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  1. I'd love to see Grivosti get a run of games. How long is Callum Morris out for?
  2. Maybe a chance to promote youth??
  3. Big Derby at weekend

    Ooft, a little embarrassing that, has Robo been on the sauce pre match?
  4. Big Derby at weekend

    From what area of the ground and when did this happen? Watching the couple of guys get ejected after about 25 mins from the south side of the main stand was entertaining.
  5. Big Derby at weekend

    Quite surprised by this, what did Billy get up to?
  6. Big Derby at weekend

    Can't believe Kelly missed the open goal, where McManus was called offside for. Kelly should have blasted that into the roof of the net. Rooney's celebration was pretty funny, as far as i could see County fans were more pissed at the sloppy defenders and shouting at them, than concerning themselves with the right back.
  7. County vs Morton 27/10/18

    Tbf I thought County downed tools for about 20 minutes after the first goal, with the second for Billy just before ht it gave everyone a bounce for the second half, possible hat trick which came pretty quick. DKD took his goal really well and a special mention to debutant 17 year old Mark Gallagher who had a good shot blocked near the end.
  8. County vs Morton 27/10/18

    That was a very comfortable first half.
  9. Alloa v Caley Thistle

    Comfortable home win.
  10. County vs Morton 27/10/18

    Comfortable home win (Hopefully)
  11. Ross Draper to assist all three goals too
  12. Or the fact that you had to point this out to super cally
  13. Next Partick Thistle manager

    I honestly think McIntyre would do a decent job. Best of luck anyway.
  14. You predict a hat trick in a 2-2 draw, it should be an interesting game then!