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  1. Hungbo off injured is a nightmare for this match and going forward
  2. Good to see Iacovitti back after his injury, it's a pretty familiar line-up/shape so hopefully County can kick off with the same good form they showed before the break.
  3. He certainly does. Glad that we've been able to get what looks to be a dynamic/pacey right back to replace Clarke so quickly. Not sure if he'll go straight in for the home game against Motherwell on Tuesday but it'll be great to get back to the stadium, the atmosphere at viccy park has been so positive lately. Happy Birthday Hungbo, a winner on Tuesday would be nice.
  4. Sounds like a decent first half anyway.
  5. From my view of the first goal, from the ESE, Tillson had to move out to the left to help Ben Paton, who was getting doubled up on, Boyce was then passed on to Baldwin (maybe Iacovitti) who then gave him too much space.
  6. Harry Clarke voted POTM Well deserved imo, he's settled in really well and looks like he'll be a big player for us.
  7. I think that is correct now that it's been switched from Saturday to Sunday at 3pm.
  8. I thought it was a shocking miss from White, with a free header whilst the scores were 0-0. Didn't even force a save ffs
  9. What do you base that on? I've been to all of our matches so far this season, at no point have I seen County with a flat back four.
  10. County are still a squad developing, it's been a huge squad turnover this summer and covid hasn't helped with the signing of new players. Basically, other than lining up in 352 this season, we're an unknown force, even to our own fans at the moment. Hopefully Jack and the Hibs squad have their attention on their european exploits and maybe County can get an away draw, 1-1.
  11. Ah go'an share the rumours with us, it's not as if we'll tell anyone? It's monday morning, some exciting rumours could brighten up my shift at work.
  12. Coming away from city life to the Highlands might be a good idea for him.
  13. 19 year old, attacking right sided midfielder Ciaran Dickson has been linked on a permanent deal, he's currently on trial with Burnley.
  14. I thought he did pretty well defensively against Rooney yesterday he got in quite a few good tackles but again also thought he was disappointing going forward. It's unfair as he's never had a run of games as you say but on the field, he just looks like a sand-dancer with no end product, or product at all from what we've been shown. He just runs away from the goal, into trouble, can't seem to find a team-mate with the ball ever and takes the wrong option when presented with an opportunity to shoot.
  15. In the P&J https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/3355258/ross-county-manager-malky-mackay-hopes-to-make-five-signings-in-coming-week-with-defender-jake-vokins-ruled-out-for-10-weeks-with-metatarsal-fracture/ ...“We had to contend with our starting left back Jake Vokins, in the last minute of training on Friday, who innocuously made a pass and felt something in his foot. “It has turned out he has a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal and will be out for 10 weeks now. “Left back might be the eighth one we bring in now, because that’s an extra area we will have to look at again now. “Jake had settled in really well in the three games he played. He was absolutely gutted, I spoke to Southampton on Friday and he will be operated on Monday down there.” The article also states that there could be as many as 5 new signings in before the next match against Hibs, David Cancola and Harry Clarke being two of them.
  16. In other news, the Scottish government's Finance Secretary, Katie Forbes, was married in Dingwall and had her wedding photos taken at Victoria Park. - Congratulations! Are her and her new husband County supporters? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/snp-minister-kate-forbes-celebrates-24646123
  17. Harry Clarke is meant to be having a medical with County today, the deal is all agreed and should be finalised in the next 24 to 48 hours. https://dailycannon.com/2021/07/harry-clarke-medical-ross-county-loan/
  18. The fact he never played last season was due to the ineptness of Kettlewell/Hughes. He's a great trainer and keeps himself in good condition and he's undoubtedly a leader within the group so it's an easy pick imo.
  19. Hopefully there's a defender or two lined up to sign this week, we're pretty thin at the back at the moment.
  20. Good warm up yesterday against Elgin City, I'm glad I went, good to see a few mates who I haven't seen since the last game I was at, some 16 months ago! Anyway as said County lined up in a 352, Randall & Spittal providing the width, Spittal instrumental in most good moves. Tillson. Paton & Callachan were the midfield 3 and looked like they would compliment each other pretty well. The introduction of the young lads in the second half added another dimension, Williamson & Wright particularly were impressive & I'd like to think they'll be serious contenders within the squad this season, they looked good enough.
