a matter of months ago. I reckon we are sending our loan keeper back to allow for another loan.
  10. Double signing on a monday we are being spoiled.
  11. Trialist striker last 3 games is my guess for tonights signing. Wouldn't mind a centre half though
  12. Stuart Love sponsored this evening by the junction bar supporters club in memory of an old friend of ours.
  13. Got to give our keeper some credit thats how you take your chance when the gaffer gives you game time, some great saves very vocal and commanding. Great energy levels boys dug in deep last 10 mins as we were backs against the wall, trialist up front looked not too bad would like to see him again, experience in love shows on the park tells boys where to be and when to press.
  14. Martin Rennie signing on loan for berwick this evening. A name being passed about on the terracing on Saturday someone we were looking at.
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