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  1. Well clean sheet to start the season . By all accounts we had good chances again . Onwards and upwards
  2. When you’ve got the likes of Dunfermline offering 500 a week more for one of our singing targets we have no chance
  3. Can’t see us signing anyone before game on Saturday
  4. Each to there own regarding season tickets . As folk say doesn’t make you a better fan . I can afford to buy one but can pay at gate at every game . Only real gripe I’ve got is I think the club to a small degree divides the fans on this with events for people who can afford to buy a season ticket
  5. It’s at the end of the old brick building .
  6. So who you guys think we are signing ? Do you think recruitment guy is doing a good job ?!
  7. Bottom line is we are garbage no more excuse plain and simple garbage . No experienced coaches around the club at this level
  8. Anyone think there will be any news on signings this week ?
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