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  1. Drink it, honestly believe that people who look to invest in a whisky should at least buy two bottles, drink one, keep one, at least you can tell folk what it tastes like that way. It's a good dram that one, you can take my word on it.
  2. Yeah, I'm kinda writing my holiday off now too, was meant to be Tenerife on 6th April, can't see that happening, maybe a good thing if it doesn't if things continue to worsen.
  3. Fergiewell have made a right balls up of that. Terrible team selection.
  4. Just what I was saying on twitter, how tf Fraser and Fontaine start every week is baffling it's like deliberately sabotaging any good play imo. I think Vigurs and Cowie have something to offer the first team but playing them together and STARTING with them too, is a fucking joke, any opposition midfield who work hard or run to support their attack are free as neither Vigurs or Cowie will track any runs from deep. God I hope I'm proven to be wrong, there are good players in that squad, Morris, McKay, Paton, Stewart, Mullin, Kelly and Laidlaw have improved but the same mistakes seem to happen every week.
  5. After watching those highlights (glutton for punishment) what exactly does Marcus Fraser offer to the starting XI. We really need to ship out several players.
  6. A late change on the bench, Spence replaces Draper.
  7. I'd probably prefer that tbh, especially when Fontaine is a starter. It will be interesting to see how Spittal, Vigurs and Cowie shape up. I'm always surprised that Paton isn't one of the first selected, he's looked good whenever I've seen him.
  8. Looking like a 442 from County tonight, Stewart making it on to the bench after injury.
  9. I don't get this meaningless games argument put out to argue against a larger league. I'm a County fan and every Ross County game means something to me, it might not to supporters of other clubs but if i can't attend a game, I'm a season ticket holder so go to most home games and a few away games, I'm always looking for ways to hear how the match is going (usually poorly but I try to be optimistic). It doesn't matter where County are in the league, the game matters. Bring on a 16 team league in my opinion.
  10. Work on Monday is going to be a little more enjoyable now, thank you aberdeen. My apologies in advance aberdeen fans (4) who i work with.
  11. What has happened to him, he was looking like a great prospect not that long ago?
  12. I only really see home games but imo Paton has been one of the top performers this season, can't understand why he's not ALWAYS a first pick, I'd have had a new contract under his nose months ago.
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