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  1. Why are our strikers so poor this season, Stewart and McKay just can't hit the target?
  2. At least Hamilton lost too, this is going to be a shit show of a season, just trying to be slightly less piss poor than Hamilton.
  3. Nice guy, imo he was finished as a centre half during our promotion season from the Championship. Amazing he played as often as he did in our horrendous defence last season. I was at the away match with hearts last year (draw i think) where Fontaine handled the physical presence of Uche really well but anything else seemed too much for him, plus his distribution was terrible always lumping long and giving possession away. Dodge this bullet if it's a playing contract, he's meant to be a good coach though.
  4. Well i think you got a lot of what you wanted there. Seems like a good run out for the squad. I would have liked McKay to get on the score sheet too but going by the twitter feed he linked up well, just needs to get one in.
  5. That's my hopes, we've hopefully found this season's fall guys, and it's not us. Just noticed that we're only 1 point of sixth place, how did that happen.
  6. f**k sake! Gardyne is knackered, that late tackle in the first half has taken its tole.
  7. How is Randall for this, I thought he went off early against DU with a hamstring pull? Grivosti or Watson at right back, hopefully not a back three as it'll give Livi's wide players too much space. Surely Josh is stick-on to score one of his wonder goals in this fixture.
  8. From watching the hibs match, I thought that Charles-Cook, Gardyne & Lakin all looked very impressive.
  9. County's shooting is horrendous, several opportunities to test the hibs keeper but we blaze it over EVERY time! Doohan is looking decent, good couple of saves.
  10. Really impressed with Lakin too, looks a very good signing. Charles Cook too looks lively. Mon the County.
  11. Hibs should really be 2 up after a horrible opening 10 minutes from County but County have reset and look far more solid at the back and dangerous in possession.
  12. I think McKay will start, he's played the last coupe of cup games so he's proven he's fit again.
  13. That's exactly what he does, and FAR too often too. When he's in the mood and on the ball Vigurs can be a great asset but out of possession and out of shape he can be a liability, hence all of the yellow cards.
  14. He's seriously not even a footballer, I've seen better players at 5's than Ryan Dow.
  15. Did anyone who watched the match against Arbroath, notice what happened to Callum Morris. I noticed from the twitted feed that he went off injured last night?
  16. Hopefully Stewart can go on a wee goalscoring run after his two tonight. Good to see Randall back in the team too.
  17. I agree but from the original link I posted above, there's no mention of the positive test being for the next match. I (mistakenly) read it to be that they'd kicked off before test results then stopped when a positive result came in. That would have been a balls up, and embarrassing. Clearly, bbc articles require more scrutiny of the facts. My apologies for assuming the sfa had ballsed something up. Reid is out for the hibs game so it probably is Tremarco, or maybe Iacovitti but likely Tremarco. These cup games will be useful for him to get some game time in the back four.
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