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  1. I've been very critical of Kelly for large parts of his time wuth us and i think it's been justified too but he (and the coaching staff) should be delighted with his recent performances. Sean Kelly has looked far more confident in the left back roll.
  2. Are we f**k, we're not good, pish poor at time even but there's far worse than us in this league.
  3. Erwin on for Graham, time for another goal for County here.
  4. Unbelievable, Fontaine keeps his place yet again and Watson drops to the bench! Looks like a 442 to me too.
  5. Ict fans lording it on the premiership forum 😀 A rousing win against Alloa yesterday must have cheered them up after being wolleped 3-0 by Arbroath. Well played lads.
  6. There's a good argument to say that Foster, Watson, Spittal and Paton should be starting or getting minutes on the field, Erwin's still getting up to speed and a sub at best atm imo.
  7. How our defence can consistently be SO bad, yet (imo absolute first teamers) Watson and Foster can't get beyond the bench baffles me, every week too.
  8. 4 points off the bottom, I'm feeling very pessimistic. S&F have gotta sort this fucking defence out, this has been pish for too long now!
  9. Fontaine starts wtf! Brian Graham scores (on his birthday) to put County 0-1 up
  10. How on earth does Liam Fontaine continually get selected for the first team! I mean he's a nice guy by all accounts but imo he's the cause of so much confusion in our defence. Keeping Keith Watson on the bench seems crazy too. (odds on a Fontaine star show today, after saying this, well we're due one anyway)
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