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  1. Where did you here this? Surely there's a case of money embezzling if that's the case!
  2. Yeah, going in at 0-0 at ht would have been pleasing so can't argue with 0-1 too much. Shaw doesn't offer anything, get McKay or the new lad on imo. Tbh I'd maybe take Stewart off too and put them both on, it's kinda a free hit this second half. Vigurs strolls about as if we were 4 goals up, with no positional sense at all, i know this so it shouldn't annoy me so much but...
  3. Confirmed on County's twitter now. Straight into the match day squad too. https://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/news/archive/club-news-oconnor-joins-the-staggies/
  4. Now confirmed on the official twitter. https://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/news/archive/club-news-oconnor-joins-the-staggies/
  5. We've played some really neat football recently, i don't think Kets is getting enough credit for that. I just hope Stewart, Shaw and midge put on their shooting boots today. Stewart particularly has passed up a host of chances recently. I'm hoping that the game in Portugal on Thursday night has a negative impact on Aberdeen today, otherwise I'd have this as an away win on my coupon. Fingers crossed for a score draw.
  6. For me it is First name-Surname-Season ticket number The season ticket number is on the bottom corner of your card, eight digit number. Hope this helps.
  7. He might turn good for st mirren but i'd be surprised. He just seemed lazy when on the field, seemed quite happy to stand next to defenders and didn't offer for the ball enough. I'm quite happy that he's gone, Billy Mckay is (at least) twice the player that Erwin ever will be.
  8. The natiinal leagues only started to open up to the country when Ross County and Caledonian Thistle were admitted to the league system. Then again with the avenue of promotion and relegation from highland lowland leagues to the bottom division. Prior to County and Caleys admission huge swathes of the country were barred from competing.
  9. Has there been any news on Randall's injury, is he likely to be able to start or will it be either Watson or Mullin at right back? A County midfield of Paton, Vigurs and Tillson again please.
  10. Waterford striker Michael O'Connor signs for Ross County. Not confirmed on the official site yet but the deal is mentioned in several places.
  11. Yup, st mirren are welcome to Erwin imo. Hopefully this lad can be a success for us.
  12. It would be nice if Aberdeen took this match lightly and made a few changes after the Lisbon game. Hopefully County can get a draw out of this, Aberdeen's midfield have looked quite impressive imo this season.
  13. I like the sound of this guy, could be a decent addition/upgrade on a distinctly average Erwin. Here's one of the articles I read of him https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/waterford-captain-loan-linfield-striker-17790045
  14. With Randall coming off injured could Josh Mullin be an option at right back?
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