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  1. Ayr vs Ross County

    Yeah, a hat trick scoring, championship winning, horse in a human mask
  2. Ayr vs Ross County

    Obviously hoping for 3 points in this match but I'd happily take a draw here and I fully expect to be playing Ayr again in the top division next season. Undoubtedly the best opponents I've seen County play this season.
  3. 83rd Masters Tournament

    Rory's ball landing in the buggy
  4. 83rd Masters Tournament

    Woods wouldn't have missed that put if it wasn't for the break in play.
  5. 83rd Masters Tournament

    f**k, how long is this going to last!
  6. Hardly, I seriously wish you well. I like to support all former Highland league clubs, hope you have good day.
  7. Best of luck for tomorrow, I'm sure all of us in hospitality in Dingwall tomorrow will be backing you before our own match kicks off. How many busses have the highland council booked for your team this time?
  8. That was clearly not the usual announcer, the guy last night was as cringeworthy Dingwallian as you could get. There's a group of us who sit together and we were pissing ourselves with laughter with the way the he announced Kenny's substitution (just before halftime) it was undiluted "rubber bumpers" for those who know what I mean.
  9. Two cracking shots/ chances in the first 10 minutes alone. Fox pulled off some great saves in the first 45.
  10. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Great result again tonight guys, as a County fan I hope you stay up.
  11. Agreed, allowing Midge to move into the middle allowed a lot more fluency. Also Stewart has been playing some great stuff these last few games, he wins 80-90% of his flick on headers, yet our reading and anticipation of them is still very poor. Stewart bossed their right back, who had a bit of a shocker second half. When Graham went off and Stewart moved central we struggled to get players close enough to pick up Stewart's flicks. Worth mentioning again, Cowie was in the middle of everything good that second half, he looked really in the mood, hopefully he can pick up from this on Saturday against PT.
  12. Could've/ should've been 3 nil up at ht, different story second half though.