  21. Mesage from Uncle Roy As the new season draws closer I feel it is important to update you as to how the club is progressing. At present, we know under government guidance we will have at least 1,000 supporters allowed within the stadium. The club has already submitted an application to increase that capacity to 2,000 supporters given we had run 5 very successful test events last season. In the knowledge that social distancing will be reduced in the weeks to come, we do not feel this is ambitious, but a more realistic expectation. We know that this will be extremely welcome news for our supporters and will give you all more comfort in purchasing your season tickets. We hope you will all have great confidence in returning to the stadium on the success of our test matches with fans last season. Although we are looking forward to welcoming our supporters back, it is important to remember that there will still be some physical distancing, which we anticipate to be around 1 metre, but this will, in the short term, impact on where people will be seated in the stadium. We can not guarantee that the seat you want will be the seat you sit in initially, but we will endeavour to keep Jailend season ticket holders in the Jailend stand and the same for the other stands- again this will be a short term issue. It is important for us to understand that there will still be nervousness around returning to stadiums for some supporters. With that in mind we will still be running the Virtual aspect of our season ticket- guaranteeing coverage of all home league matches through RCFCTV- where physical attendance is not possible. We are delighted again to be maintaining the high standards of our virtual coverage which we feel was one of the best in the league last campaign, with Rory Hamilton, Stephen Craigan and Jamie Lyall all returning to present the coverage along with the return of our production partners QTV and Stream Digital. The feedback we have had on RCFCTV has reiterated to us that we made the correct decision to provide a quality product for our supporters at a time of great challenge. I also want to address the wider aspects of the club. Since the end of last season our leadership team have been reviewing and evaluating all departments and we have made various changes and improvements in order to continue delivering firstly, a club that our fans can be proud of, and secondly a club capable of competing within the top level of Scottish football. This has included looking at our football operations, recruitment, medical and commercial departments, and we are now in a position where we feel stronger in each of those areas. A lot of our supporters I understand will be wondering about recruitment of new players. I encourage all of our supporters to bear with us- it is important that we recruit in the right way and take our time to ensure that we bring the right people to our club. There will be some recruitment news this week, but our recruitment strategy is reliant on being a bit more patient and ensuring that we do as much research and due diligence as we can. If we all support this way of recruiting we will undoubtedly see the fruits of our labour going forward. Finally I want to touch on season tickets. We have been encouraged by the early sales of our season tickets and to see the volume of supporters who received a discounted season ticket through their StaggiesArmy memberships- also to see the uptake in kids season tickets that come free with all StaggiesArmy kids memberships. It is imperative that for the success of the team going forward we have as many people behind us as possible and every supporter we can get in to the stadium gives us a greater chance of achieving that success. Given the impacts of COVID-19 we have also re-introduced our finance option to allow supporters to pay up the cost of season tickets. This has previously been a popular option for supporters and we are delighted to again be able to offer this service after such a challenging time. All information on season tickets and the finance options can be found on the links below. As a club, it is important that we understand the varying situations of our supporters so please, if you have any questions, queries or concerns contact us directly on 01349 860 860 or email [email protected] where our team will be happy to help. From speaking with supporters, season ticket holders and StaggiesArmy members over the past few weeks it is clear we are all looking for normality to come back sooner rather than later. We are no different. However, it is important we still do as much as we can to stop the spread of COVID and make sure we all get our vaccinations so that we can best protect ourselves and others. I look forward to seeing many of you sooner rather than later when the new season kicks off.
  22. I'd have assumed that Randall would be right back out of the current players? As for our left side well we've been weak in those areas for many years.
  23. Well now that the brief Scotland distraction is out of the way it's back to club business so it's Elgin away in our first warm up game, a week today. Have we a team to field in that match, can we expect anyone new in, or a new strip to be revealed?
  24. I'm getting quite excited about us in this tournament but it's all a bit too upbeat for my pessimistic mind lol This Czech game could EASILY go any way, I mean we only beat their 3rd team 1-0. On Monday the performance means nothing, it's all about winning the 3 points by whatever means possible.
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