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  1. So is there any plan B in case Howe goes to Palace, or another EPL club?
  2. Yup, the Killie centre backs look honking, I mean Jay McEveley standards of honking! Yesterday was all about avoiding defeat imo, although the three points were far more achievable than they initially appeared, maybe an opportunity missed but shouldn't be a disaster. I expect us to pick up points from our two midweek home games and I'd expect DU and Motherwell to score a few against the killie defence in their next couple of games.
  3. Will Lafferty be called up by the compliance officer about the elbow issues? He got off with another one in the 3-2 game a month ago.
  4. Looking at that I thought a back 4, who do you have in a 3? Naismith Watson Iacovitti Tremarco Gardyne Draper Tillson Vigurs Whyte McKay
  5. Yeah, I'm bracing myself for this too. No chance I'm watching this, my blood pressure won't take it, with John Hughes' starting XI's🤐🤦
  6. The young lad Hjelde has been pretty good imo. Yeah, he didn't cover himself in glory for the ict break away goal last Friday but he's been a cracking addition and for a 17yo he's played far more than I think anyone would have expected, maybe even himself. He scored a good goal against Killie only a month ago, after coming on as a 22min sub and was probably our motm in that game. I'd have no doubts about starting him on Saturday. Actually, on that matter, to have another rant about Hughes, why are we continually relying on subs to come on and change games! I know it's a squad game nowadays and chucking a big man on with 10 mins to go can shake things up, or adding an extra midfielder can turn the tide but every game we need a triple or quadruple substitution in the 50/60th min to overhaul the shambles Hughes had put out to start the game, tactics too go out the window after an hour because they're never working up to that point. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy but he seems clueless as a manager. Rant over😤
  7. He may be correct about a lot of that but those comments would have carried more weight if he'd said them whilst he was playing for celtic. The guy's not a manager imo, the earlier he's away the better imo
  8. Not sure it would be MacGregor, Ferguson is now CEO. Surely it would fall into his remit to be the line manager of Hughes?
  9. There's no such team as Caley, I know one or two ICT fans like to refer to the team as The Caley but Inverness Caledonian ceased to exist some 25 years ago. Your opponents in this match are ICT, Inverness Caledonian Thistle.
  10. Just asking, has there been any statement, or media presence of John Hughes since the pre-match talk before last Friday's cup defeat? Maybe I've just missed it but the longer this goes on the more I'm getting my hopes up that he's been punted 🤞
  11. I thought the same and in a way it was funny but it was also very tragic and seemed awkward for the other presenters. Presley is a lunatic, who thankfully is not fucking up someone's football club at the moment, long may that continue.
  12. That's Killie with two wins on the bounce and four goals scored in each, do you see this as a must win game? From my own (County) point of view, I'd certainly take a draw from this game if it was offered to me so for us I'd say this is a must not lose game. Friday's cup defeat was certainly a downer for County but it's only a cup game and the league is where we need to pick up points. I'm not a fan of Hughes but he has a habit of stumbling into good results/formations, we've somehow beaten celtic and hibs away and rattled four past aberdeen so here's hoping the players can either make sense of what he's asking them to do or just make it up themselves when they cross the white line. I'm thinking the latter may be our best chance of getting something out of this game.
  13. It's a cup game, when we're sitting 10th in the league with 5 games to play. Being knocked out of the cup is no big deal in the scheme of things, a cup run may have been welcomed but ultimately we were never going to win the cup this season. The fact that John Hughes is still in charge is definitely the most disappointing thing this Monday morning.
  14. Nope, there was no tactical genius on show last night, it was far more weighted towards John Hughes' ineptness to pick a starting XI and tactics, unfortunately.
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