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  1. Nail on the head right there. Whoever was match commander for that game needs punted. The policing was wholly inadequate and answers need to be gathered and lessons learned.
  2. Agreed, he's not scored the goals that I maybe expected he to after what he did with Accies but imo he's been pivotal to all the hard work that the midfield 3 have done for us this season. Callachan and Tillson have been immense for us and I believe Callachan's central to the continuity/harmony of the squad too. I'm glad he's extended his stay, it can only mean we're tying up our important players.
  3. Hungbo off injured is a nightmare for this match and going forward
  4. Good to see Iacovitti back after his injury, it's a pretty familiar line-up/shape so hopefully County can kick off with the same good form they showed before the break.
  5. He certainly does. Glad that we've been able to get what looks to be a dynamic/pacey right back to replace Clarke so quickly. Not sure if he'll go straight in for the home game against Motherwell on Tuesday but it'll be great to get back to the stadium, the atmosphere at viccy park has been so positive lately. Happy Birthday Hungbo, a winner on Tuesday would be nice.
  6. Sounds like a decent first half anyway.
  7. From my view of the first goal, from the ESE, Tillson had to move out to the left to help Ben Paton, who was getting doubled up on, Boyce was then passed on to Baldwin (maybe Iacovitti) who then gave him too much space.
  8. Harry Clarke voted POTM Well deserved imo, he's settled in really well and looks like he'll be a big player for us.
  9. I think that is correct now that it's been switched from Saturday to Sunday at 3pm.
  10. I thought it was a shocking miss from White, with a free header whilst the scores were 0-0. Didn't even force a save ffs
  11. What do you base that on? I've been to all of our matches so far this season, at no point have I seen County with a flat back four.
  12. County are still a squad developing, it's been a huge squad turnover this summer and covid hasn't helped with the signing of new players. Basically, other than lining up in 352 this season, we're an unknown force, even to our own fans at the moment. Hopefully Jack and the Hibs squad have their attention on their european exploits and maybe County can get an away draw, 1-1.
  13. Ah go'an share the rumours with us, it's not as if we'll tell anyone? It's monday morning, some exciting rumours could brighten up my shift at work.
  14. Coming away from city life to the Highlands might be a good idea for him.
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