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  1. What's all this about, what happened to them, REVENGE for what?
  2. The Highland Derby

    It's not a derby, yes there's a small form of local rivalry but ict are still a rather new team.
  3. The Highland Derby

    And as many other County fans and players are saying, we wish you well on your Scottish Cup run.
  4. Falkirk play away to Morton on Friday 1st.
  5. The Highland Derby

    Couple of minutes earlier was kinda what I was looking for.
  6. The Highland Derby

    Would be nice if Lindsay got a winning 3rd goal soon.
  7. The Highland Derby

    Thank you Mr. Gardyne
  8. The Highland Derby

    Even more so now!
  9. The Highland Derby

    A second goal for the County would be nice.
  10. The Highland Derby

    Yeah, I'd rather Lindsay in for McKay but if Billy is playing a no10 deeper roll this could work quite well. Happy that Gardyne and Mullin are both starting
  11. The Highland Derby

    Yes this please ^^^ ___________Fox Fraser Watson Boyle VDW Lindsey Draper Spence Mullin Stewart Gardyne
  12. The Highland Derby

    Is there much of a crowd expected at this game? I'm not back from France until Wednesday so will miss it. Was Robertson resting players in the defeat to Dunfermline or have ict picked up more injuries? It seems strange imo to leave players out when your just three points ahead of QoS in the last play off place.
  13. The Highland Derby

    Doubt it. Tuesday night is a Champions League night, just think of the thousands/millions who turn away from Liverpool Bayern for streams of the Highland derby, UEFA would go nuts!
  14. Ross County v EAST FIFE

    That sounds like a pretty good plan imo
  15. The Highland Derby

    which Mckay?